One Piece: Romance Dawn coming to Europe
posted on 07.04.13 at 11:42 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Level up and customize your favorite characters.

The 3DS version of One Piece: Romance Dawn, an RPG first launched on PSP, is headed westward in 2013, Namco Bandai announced.

In it, players will be able to battle against famous bosses like Buggy, Arlong, Crocodile, Rob Lucci, and more. Players will act as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and others while running through stages like Baratie, Arlong Park, and more.

As an RPG, players will be able to level up and customize their characters, and craft “tons” of items. It uses a “Grand Tactical Battle” system, which requires players to react quickly and make swift judgement in battle. “Grand Chains” will let players unleash multiple special attacks in a row.

Currently, the game’s only been confirmed for Europe. We’ve contacted Namco Bandai U.S. for confirmation on a North American release. (Update: Namco Bandai has told Gematsu there are currently no plans to bring One Piece: Romance Dawn to North America.)

Watch the debut trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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