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New Invizimals games announced for PS3, PS Vita
posted on 04.09.13 at 04:36 PM EST by (@salromano)
Discover The Lost Kingdom or form The Alliance.

Sony has announced two new games in its Novarama Technology-developed collectible creature game series Invizimals/ Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for PlayStation 3 and Invizimals: The Alliance for PS Vita will launch later this year.

The Lost Kingdom is an action adventure single-player game in development at the BAFTA-winning Magenta Software in Liverpool. While The Alliance is an augmented reality adventure game in development at series creator Novarama Technology.

PlayStation 3 and PS Vita players will be able to battle and play together cooperatively through cross-platform play.

“Working side by side with the hardware teams, we have made sure the PS Vita is the perfect Invizimal hunting machine,” said Novarama boss Dani Sanchez-Crespo. “Every function of the PS Vita, from the screen to the touch pads, has been tried and tested, to ensure hunters worldwide only get the best of the best.

“Let’s start with the capture, which uses many new Augmented Reality technologies only available through the power of PS Vita. Do you want to track Invizimals around your house? YES! Find giant creatures lurking on buildings around your city? YES! Use touch, sound and orientation to lure that creature into your hands? YES! Invizimals: The Alliance has 20 all-new capture mechanics, where your hunting skills will truly be put to test.

“We’ve also introduced a brand new battle system where you can battle with up to four creatures. You can battle solo, with other friends on PS Vita, or even use Cross-Play to fight your friends on PS3 in epic battle arenas. Free movement, team attacks, unlockable techniques… it’s Invizimals, but it’s a completely new experience.”

Watch the debut trailer for both games below. View screenshots of The Alliance here and The Lost Kingdom here.

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  • The more cross-play games, the better. Still waiting for more PC-Console cross play games though. Only one I can think of on the top of my head is Portal 2..

  • jujubee88

    I’m so happy guys. :)

  • Elvick

    Super happy. And it’s awesome we get two new games. :D

    Though, I can see an appeal in having Lost Kingdom on PSV as well… but, I’m just happy Vita is getting Invizimals. It’s time for the series to take it to the next level! <3

  • sourabh

    PS3 still going.strong hopefully it will be for at least next two to three years…

    • Hikaru Lighthalzen

      it will be strong till ps4 comes out

  • Ritsujun


  • HassanJamal

    Damn, i want this. I can creatures on buildings? And a game that makes use of the vita’s features? Will buy and hopefully holds me up till Tearaway.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Looks like a fun approach, I really hope it does well and the cartoon comes to North America (and Japan, come on SCEJ, try a little).