The Binding of Issac: Rebirth PS Vita teased - Gematsu
The Binding of Issac: Rebirth PS Vita teased
posted on 03.14.13 at 04:35 PM EST by (@salromano)
It's crying Issac against skull-head-thing Monstro II.

Edmund McMillen has posted a teaser image (below) for The Binding of Issac: Rebirth, which is coming to PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC sometime this year. The image, specifically, is for the PS Vita version.

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  • Elvick

    Awesome. Hope to see Super Meat Boy sometime too (on Vita… and PS3 would be nice too).

    • almostautumn

      Same here; would be great there.
      For the hell of it; I’d love to see Castle Crashers get a Vita edition also. I’d literally never turn it off.
      *Green knight, bitches!

  • almostautumn

    A company that won’t censor a product based off of an extremely limited re-interpreatation of a single segment of organized religion that people adore sh*tting their pants over? Hooray!


  • jujubee88

    Something tells me this game will sell quite well. :)