The Other Brothers official trailer - Gematsu
The Other Brothers official trailer
posted on 03.10.13 at 07:49 PM EST by (@salromano)
Run, jump, and collect as retro pixel brothers Joe and Jim.

Simian Squared has released the official trailer for its upcoming iOS and Ouya Super Mario Bros.-inspired platformer The Other Brothers.

The game promises to be a modern take on the retro platformer, complete with “action-packed levels and awesome boss fights,” a “crazy cast of [mafia-like] characters in a unique world,” and an original soundtrack composed by Dave Dexter.

The game’s out later this month. (Though, the trailer doesn’t specify which version of the game it’s referring to. We’ve reached out to Simian for confirmation. But we think it’s iOS. There’s a thread about the game’s Ouya development on

Update: The iOS version is out this month. The Ouya version’s exact timing is uncertain, but Simian tells Gematsu it will be “reasonably soon after [the iOS version] if not at the same time.” The studio is planning “a few special things” to take advantage of the platform’s features.

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  • I really like this game’s art style. Riot, this other game coming to Ouya, uses a similar style. Really interested in checking out both of them.