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Stealth Bastard coming to PlayStation 3, PS Vita
posted on 04.02.13 at 12:02 PM EST by (@salromano)
But it will need a new name. Do you have one on you?

Curve Studios, the developer behind Explodemon!, is bringing its latest title Stealth Bastard, an “outrageously devious stealth-puzzle-platformer,” to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this summer.

“If you’ve not yet heard of Stealth Bastard, it’s our deadly stealth platform game with a fast paced twist,” said lead designer Sam Robinson on the PlayStation Blog. “Following your birth in a cloning lab, you find yourself trapped in a vast and overwhelming network of dastardly chambers, replete with vicious, yet hilarious, booby traps and deranged robots! Your task is simple; stay out of sight and get to the exit.”

Stealth Bastard features “crisp visuals, an abundance of character, tight controls, and a steady difficulty curve that ramps up across 80 levels, spread over eight unique worlds,” according to Robinson. The game will also offer unlockable gadgets, speedrun leaderboards, and a level editor.

But before Stealth Bastard comes to PS Vita, it will need a new name. Curve is offering fans the chance to help name the PlayStation versions, and win a PS Vita in doing so. If you think you’ve got the perfect name, submit your idea here.

View set of artwork and one screenshot at the gallery.

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  • DarthBrian

    Love the title! :)

    • But it’s gonna change!

      • DarthBrian

        But why? It’s a perfect title. :(

        • Tetsu

          I’m assuming it’s going to change because parents will be angry or some other nonsense like that.

          • rockman29

            its been released on steam for however long

            the name will stay

            • Sevyne

              But it actually won’t, which is why they are holding a contest for the name change. Unless you are saying it will stay with that name on Steam then yeah, but on PSN it will be under a new title.

              • rockman29

                Ah OK, that’s odd, haven’t had time to read about it yet.

                Weird, it’s a mature title. They could blank out the title in the store if they really wanted to censor it imo.

                Name changes are more icky.

                • Sevyne

                  Yeah, I don’t really get what’s so offensive about it to begin with, but it is what it is.

                  • rockman29

                    keeps away the Angry Parents Association I guess, can be a PR nightmare if it gets out of hand, like the PSN hacking debacle

  • Gael Summers

    “PalyStation 3”

  • DrForbidden

    My suggestions:

    1). Bastard Gear Solid
    2). Bastard Cell
    3). Bastard Ex
    4). Bastard’s Creed

    Get the picture yet, Curve? It doesn’t need a name change. ‘Bastard’ is not even a swear word…

  • Bloodios

    I suggested absconditus nullius filius for the lulz ;)