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Sen no Kiseki: four more characters revealed
posted on 03.13.13 at 10:52 PM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, a few other details. Like fishing! You can do that.

Famitsu this week revealed new details and four new characters for The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, Falcom’s upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita RPG sequel.


  • Jusis Albarea – Weapon: Knight sword. Age: 17. Has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is the second son of the Duke of Albarea, whose family rules the Eastern part of the province of Croitsen (クロイツェン) as one of the four great noble families. He displays aristocratic pride, but without ill will. He is always butting heads with Machias. He uses a traditional royal fencing style, but has interest in others as well.
  • Machias Regnitz – Weapon: Shotgun. Age: 17. Has black hair and wears glasses. He is the son of the current governor of the imperial capital Regnitz, who is a member of the reformist group. He is hostile towards the aristocracy and the noble students. He is hard on himself and others, and is going to be the vice chairman of Class VII.
  • Headmaster Vandyck – Age: 70. Weapon: Zanbato. Has slicked back, white hair. An honorable general of the imperial army, he is almost two meters tall (about 6′ 6″). He is cooperating with the imperial family to back up the establishment of Class VII by gathering superior talent.
  • Sara Valstein (サラ・バレスタイン) – Age: 25. Weapon: Orbal gun and blade. Has red hair tied up in the back. In charge of leading Class VII, she is an instructor with outstanding combat ability. If she stays quiet, she is beautiful, but her private life is kind of a mess. She says herself that she has a thing for nice-looking middle-aged guys.

Screenshots of the nameless, silver-haired girl (first scan, upper right) we’ve seen before, as well as a brand new girl (last scan, lower right) were also published.

Neighbor Town Trista

  • A town 20 minutes east of Imperial Capital Heimdallr, if you take the rail. Thors Military Academy is on the north side of town, so it also has a student town feel.
  • Some of the town’s facilities include: book store “Keanzu Bookshop” (ケアンズ書房), orbal radio station “Trista Broadcasting” (トリスタ放送局), rail station “Trista Station” (トリスタ駅), pawn shop “Mihyuto” (ミヒュト), church “Trista Chapel” (トリスタ礼拝堂), and fashion boutique “Le Sage” (ル・サージュ).
  • Because seasons change as you progress through the game, the clothing available in the boutique will also change.
  • There is a spot for fishing.

Trista Radio Station

  • You can listen to the radio during the game.
  • Trista Radio Station was established throughout the empire via the cooperation of Desk and Reinford under the Imperial Chronicle news company.
  • The Imperial Chronicle was the agency preferred by the nobles, but there is some confusion evident as they’ve reported positively on the prime minister’s reformation. They’ve put pressure on Trista Broadcasting.

Thors Military Academy Class VII

  • A special class founded to make use of the new style tactics orbment “Arcus.”
  • Other reasons for the class’ establishment seems to be told within the game.
  • Students chosen for the class are not selected by social status. There are students from abroad, too.
  • The school has recognized the independence of these students to some extent, and has allowed them to each dress slightly different.

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  • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

    Game is reminding me of Agito XIII/Type Zero

    • MrKappa

      It will also have one more feature that will remind you of Type-0… if you know what I mean.

      • jujubee88


  • fyi1191

    Our party will consist of 4 guys and 3 girls? Minus the instructor, who probably won’t join us for long.

    1 more girl in party please. I don’t want another party balance like Tales of Hearts R.

    • “Screenshots of the nameless, silver-haired girl (first scan, upper right) we’ve seen before, as well as a brand new girl (last scan, lower right) were also published.”

    • More guys = More power
      More girls = … I dont know

      • LordKaiser

        More eye candy. But the balance thing is because fans love to pair their characters. Can’t playable characters have relationships with NPCs?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Shotguns in JRPGs doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should, so I like Machias already!

  • Spot some resemblances to Type-0 and Valkyria Chronicle 2.

    The blonde guy is close to Chester of YS; Oath in Felghana.

  • Eclipse

    I’m really liking Sarah’s design <3

    She's definitely going to be the main character I'll use in my party.

  • DesmaX

    Guy with Shotgun. Definely a must in my party

  • Mar Mar

    Woah we’re getting two new gentlemen. But still who is that nameless white haired girl? I’m curious!!

    Plus I wonder who is gonna show up from previous series, you know Crossbell can be seen on the map.

  • new_tradition

    Hell yeah to old characters. Granted, Vandyke looks pretty good for 70, but I’m really digging the sudden contrast to the teenage characters.

    Sarah too looks pretty cool. A charismatic sensei interests me. Yay for more adult characters, and lol at her thing for older guys; I can relate though-dapper gents = ♥

    Machias and Eusis are pretty cute themselves. I can’t help but think Machias has tsundere potential…

    (So what game am I suppose to know about to play this one?)

  • zakou

    The game looks better and better.

  • PrinceHeir

    great stuff :D