Arc System Works details 3DS RPG Seisou no Amazones
posted on 09.05.13 at 11:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Wear an eye patch and escape the prison planet Ulkaden.

Arc System Works has released first details and screenshots for Seisou no Amazones, its new dungeon RPG for 3DS.

In the world of Amazones, men have not existed for many months and years. On a planet called Ulkaden, or Ulka as it’s commonly referred, located on the edge of the galaxy and used as a giant prison, women enter through a one-way transfer gate. One-way because once there, escape is well nigh impossible.

An eye patch-equipped blonde named Gantai, which properly translates to Patch, is the heroine of this nonsensical, but a somewhat serious story. She sees the opportunity to escape when she hears about a spaceship from an ancient civilization hidden somewhere on the planet.

The game is made up of dungeons, where various traps are set, battles are fought, and in its deepest parts, bosses await. In addition to normal events, story-related sub-events are hidden inside. By clearing these events, players can obtain special items. These ‘adventure part’ events are activated by moving towards the exclamation marks that pop up on the lower 3DS screen map.

Battles are fought with Action Points and Battery. Skills consume Battery. Characters can skip a turn to refill battery. There is also a “Battery Replenish” skill.

On the world map, new dungeons will appear when you clear the previous one. You can also re-enter cleared dungeons to open treasure chests you might have missed.

Seisou no Amazones is due out for 3DS on November 14 in Japan for 6,090 yen at retail and 5,800 via digital download on the 3DS eShop.

View the first set of screenshots, which show Gantai alongside comrades Shiniri (Newbie), Queen, Kunoichi, Maria, and Hime (Princess), at the gallery. Visit the game’s teaser site here.

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