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Drakengard 3 screenshots
posted on 04.03.13 at 11:07 PM EST by (@salromano)
Introducing Mikhail and mounted combat.

Square Enix has released a new set of Drakengard 3 screenshots, introducing protagonist Zero’s dragon partner Mikhail and showing mounted dragon combat.

Mikhail is Zero’s proud dragon partner and travels with her on her journey. Before his reincarnation as Mikhail, he was known by another name. His high offensive ability often saves Zero from sticky situations. However, he is an idealist who values peace and thinks that “no matter what opponent you are dealing with, talking can always solve any misunderstanding.” Because of this pure personality, Zero is often irritated, though Mikhail does not realize.

Drakengard 3 is due out later this year in Japan.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Sevyne

    Coming soon to a PS2 near you.

    • MrRobbyM

      I laughed harder than I should have.

  • graphics

    dude what

  • The dragon looks good, but I guess that’s all I can say.

  • OmegaSin

    Coming soon to a PSP near you.

  • MrRobbyM

    I still reserving judgement until I see it in action but it’s getting hard not to say something about those graphics. I’m pretty sure Nier didn’t look this bad.

    • DrForbidden

      Nier looked pretty good, overall. Certainly nowhere near this level.

    • Sevyne

      Nier was no visual masterpiece either, but it at least was palatable. This however needed to look like anything but this.

  • the graphic like ps2 or maybe Ps2 is better.

    hello we are in 2013 !!

  • Bloodios

    Have these guys ever heard of bullshot? Heaven! I appreciate them being honest and showing us exactly what the game is going to look like but holy pudding, this is like someone was looking at PS2 game that is capable of 1080i output, thought it looked good, and just did a straight port of it for the PS3. I can only hope that a constant 60fps performance is guaranteed, in order to offset the subpar graphics…

    The artwork is dead gorgeous at least.

    On a side note, I wonder if Zero can fill the gap left by Caim… and here’s hoping Mikhail will be as epic as Angelus was (some heavy expectations, I know.)

    • Sevyne

      Honestly, the artwork itself makes me wonder why they didn’t just choose to go with a more cell-shaded approach to make it look like that. It would still be very minimalistic, but could have been beautiful as well.

    • Elvick

      You can have a game look good without bullshots.

      • Bloodios

        Not looking too likely with this one though… I mean, I’m getting the game as soon that it’s localized, but what about folks who aren’t too sure… that graphics might just dissuade them right off the bat, and it probably won’t sell a whole lot, and Square just might drop the shaft on future sequels or any chance of HD-remaster altogether.

        • Sevyne

          That’s a valid concern too, considering SE’s more recent news of how unrealistically high their sales expectations are on their games. As someone who still plays a lot of older and less attractive looking games, I could see myself still giving the game a chance. However there is going to be huge negative buzz over how this game looks.

        • Elvick

          Odds are this game is vastly cheaper than the other games they’ve been developing. So one would think it’s safe to assume it’s significantly cheaper to make and will require far less to sell to be profitable.

          The fact it’s a niche series to begin with kind of supports that theory. And the graphics point toward that as well.

          Since it’s niche, it doesn’t need all those bells and whistles to appeal to the mainstream market. Because it would probably not work on them anyway.

          I’d like to imagine that Nier proved that trying to westernize something Japanese doesn’t work. Not many care if the main character looks like a reject from Gears of War when the game is still very Japanese in every other possible way.

          • Bloodios

            In any case, I just hope the project ends well… Oh, I actually preferred the rough but caring papa Nier though, as I felt he’s more naturally well-blended with the story than the handsome big bro.

            • Elvick

              I didn’t, since the time jump buttface looks exactly the same but with a lame mask. While the other reflects time passing, impacting the story progression more.

              Plus, I’ve never liked the American overdone father/daughter crap.


              • Bloodios

                True, but well… not sure why, but I just like the papa version better. I supposed since I wasn’t natively born in America, I don’t particularly felt that overdone sensation, so I thought it felt a bit fresh… (on the other hand, I’ve had my share with big bros plots.) Well, people would overlook the good game regardless… which is rather depressing.

  • Tac-Mex

    I wonder if this game is gonna be localized, at least the music is gonna be good

  • To me, graphics don’t make the game. There were a few games that looked amazing but ended up crappy because it was lacking. I basically call that a polished turd…Anyway, I loved the previous Drakengard games and Nier so I’ll be getting this. It would be nice to see a trailer though.

