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PlayStation Store integrates Crackle video content
posted on 03.22.13 at 12:05 PM EST by (@salromano)
Watch free movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store.

Sony has integrated its Crackle streaming video service into the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3.

Now, through the PlayStation Store, users can watch free, ad-supported, full-length movies and TV shows.

To access Crackle content through the PlayStation Store, select the “Movies” or “TV Shows” option, then “Crackle.” From there, you can stream Crackle’s full library of content (including Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, woot).

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  • Learii

    is it free?

    • “Watch free movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store.” lol

      • Skeletor

        They should take a page out of Skeletors book and put this free content behind a pay wall like MS would behind XBLGold!

        Its still free but I am still charging you!

        Must I teach everyone my wicked ways?

  • Nightcore34

    Yay, advent children, i wonder if 5 centemetres per second is there or the girl who leapt through time

  • Sevyne

    But isn’t there already a Crackle App on PS3? Kind of redundant.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Sony needs to add more to Crackle. They do not have much to watch. They own it and have the money to add more shows, movies, and anime. I’d like to see Crackle turn into something similar to Netflix or hulu, but kept ad supported to remain free.

    • Kurisu Makise

      I kind of prefer their slow and steady content roll out. The idea behind Crackle being they add what they like or think is interesting, rather than just sweeping additions gives the service a certain flair. Though certainly I do think they’re missing some additions which would fall into their tastes (like I dunno, all the James Bond movies to start), or even some older classics like Blade Runner, Silence of the Lambs, and Citizen Kane.

      I’m not sure what integrating it directly into the store means for PS3, but I imagine that’ll be a really good thing for PS4’s store front. Next, what about Vita?

  • they said they were adding crackle to the vita last e3, have yet to see it still.