Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1268 - Gematsu
Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1268
posted on 04.09.13 at 06:15 PM EST by (@salromano)
Narutimate Storm 3 awarded near-perfect score.

This week’s Famitsu review scores are in.

  • Amnesia Crowd (PSP) – 8/8/8/8 [32/40]
  • Army of Two: The Cartel (PS3) – 8/7/7/7 [29/40]
  • Army of Two: The Cartel (360) – 8/7/7/7 [29/40]
  • Getsuei no Kusari (PSP) – 7/7/7/7 [28/40]
  • Jansei Gakuen Chrono Magic (PSP) – 6/7/5/7 [25/40]
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3) – 10/10/10/9 [39/40]
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (360) – 10/10/10/9 [39/40]
  • Oshare de Kawaii! Koinu to Asobo! Machi-Hen (3DS) – 7/7/7/7 [28/40]
  • Seven Dragon 2020 II – 9/9/9/9 [36/40]
  • Tomodachi Collection: New Life (3DS) – 9/9/9/9 [36/40]

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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  • MrKappa

    How the f did Naruto score so high?

    • Chogokin


    • Pyrofrost

      Money talks man, that’s how.

      Jim Sterling gave a full rundown of why games get the scores they get, and it’s generally not based on how good or bad they are.

      • MosquitoLemon

        Yeah, because Bandai is worried about how their latest anime game is gonna sell in Japan -_-

        • Pyrofrost

          Western companies and reviewers do the same stuff here with top western sellers. Just because we’re talking about Japan doesn’t mean that philosophy suddenly changes. Business is business.
          It’s not about NamcoBandai being worried. They just want to keep publicity high, and the reviewer wants to keep a publisher happy. Especially one as big as NamcoBandai.

          • MosquitoLemon

            If you’re assuming something along the lines of:

            1) Famitsu gives Namco good scores
            2) Namco gives Famitsu exclusives on their new games
            3) Repeat…

            I guess I could agree with that, but I mean, how many game magazines are there in Japan? That review games? Does anyone care about reviews there? Have you ever seen a single western outlet talk about reviews from any magazine other than Famitsu? I find their scores to be highly arbitrary, and I think most Japanese consumers do as well. It’s sort of like a little bonus section at the end of the magazine, isn’t it?

            • Pyrofrost

              Well they do matter, otherwise reviews on games or any other form of media in Japan wouldn’t exist. Most people only know about Famitsu in the West because it’s the only well known one. Dengeki also does reviews. As well as some anime and manga mags, and there are a few other VG mags I can’t recall, I think one is called Nintendo Dream.
              You have this combined with all the internet gaming journalists (reviewers) in Japan. It’s basically the same kind of jungle with reviews there as it is in the West.

              Gamers there are also like gamers in the West in many ways too. For example: some of them are like me and you and take a review with a grain of salt; while you have others who see reviews as the bible on what to buy and not buy.
              You also have the parents that know absolutely nothing about gaming.

              The people who let reviews guide their purchases outnumber the people who don’t; and this kind of publicity furthers those sales.

      • ddsfan2

        Sterling isn’t wrong about the role bribery plays in game reviews, but in many ways I find him more loathsome than typical gaming “journalists”. Most everything I’ve seen written by him, whether it be regular commentary or reviews is pointlessly inflammatory, and he doesn’t even make a pretense of being impartial.

        I’m sure that Sterling considers himself to be the H. L. Mencken of gaming, but I for one find him incredibly pretentious and tiresome, especially for such a trivial job.

        • Pyrofrost

          I find the Jimquizition entertaining, but that’s really all I hit Destructoid for. To much Western news there for my tastes.

          What I do appreciate his how he openly outed all reviewers and admitted that he himself was guilty of falsifying reviews or embellishing. Which is for 2 primary reasons:

          1.) Bribery, the reviews are bought.

          2.) The reviewer or publication wants to keep getting review copies of games. (ie: getting a copy before retail release). This allows them to post a review before the game is released, which equals higher traffic on their site. Which equals publicity and revenue for the site.
          What they don’t want to do is piss off a big publisher; then the publisher decides not to send “X” journalist a review copy of the next big game. The website then looses traffic as a result and in turn, publicity and revenue is lost.

          • DrForbidden

            That is very interesting indeed. Did he outline any methods or suggestions to clean up the ‘reviewer’s markets’?

            • Pyrofrost

              No, and really looking at it, I don’t see how it can be cleaned up because publishers have so much power.

              It basically goes *publisher wants more publicity* > *the reviewer on “x” site/publication wants traffic and hits* > *publisher has a review copy of “x” game, capable of generating traffic and hits on the reviewers site* > *the reviewer then reviews the game and embellishes in order to return the favor, and give the publisher incentive to give them another review copy of a big game*

              (note: review copies are copies released to chosen reviewers before the retail copy releases).

