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Pokemon X and Y set in the Karos region
posted on 05.11.13 at 12:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, four new Pokemon revealed. Ride one of them.

Looks like we won’t have to wait until May 19 for new Pokemon X and Y information. The latest issue of CoroCoro Comic has leaked early, providing first details on the game world and four new Pokemon.

We’ll start with the latter:

  • Yancham – A “mischievous” fighting-type Pokemon. Height: 0.6m. Weight: 8.0kg. It has a new technique called “Parting Remark.”
  • Yayakoma – A “Ryukyu Robin” normal/flying-type Pokemon. Height: 0.3m. Weight: 1.7kg. It can use the fire-type technique “Flame Charge.”
  • Elicitel – A “generation” electric/normal-type Pokemon. Height: 0.5m. Weight: 6.0kg. It has a new technique called “Parabola Charge,” which heals its own HP while damaging surrounding enemies.
  • Gogoat: – A “ride” grass-type Pokemon. Height: 1.7m. Weight: 91.0kg. It can use the grass-type technique “Horn Leech.” You can ride/mount this Pokemon in the field (e.g. a Pokemon bicycle).

Pokemon X and Y is set in the Karos region. Its main city is Miare City鈥攖he one with the Eiffel Tower-like structure we’ve seen in previous media. Here, we see the main character riding a Gogoat.

When you start up the game, like previous Pokemon games, you’ll be able to select between male and female characters. X and Y goes a bit further, however, with limited character customization. You’ll be able to change a character’s hair and skin color.

The scans also show the game’s world map, Miare City artwork, new tablet-like Pokedex, and the new region’s Pokemon trainer battles.

Thanks, Serebii.

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