Namco Bandai opening Singapore and Vancouver studios
posted on 04.10.13 at 10:26 PM EDT by (@salromano)
One to lead Asia, another to develop online social games.

Namco Bandai is beginning operations at two new game studios in June. 

The first, Namco Bandai Studios Singapore, will be Namco Bandai’s “leading development center” in Asia and develop game content for the Asia Pacific. The second studio, Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver, will work on online social games and game content development for North America and Europe.

Official descriptions for each studio can be found below.

Namco Bandai Studios Singapore Pte. Ltd.

  • Capital: 1 million SGD
  • Established: March, 1, 2013
  • Address: #05-11/12 21 Media Circle, Singapore
  • President: Hajime Nakatani

Being part of the rapidly-growing Asian region and of geopolitical importance, recently Singapore has defined digital content creation as the country’s strategically important industry, and has been inviting relevant companies as well as educational organizations under the leadership of the Economic Development Board. Also, many of Namco Bandai Studios’ important partner companies which collaborate in developing content are based on the South East Asian region and it has become increasingly important as a content development center as well as the growing market.

Namco Bandai Studios Singapore Pte. Ltd is positioned as the leading development center for Namco Bandai Studios in Asia, and further reinforces relationships with development partners in the region, and develops content for customers in Asia Pacific. The new company will be based in “Media Polis” in the One North district to which the Singaporean government is trying to invite media related companies. At the same time, it will advance human resource development and recruitment in collaboration with the Singaporean government and educational organizations to contribute to further revitalization of the game industry cluster which is evolving rapidly.

Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver Inc.

  • Capital: 1 million CAD
  • Established: March, 1, 2013
  • Headquarters: #210-577 Great Northern Way Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • President: Hajime Nakatani

Canada is increasingly adding to importance as the development center of digital content such as games of late, and the Vancouver area is said to be the root of such movements. Being long history in game development and stimulated by the West Coast of the USA, this area has spawned multilayered game industry cluster, dotted with medium and small-sized studios for console games and social games.

Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver Inc. will work on the development of game content for North America and European customers. The new company will be established within “The Center for Digital Media (or CDM),” post graduate school supported by 4 universities in the region which are focusing on training personnel for digital media. This will support to develop and secure human resources through partnership with CDM and pursue “next-generation entertainment”. It will also contribute to further revitalization of the game industry cluster in Vancouver through collaboration with educational organizations other than CDM and local companies.

Press Release

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  • Nice to see them expanding and making more jobs available for those interested in the industry

    They had a record year in 2012, a majority of their games did well compared to other companies

  • Tac-Mex

    Hope to see more games

  • KuanHanrong

    It’s nice to see more game companies opening studios in Singapore.
    Unfortunately the work assigned to an overseas studios is usually only restricted to production work as opposed to creative work.

  • DrForbidden

    Hopefully, this will translate into shorter localisation times for their Japanese games in future…

    • Kurisu Makise

      Not even close, their publishing branch is still in California and this expansion doesn’t enable them to do any more or less in that capacity. Instead, it just means you might see more Pacman and other properties for iOS/Android/etc… Oh well, I’m just happy to see support for Vancouver!

  • AdamBoy64

    Always good to see new jobs created outside China.
    Hope this turns out to be successful for them, and for the people they employ.

  • Fantasytales

    More Tales games please…

  • Renaldi Saputra

    localize 3 recent digimon games please

  • Elvick

    nb4 Tales of Social

  • Kobracon


    Singapore is just across the pond for me…..and I’m looking for a game design job……I…I know that means something….

    • KuanHanrong

      Just be warned that there’s a high chance that you won’t really be involved in creative decisions if you plan on working in a “triple-A” studio over here.

      • Kobracon

        I realise that, but I also realise that you gotta start somewhere. I doubt overseas/main branches would hire a fresh-outta University student with absolutely no working experience. Unless someone out there is a really really big gambler :P

        • DrForbidden

          ^This. Don’t worry about starting small. Your first worry should be getting your foot in the door. Even if you are aiming for a higher level design job, don’t be afraid to start as a low-ranked do-everything guy. It is vital to get acclimatised to the company’s culture, learn about the tools of the trade, and make a name for yourself as a reliable worker in the company. Once people trust you, it is probably much easier for you to rise through the ranks and even find your way to the head studio.

          • Kobracon

            Thanks ^_^ I’ll keep that in mind. If I actually do get the job, I’ll give you a call. Maybe we can meet up. I’m in Malaysia btw :D

        • KuanHanrong

          Yep, that’s true too. There’re just too many people with idealistic views of working in the game industry and get rather disillusioned when they dive in.

          Start somewhere, work hard at improving your skills, and you’ll get there eventually.

    • DrForbidden

      There’s also a Ubisoft studio here, though it is involved in doing the legwork for concepts designed in the head studios over in the US and Europe. Alternatively, EA and 2K both have sales and marketing offices in Singapore, but I guess that’s not what you’re looking for.

      • Kobracon

        I did NOT know you were Singaporean… I know those are there, I’m going to try them too, bus I suspect a new branch is bound to have way more openings than those you mentioned. Thanks for the advice.

  • EspadaKiller

    Singapore studio probably will only be involved in the smaller projects, the gaming community for consoles over here is just too small.