Remember Me 'Enemies' trailer - Gematsu
Remember Me ‘Enemies’ trailer
posted on 04.04.13 at 01:10 PM EST by (@salromano)
Nilin takes the fight to the Memorize corporation.

Capcom has released a brand new ‘Enemies’ trailer for Remember Me, showing elite memory hunter and protagonist Nilin take the fight to Memorize, a corporation that stores the memories of Neo-Paris citizens, and the enemies she’ll encounter.

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  • Derpazu

    I…think I like.

  • Neutron15

    nice wub wub wub

  • I need a demo, the game looks good but i can’t tell if i want it

  • Kurisu Makise

    That was a good trailer but ugh, it just feels like Capcom’s pushing this out with so little care when it has potential to be so much more. Should have launched it with next gen instead, it’s not like DmC’s going to be available for PS4/Xbox next launch after all.

  • I had some issues with the trailer…. I still plan to buy the game when it launches, but this trailer was kinda lacking. I thought it was just too fast overall. They should have slowed it down a bit.

  • new_tradition

    I’m liking what I saw, though I’m curious at how the enemies came to actually be. We got some sub-human stuff going on here. Hope it’s not too creepy. I’m a wimp >3>

    I dunno if it was the trailer itself, but I wasn’t digging the scrambled and flashing battle sequences. But I did like all that melee combat. Awesome ^^

  • almostautumn

    So f-ing awesome. I’ve been on a Lost Generation kick for about 5 months now, so anything even remotely related to Paris I am 100% putting my time and money into; really excited for this!

  • Roland Gmyrek

    d1p. new IP starring an affable female protagonist will always get my support! There are way too few such games out in the open.