    • Sevyne

      I absolutely agree that graphics do not make the game, but it says a lot about the effort of a developer when your game looks like something that could have come out like 16 years ago. The game looks 2 console gens behind and it’s coming into the game late in the PS3 life-cycle. This is far after developers should have mastered development on the console. There’s really no excuse for it.

      That doesn’t mean the game itself will be bad, but it sure does look bad when there is no reason that it should.

      • Its only an indication of the budget allotted to the development of the game.

        • Bloodios

          Which is sad, because this series deserves one hell of a whole lot better than this.

          • I agree. These graphics are going to adversely effect sales and in turn pretty much kill the chances of another Drakengard game after this. I just wish SE would pump in some more fuel, just a little bit more…

        • Sevyne

          Thanks for a real response, but I dunno about that though. There are plenty of artistic approaches one could take to cut a budget while still maintaining a good looking game, or at least a decent looking game. You have to be creative with what you have, not use what you do not have as an excuse.

          • That view distance bugs me more than anything. I want to be able to see really far into the map, with all the objects and enemies, not just see enemies standing next to me.

            • Sevyne

              Oh god, That makes things even worse. I wasn’t even paying attention to the draw distance. That’s almost inexcusable how bad that is.

              • Tetsu

                Just pop in the first Drakengard, the draw distance is pretty bad. Maybe they kept it to keep it consistent? lol

          • SilentBob

            I get what you mean but i don’t agree at all.

            Cavia’s games have always looked bad, while Nier at least really shined from an artistic standpoint (in my opinion) they have always been years behind the competition from a technical standpoint.

            It’s simply not what they are good at – partly because they are working with an extremely limited budget.

            Cavia’s games excel elsewhere. Notably in the sound- and story-departement.

            Nier has one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard and i consider it one of the most underappreciated games of all time. While a cult following formed around it, many, many people never played it – simply because of the graphics. However, Niers presentation as a whole is better than, say, Final Fantasy XIII in my opinion – simply because of the breathtaking soundtrack.

            Nier’s amazing characters, world and music make you realize how little graphics truly mean.

            Building a capable and competetive engine takes years, while licensing one is far too expensive for Cavia. I am very happy they spend their time and money on areas such as the OST and the narrative instead.

            A great game stays great, even with bad graphics. But a bad game doesn’t get great because of great graphics.

            It is sad that many people will never experience the magic of Drakengard/Nier because of that, but it simply is the price to pay for these niche games :)

            • DrForbidden

              I agree with the general gist of your argument, but note that this is not a Cavia game.

              “A great game stays great, even with bad graphics. But a bad game doesn’t get great because of great graphics.”

              I disagree with the first sentence. Awful graphics can and do break games which are otherwise good. Mind you, I’m talking about absolute bog quality stuff.

              Nier didn’t have bad graphics, not really. The screenshots shown for Drakengard 3 thus far, however, are a very different beast from Nier’s level of graphics. They are simply nowhere near acceptable PS3 graphics, which Nier was definitely able to meet.

              I’m a guy who completed Nier several times, bought Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, and am still buying and playing PSP games. My tolerance for substandard graphics is pretty high and I am usually generous if the other elements are good. Even I don’t think that the graphics shown so far for Drakengard 3 is up to standard on a PS3.

            • My good sir, I completely agree with your sentiment. However, the sheep only graze what is green. And unless the masses buy Drakengard 3, it is we who will suffer in the end (the ones who end up loving it) since it would spell doom for the series.

        • Budgiecat

          I can’t imagine it’s less than Ougon no Kizuna (Bonds of Gold) for the Wii by Jaleco. That game was pretty bad too but graphically looks a lot better than this. And thats a low budget Wii game.
          Graphically,this looks worse than Drakengard 2 as well. Only the resolution is better because of HD

      • Sevyne

        I’m both shocked and ashamed of the people here that I received that many downvotes for that post without any sort of response to warrant such hate when I wasn’t even leaving a hateful response. Hell, my earlier comment should have been the one catching heat, not one that is actually voicing a real viable criticism. Disagree all you want, but could y’all at the very least elaborate on what was so offending to you in my post instead of being cowardly. How about a decent discussion? I honestly want to hear opinions. This just seems so backwards lol.

        • Bloodios

          This is why the Disqus’ down-vote system is absolutely horrible, as it allows random haters to just come and drop a random negative vote without ever bother using their brains to come up with a decent response. It’s a feature created to satisfy lazy haters.

          On a side note, I’m not particularly pleased with the up-vote system either. It doesn’t even require you to log in!