              • DrForbidden

                I’m reminded of what Raiden said in MGR: Revengeance. PMCs invest heavily in advertising in the media in order to prevent the media from reporting on their illegal activities. The news media (or, at least, the for-profit companies that own the news media) are so used to and dependent on the cashflow and kickbacks from the super-rich PMCs that they will willingly turn a blind eye to their atrocities as long as the money keeps rolling in. And since paying money for advertisements is a perfectly legal business, there is no way to combat such a system. Private individuals simply do not have the monetary resources to challenge corporations by refusing to buy their products, since there will be morons out there who will support the corporation even if said corporation murders babies on primetime television.

                Unfortunately, this is not only a trend in video-game reviewing. It is happening in all aspects of the media, in general. It has already certainly become the norm in politics and government.

          • ddsfan2

            (Sorry, really going off on a tangent here..)

            At least as far as I can tell, Destructoid has pretty good Japanese game coverage, or at least Dale North appreciates Japanese games. Jim Sterling is often quite partial to Japanese games as well, so I don’t have a problem with him in that regard.

            The community of destructoid on the other hand, is all over the map. I blame the management of the site, as well as Jim Sterling; they seem to actively facilitate ranting and raving to gain more page views, and they seem to have a pattern of hiring at least one soapbox commentator at any given time.

            Taking andriasang (or Gematsu for that matter) as a contrast, there were a few inflammatory people commenting on a regular basis, but they were (mostly) kept in check by Anoop when they got out of control.

            I think that loose cannon type posters are interesting in moderation, particularly when there aren’t very many of them, but when the entire site revolves around said posters, then there is a problem. If the admins of the site can’t even be polite, then I can’t imagine the community will be remotely tolerable.

            Basically, anything that attracts a similar community (or staff, for that matter) as X-Play or the Escapist is not a site that I’m interested in reading, and while Destructoid is not blatantly biased against Japanese games as the prior sites are, all three favor an editorial style of expressing their opinions with a certain degree of fervor that I find extremely off putting.

            • Pyrofrost

              I never said they didn’t do Japanese coverage. However, I can get more Japanese coverage here and I don’t have to dig through a bunch of Western coverage.

    • Gabriel Lage Pessoa

      1st: Famitsu gives a good score to whatever game, as long as its famous
      2nd: Japaneses love Naruto
      3rd: Famitsu

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Because those games are great.

    • Ritsujun

      Awww…s omeone never played Asura’s Wrath.

    • EspadaKiller

      Because this Naruto game is a amazing game. It deserves that score, despite it being Famitsu.

    • By being one of the best anime adaptations in gaming, probably. It’s staying true to the source material, the animations are breath-taking and the meticulous attention to detail doesn’t hurt either. After that mediocre testing ground for new tech that was Generations it’s great to see the Narutimate Storm series back in full swing.

      • MrKappa

        LMAO! No offense but I’m gonna guess you didn’t play the game at all.

        • I’m broke right now, so no new games until TLOU but I’ve had my share of the series and I followed any footage released attentively. I’ve also played the Japanese demo and all of my points are valid, even for the demo, which usually represents a WIP.
          If you feel otherwise I would like to hear your thoughts and debunk each of my points made, i.e why animation isn’t close to the Anime, why/where attention to detail is missing etc.

  • Eclipse

    Nice to see that 7th Dragon 2020-2 scored so well.

    And that’s a pretty high score for that Naruto game… I’ve only heard good things about UNS3, so I just may have to give the game a try. I’ve always thought that the series seemed quite fun.

    • DrForbidden

      I have had 7th Dragon 2020-II pre-ordered since last year… XD

      • Eclipse

        Lol, that’s quite the wait! I remember pre-ordering Fate/Extra CCC around Aug – Sept, so I’ve waited a little over six months for its release! I don’t think I’ve ever waited so long for a game…not to mention the constant delays, which was quite unbearable. XD

        And what’s up with all of these down-votes? I’ll never understand this Disqus system (It’s my first time registering on a site with it).

        • DrForbidden

          You were downvoted for praising UNS3. No, it doesn’t matter that you voiced your opinion politely and inoffensively. Disqus is a sad, broken piece of shit largely catering to – and therefore championed by – the losers of the internet, so no need to pay it any mind or attempt to understand it…

          By the way, what are your thoughts on F/E CCC? I have held off on buying it, hoping against hope that an English version would be announced. Unlike some other Japanese games, this one requires a deep knowledge of Japanese to play, and my rudimentary knowledge probably isn’t up to snuff.

          • Eclipse

            Ah, I figured it was something like that.

            I’d like to let you know what Fate/Extra CCC is like, but by the time I play it, it just may have an English Localization! ;)

            I’ve just been far too busy to start any RPGs. >_<

  • Jaylesse

    AOT got low reviews. No suprises there. That game is terrible.

    • GhostNomad

      I’d beg to differ. Been having a hell of a lot of fun with it. Picked it up randomly and ended up loving almost every minute, save for a little frustrating moment toward the end.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    naruto was great.

  • So what’s with that header pic up there? Did Naruto finally learn to properly harness the power of the kyuubi? It’s been like 6 years since I last watched that show — any point in coming back?

    • Kurisu Makise

      There’s definitely a point in coming back. Series seems to be steadily wrapping up, lots of plot points have been unveiled, etc. Jump in =)

  • They are really generous with army of two.