PS4 trailer YouTube's most watched ad in February - Gematsu
PS4 trailer YouTube’s most watched ad in February
posted on 03.10.13 at 06:44 PM EST by (@salromano)
Sony beats out Samsung Mobile by 5 million views.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 sizzle trailer was the most watched advertisement on YouTube during the month of February, according to the latest YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

The video, which highlights the PlayStation 4 controller and camera, and games like Knack, The Witness, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs, and inFAMOUS: Second Son, garnered nearly 26.3 million views last month.

Second to Sony was Samsung Mobile’s “The Next Big Thing” Super Bowl advertisement, which garnered over 21 million views.

Thanks, The Silent Chief.

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  • Elvick


  • Richard Tooth

    I’m I the only person who doesn’t watch adverts on YouTube?

    • If you watch game trailers, you’re watching an advert. ;]

      • Richard Tooth

        Haha! Good point :-)

  • Prodigy-X

    Amazing Trailer

  • Most watched? As mean people actually watching it or before each videos?

    Edit: Still holy crap… 26 million views…

  • Raiyu

    I’m part of the problem

  • GaySkull

    Of Course! Yes.

    Also the PS4 Meeting was viewed 8.1 million times on Ustream

    Sony got a great Ad company partner this time. I hope Sony focus on marketing and give it good budget. PS3 marketing was low budget compared to Microsoft.

    • Skeletor

      Merman…storm castle Gayskull and help him to see that less wasted funds on superfluous ads on PS3 equals the amazing library it has and all those wasted funds on flashy dudebro ads from MS has a direct correlation with their pathetic excuse for a games library!

      Cast your spell evil Lynn quick, while GaySkull is distracted by Merman’s truth!

  • PrinceHeir

    wow O__O

    guess alot of people are anticipated with PS4 :)

  • MrKappa

    Wait… is this an ad? If so that would explain why I have never seen it because AdBlock is hardly ever off for me.

    • By ad, it’s talking about a video that’s specifically an advertisement, as opposed to user-created videos, etc.

  • Kanok Timkhlai

    That because of next xbox it’s not coming yet, but Sony have a great ads.