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Robotoki announces The Adventures of Dash
posted on 03.04.13 at 01:49 PM EST by (@salromano)
A side-scrolling adventure starring a narcoleptic 9-year-old.

In June last year, Robotoki, the new company run by former Call of Duty strategist Robert Bowling, announced its first project to be the still-in-development zombie survival game Human Element. Its second project, revealed through a Kickstarter campaign today as The Adventures of Dash, is something entirely different.

The game, a 2D side-scroller, follows the story of 9-year-old Dash, a normal little boy in every way, not counting his inability to control where or when he falls asleep. Each time he falls asleep, Dash finds himself in a new dream filled with different worlds, puzzles, enemies, and collectibles.

Each of these dreams are “drastically different” experiences. Each has its own art style, character design, and gameplay mechanics. Players will “transform into new forms,” “adapt new abilities,” “master new gameplay mechanics,” and collect POGs (remember those?) for their POG Binder.

Outside of a dream, Dash has access to an open world filled with non-player characters and puzzles. But for each area, there are dream triggers that will cause Dash to fall asleep and enter the dream world.

The Adventures of Dash will launch for Ouya, PC, Mac, and Linux in November. Android and iOS ports will follow as the game is adapted for touch screen devices. Lastly, profits from sales of earlier versions will fund a console release. If backing for the Kickstarter exceeds the required $400,000, those funds will go towards development of the console version.

And for those wondering what’s going on with Human Element: backers who pledge $100 or more will gain access to the Human Element PC beta in June 2014. The full game is due out in 2015.

View the first screenshots at the gallery (via Polygon).

Watch the Kickstarter video below.

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