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Suda 51 enthusiastic about PlayStation 4
posted on 03.11.13 at 10:36 AM EST by (@salromano)
Grasshopper boss aroused by Sony's new console.

Grasshopper Manufacture boss and Killer is Dead director Goichi Suda is excited by the possibilities of Sony’s February-revealed PlayStation 4, he said in his latest “Inside Suda” Weekly Famitsu column.

“PS3 has been on sale for seven years but it’s still very much alive and doesn’t feel old at all,” wrote Suda (via Edge). “The life cycle for hardware has gotten longer, I keep thinking. But saying that, I’m thrilled that we can welcome PS4 at the end of this year.”

Suda thinks cloud delivery will become “totally commonplace” in the next generation. The ability to “play anywhere, on any device, with shared date” will be an “alluring new feature” for games on the coming console, according to the Grasshopper boss.

“That this play style will become a reality is futuristic enough,” he said. “But in addition, cloud saving becoming standard practice is an evolution in itself. It will add new value and will surely result in new ways to play. Thinking about the future of this stuff and then constructing and outputting something appealing is our job as game designers, and from that challenge we can take new strength.

“And that makes me horny,” he added.

Grasshopper, as well as its parent companies, will be (or are currently) making games for the platform, teased Suda.

“As has been announced, Grasshopper Manufacture will make games for PS4, as will (parent company) GungHo Online Entertainment and (sister company) Acquire. I can’t go into detail at this stage, but for sure the new challenge is exciting.”

Suda said Sony showcased “such a strong vision” at its PlayStation 4 event, and that the struggle now is to “decide how to find our own victories within that [vision] and present games that express the Grasshopper world.”

And that, too, arouses Suda.

“Whichever way you look at it, talk of new hardware means a new sense of excitement within the industry. The buzz will surely go unabated until the holidays. It’s going to be a precious year.”

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  • uhawww

    “And that makes me horny,”

    Me too Suda. Me too.

    PS4 has a lot of possibilities, and I’m glad to have Grasshopper, Acquire, and GungHo going all in.

    • jujubee88

      Suda51 is horny? This can only mean good things! :D

    • PrinceHeir

      i want Shinobido 3 to have the atmosphere and tone of the first game(very very dark) while combining the tools from the 2nd and 1st game.

      that would be the ultimate ninja stealth game ever!!!

  • almostautumn

    Nice to see his outlook on the PS3, and I hope they pursue projects for the system despite the new hardware. I certainly agree with it; very few companies have tapped into the system as the first-party/mega-companies have been able to, and I’d certainly like to be able to see smaller studios like Grasshopper really create just an outstanding title fully able to maximize what is already there.
    I feel this way with every system; I mean, look at the PSP games just getting released. They’re insanely ambitious, and really draw every component of power in the system out into a maximized level. I like that, and certainly prefer to see that capitalization more than just “moving on” with technology.

  • Budgiecat

    Wish more Japanese developers thought like him instead of running away from consoles and moving to “play it safe” low budget handheld titles “for Japan only”

    • almostautumn

      Grasshopper is behind Neon Genesis Sound Impact, a Japan-only psp title.
      Also, the handheld is extremely successful in Japan; makes sense why devs. focus on it. Dunno what imports you’re playing either as most Japan-only titles I’ve played are simply remarkable and more impressive than most local(ized) titles I’ve played, for each and every system also, mind you.

      • Budgiecat

        The only reason they’re successful is because Japanese developers abandoned the consoles this gen and flocked to cheaper to make games for handhelds. People in Japan will of course go to where the games are at…it’s only natural.

  • ShinAsura(新阿修羅)

    Haven’t played one of his games yet but I hear he’s one of the top developers in Japan

  • Solomon_Kano

    Glad to hear that one of my favorite devs is as excited for the PS4 as I am. Well… he actually might be a bit more excited.

    Either way, it’s good to hear that the whole GungHo family is looking at PS4 already. GHM is fantastic, Acquire makes quirky games, and we’ll likely also see Game Arts deliver something. I’m so looking forward to that.

  • DrForbidden


    Take care you don’t become priapic, Suda-san! ;P

  • He likes being honest, isn’t he?

  • BigDix

    Well, it makes ME totally flaccid. But rock on with the flaccid nub Suda! You just keep eating your shit with that shit-eating grin of yours, you shit-eating eater of shit.

    Sony had a “strong vision”? Wow. Holy shit. Okay, bro. New ways to play, though, that sounds great! Wait a second…because of CLOUD SAVES? Buuuh-whaaa? Damn Suda. What? Damn. Hey, PLAYING ON THE GO IS NOT A “NEW WAY TO PLAY”. Not remotely. Not even close, Suda. Did you hit your head or what? Oh boy-oh boy-oh boooooy.

    Just disconcerting. Very disconcerting. I hope it’s all a lot of bullshit to fill out that shitty column that shouldn’t exist anyway. Don’t be this guy. You’re too overrated and too high profile to have no impact on the industry going forward. Sincerely held, these avowals are not just innocuous garbage. Don’t. Make. Things. Worse. Dude.

    P.S. Shit

  • Heavenly_King

    as long as his games stop being PS2 games with better graphics, I will begin to care.

    • almostautumn

      In a way, I extremely want to disagree with you— but it’s pretty much true XD No less, I always just side-step the aspects of graphics… and gameplay, and just take the overall experience as that of an uninhibited expression of creativity and a journey like no other. Not so much their “main” games, such as NMH 1&2 and Killer 7, because I thought those games had solid graphics and gameplay also, but definitely for Lollipop and Shadows (SotD did grow on me though).
      Either way, Killer is Dead certainly looks like it’s not going to disappoint, so I think it’s safe to sit back with a slightly more optimistic pensive frown

      • Heavenly_King

        Shadow of the Damned is the exception of what I said. It is really good, and funny. I have the plat XD.

        The bad thing, according to me, is that most of their games are made in a way that it plays quite old, and remind me the feeling of playing some old PS2 games. The level designs and gameplay are very limited and restricted. The only games I have enjoyed are Shadow of Damned, but sadly no one gave a damn about the game. And lollipop chainsaw. It is very restricted and limited, but the cheesiness (in a good way) makes it funny in the end. Something like with NeverDead from Konami. It offers more option in design, but even though it requires polish, the funny and cheesy (on purpose) things make it a lot of fun.

        • almostautumn

          Got the plat also for SotD :D
          And yeah, Lollipop is an extremely limited game that would have fallen on its face if it weren’t for its aesthetic and humor. The gameplay strictly is an out-dated, stiff “action” design and the levels/hybrid designs are exceptionally typical as well. I finished it, but I also got it back to gamestop in time for a refund.
          Shadows I wouldn’t say is good, but it was a game that, once I got “past” the floaty aim and strictness of linearity (not to mention the far-too-long beginning levels), I opened up to it. Wouldn’t say it’s good, or a superior example than NMH(2) of what Suda can produce, but yeah, definitely underated or too easily overlooked a title.

  • Bucketdeft

    Are they only going to making games for ps4?

  • PrinceHeir

    freaking love Suda 51 :)