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The Order: 1886’s Neo-Victorian London detailed
posted on 08.22.13 at 12:42 AM EST by (@salromano)
Electricity, subways, watch towers, guns, and more.

The Order: 1886 isn’t on public display at Gamescom, but that isn’t stopping developer Ready at Dawn from sharing new details.

The game is set in Neo-Victorian London, where advanced technology is at the city’s core. Gas lamps, for example, which were historically used at the time, are replaced by electric street lights. Electricity is everywhere in the city. Ready at Dawn’s goal is to make a believable environment, but also add its own twist to real places.

The London subway system will be present in The Order, but is more advanced than its real-life counterpart. Certain sections of the train will run above ground and between buildings throughout the city. And electric signs line the street of London, making the city look somewhat like Times Square.

The skyline of Neo-Victorian London will have familiar sights like Big Ben, St. Paul’s, and the Tower Bridge, but it is also broken up by watch towers. Searchlights are constantly scanning the city, and there are airship mooring towers, too. London is patrolled day and night by a squadron of dirigibles known as the Sentinels.

“All of these are a constant reminder that the world is not as it seems,” Ready at Dawn CEO and creative director Ru Weerasuriya said.

The changes seen in this new London come as a result of the Industrial Revolution, or mankind’s chance to take the upper hand in a centuries-old war.

Mankind now has access to advanced weapons and technology. Communicators will allow you to converse with your squad. There is a rifle that can fire electricity, and a Thermite gun that shoots a cloud of inflammable thermite that can be ignited by a flame or flare. Traditional powder guns also exist, which Ready at Dawn says add a sense of realism to the world and make the atmosphere feel “dirty and palpable.”

The Order: 1886 is due out for PlayStation 4 in 2014. If you missed the new artworks we posted Tuesday, find them again at the gallery.

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