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Muramasa Rebirth dated, limited edition announced
posted on 04.09.13 at 05:15 PM EST by (@salromano)
Decorate your PS Vita in Muramasa-themed goodies.

Aksys Games will release Muramasa Rebirth in North America on June 25, it has announced. It will ship in both regular and limited editions.

The $60 “Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha” limited edition will include:

  • PS Vita Face Cover – Protect your PlayStation Vita system with this beautifully crafted PlayStation Vita system Face Cover made by HORI USA, Inc.! Sporting the Muramasa logo on the front, make it known to your friends and family that you own this very limited edition!
  • PS Vita Skin – Totally immerse yourself in the beautifully drawn world of Muramasa Rebirth with an exclusive PlayStation Vita system Skin that completely protects the front panel of your PlayStation Vita system! Using one of the many vibrant scenes from Muramasa Rebirth game, this exclusive skin not only offers protection but beauty!
  • PS Vita Pouch – Complete your immersion with a black drawstring velvet pouch that easily puts your PlayStation Vita system in your hands.
  • High Res Framed Lithograph by VanillaWare – Specially made by Vanillaware, this new piece of art for this limited edition is truly one-of-a-kind reproduction.

Additionally, GameStop and Amazon pre-orders for either edition will include an exclusive Muramasa Rebirth Abridged Soundtrack!, which includes “numerous” tracks featured in the game.

Muramasa Rebirth is developed by VanillaWare, and follows amnesiac ninja Kisuke or princess Momohime, in search of the 108 powerful and legendary demon blades.

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  • I reserved the limited edition at Amazon, i LoVe VITA skins

    • Niyari

      they’re so easy to screw up though. if a spec of dust/lint gets stuck under the screen portion… forget about it. air bubbles out the wazoo

  • Raoni Marques

    My god! This, Project X Zone and The Last of Us in june…better save some money. Too bad this limited edition will cost an awful amount of money here in brazil…

  • Luffink

    Damn, it looks great. If only we could get the same in Europe…

  • Sevyne

    June is starting to get crowded with good titles. Still glad that the wait for this game is shorter than I would have expected.

  • MrKappa

    I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff which is bad for me because my wallet is looking quite empty with all these games coming out.

  • I think I’ll most likely buy this. I’m a sucker for collector editions.

    I’d love to have the pouch, but the Skin/Face Cover I’m not so big on. I found that I didn’t really like the set that was included with P4 Golden – Solid Gold.

    • DongT

      same, the p4 golden one was pretty lame but i have a hori one now and its amazing, if the one included in the limited edition is the same one then you should really like it :)

      • That makes me feel quite a bit better about it, thanks.

      • Tetsu

        The one included with P4 Golden is Hori. Just by glancing at the one in the photo above I can tell it’s also the same as P4 Golden’s custom face plate.

        • DongT

          hmm, i guess i got it confused with this
          which i highly recommend because once it’s on its pretty much never coming off, well unless you try to chisel it off that is

          • Tetsu

            Ooooh the screen protector. No worries man. I’m just using the Sony branded one myself. I didn’t bother with the P4 one because it was yellow, which i find distracting. The Muramasa one seems attractive, I like that it’s dark and subdued colors.

            • DongT

              lol it’s partially my fault too since when you said “face plate” i thought you meant the skin/screen protector. i agree, the muramasa one does look particularly sexy

    • Guest

      See reply above :)

    • Tetsu

      What don’t you like about the face plate? Just curious, cause i love it. Well protected, comfortable, you can bend the top to any angle which is great if you want to make it it’s own stand to watch stuff, also i’ve found it makes for a great lift for touch-screen games (dj max technika) when laying it on a pillow. Also the screen protector pad is a nice touch, plus easy and un-interrupted access to the rear touch pad, and its stylish to boot. I usually pull the top piece behind the vita when playing for more stability cause it centers the weight off-balance

      • My main problem is every time I try to open it, I feel like I’m going to break it, which would lead me to dropping the Vita.

        It might just be me, I might be a little bit over protective of my portables. I guess the price tag warrants special care, but I felt like I was breaking the thing to open it up, which also concerned me about the Vita screen.

        Everything you say makes it sound like I’m just doing it wrong, which is likely, or just being picky.

        • Tetsu

          Ah, I think I know what you mean. I handed my Vita to my friend to play a game, and he acted like he was going to break it by opening it as well. But i guess you just have to find the right way to go about it. Cause I have no issues with it. I hold the bottom of my vita firmly with my right hand and thumb near the snap, to the right and hold firmly, and then use my left hand and hold the top and left thumb to press in from the bottom and pull up. In summary, just be firm with it, you won’t break it. Open and close it a bunch of times till your comfortable. Don’t worry about bending the top piece either, it’s meant to go all sorts of angles (the hinge)

  • Adol Christin

    A decent Vita limited edition :) hope Dragon’s Crown gets something similar too.

  • Warboss Aohd

    da zoggin’ skinz are zoggin’ impossible ta get on yet Vita right.

  • Kurisu Makise

    This is the launch this game needed, great job Aksys! I went out to buy the title on Wii so I’ll come to support it again for PS Vita, though ugh June 25…I’ll probably still be playing The Last of Us and Revelations ><;

  • almostautumn

    Loving that pre-order bonus. I’ve never been an LE guy but I do buy new when I can; That soundtrack is going to be a real treat for me.

  • artemisthemp

    It is Limited Edition like this, that makes me sad about Vita 1 account pr. Memory Card limitation.

  • Reda1234

    There’s something I don’t get , is this simply a port or an enhanced version of the original game?

  • Ace