Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Collection announced for Japan
posted on 05.13.13 at 07:53 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Ultimate Hits version also incoming.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting two new re-releases in Japan this July.

On July 18, both a “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection” and “Ultimate Hits Final Fantasy XIII-2” will launch for 5,040 yen and 2,940 yen, respectively.

The latter is simply a “Greatest Hits” version of the game, while the former is more of a “Game of the Year” edition, bundling in most of the game’s post-release download content.

The Digital Contents Selection will include:

Colosseum Opponents

  • Omega
  • Lightning and Lieutenant Amodar
  • Jihl Nabaat
  • Ultros and Typhon
  • Gilgamesh
  • PuPu


  • Sera: Summoner’s Garb
  • Sera: Beachwear
  • Sera: White Mage
  • Noel: Battle Attire
  • Noel: Spacetime Guardian
  • Noel: Black Mage
  • Mog: A Wondrous Wardrobe Costume Pack


  • Sera: Genji Bow
  • Noel: Catastrophe Blade
  • Noel: Muramasa


  • Sazh: Heads or Tails?
  • Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
  • Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

The Ultimate Hits version will also be made available as a digital download two days prior to its retail release, on July 16, for 2,940 yen on PlayStation Network and 2,000 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

An “Additional Contents Selection,” which requires a copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 to function, will be made available on the same day for 2,100 yen on PlayStation Network and 1,360 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

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