          A good voting system should clearly state who it is that agree or disagree with the respective comment.

          • @sevyne:disqus @Bloodios:disqus @Kefkiroth:disqus @gematsu-781397bc0630d47ab531ea850bddcf63:disqus

            I agree. I’ve expressed by disgust with this system multiple times before. I’d love to figure out how to alter the Disqus code to change it.

            I liked how it was set up in the older Disqus. If someone agreed or wanted to up vote, they clicked like. You could even see which users liked the post. If they didn’t agree or whatever, they had to actually click reply and type up a response.

            It simply worked, which is what I liked about it. I haven’t looked into it a ton, but I’ll try to research more about this.

            Until then, we just have to deal with it I suppose. The thing that sucks is, this isn’t the first time a conversation has come up about down votes, it’s happened before, the most recent was quite messy. Some folks get really upset about the down votes and I honestly understand it. I’ve got a feeling this isn’t going to go away, probably not until we figure out something to do about it.

            I hope we can find some kind of solution pretty soon.

            • Sevyne

              I just think it promotes poor behavior and laziness. Ya got downvote spammers that do it to everyone for no reason, and then ya got people who want to disagree with you but don’t feel like making any sort of point/effort to contribute so it’s easy to just downvote. It’s no fault of the site or Mods. It’s just how Disqus works and it just sucks for it.

        • DrForbidden

          No need to bother, dude. The system has no merits and is a broken joke. Feeling bad about getting downvotes just gives the corrupt system power, which would be an insult to all forward-thinking people. You have no reason to be ashamed of getting downvotes; just be ashamed that Gematsu still uses such a messed-up system.

          Besides, the majority of those giving out downvotes willy-nilly to anyone who expresses opinions contrary to their own don’t have sufficient brain capabilities to comprehend your reasoned invitation to engage in logical debate, or to even formulate a disagreement in the first place.

          • Sevyne

            Meh, I normally don’t care about it because it is as you said. I’m just amazed at how much hate i got this time around because i don’t think I actually said anything that called for it.

            But yeah, I’ll just ignore it.

        • Kefkiroth

          To be honest, complaining about downvotes is just asking for even more downvotes… there are probably plenty of random downvoters out there, plus those that downvote just to jump on the bandwagon of all the other people who have downvoted. It’s not a good representation of how many people actually agree with you; the comments should reflect that.

          I didn’t downvote you, by the way (I upvoted).

          • Sevyne

            Oh I totally expect it to happen.

    • LordKaiser

      They probably had no placed the Hi-res textures yet. Sen no Kiseki of Falcom’s looked the same. But yes game play and story are more important than anything

  • Tac-Mex

    Well, NIER didn’t have good graphics either but it was still a much better game than Final Fantasy XIII

  • Tetsu

    There’s that notorious background fog again, yuck.

  • Warboss Aohd

    pacifist dragon? dat seemz outta place when da protagonist o’ da first game woz a violent sociopath.

  • Daniel Gallotti


  • PrinceHeir

    tbh i don’t mind the graphics, but at least square enix should have step in and use some of it’s engine.

    still i know this game will rock so no complaints :P

    as long as there is no censored scenes, cut contet, or replace main character to appeal to westerners it’s all good.

    also i knew this game look like Malicious :D


    • Tetsu

      That totally reminds me of Malicious, the colors, guardians and runes.

    • Tetsu

      That totally reminds me of Malicious, the colors, guardians and runes.

  • adhesive

    Well shit, now I feel weird for liking the graphics. What’s so wrong with it?

    • Sevyne

      If you like it then you should keep liking it. Don’t let people like myself turn you away from that.

  • Guest

    Er, the majority of video games coming out of Japan look like they could be released for last-gen consoles. Tales of Xillia, anyone?

    These visuals are closer to that of the PS Vita.

    • DrForbidden

      I think you’re confusing art-style/design with graphics quality.

  • Oludics

    Hm … Well not sure what I should think about this.
    I loved
    the story and characters of Nier and Drakengard but the graphics, level
    design and the gameplay weren’t really good. Its seems like the entire game
    development team is just staffed by concept artists and story writers …

  • new_tradition

    I think I’m gonna like the interactions between Mikhail and Zero xD

  • gamelayer

    Is that the Dreamcast version ;-)

  • Claude

    Time to dust off the PS2.

  • xMCXx

    Eh, who cares about graphics?
    Dragon Age: Origins looks like shit and is a great game.