Persona 4 Arena European release date set - Gematsu
Persona 4 Arena European release date set
posted on 03.18.13 at 12:42 PM EST by (@salromano)
Arc System Works' Persona fighter finally dated.

After months of delays, Persona 4 Arena, which launched in North America and Japan last summer, will finally hit Europe on May 10, publisher Zen United has announced.

Pre-order bonuses will be available at all retailers. They include the official arrange soundtrack (with exclusive artwork) and a digital fan pack.

And there appears to be more news on the way for Persona in Europe.

“This is not the end though… there will be MORE news,” teased a post on the official Persona Europe Facebook page. “And that news will be GOOD.”

We can only wonder what they might be referring to. Persona 4 Golden is out in Europe. And Persona 4 Arena has been dated. Hmm.

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  • I didn’t want to be too suggestive in the post, but what if Persona 5 is a global announcement? Considering the series’ recent outings and its more established stance lately

    • PS4 launch title would be a strong argument for purchasing the system d1.

    • Sevyne

      It could just be more freebies for preorder. They were supposed to get more than NA/JP for the long wait, and this stuff is pretty much exactly what we all got. Though a P5 announcement would be quite excellent.

  • Ritsujun

    Finally. =_=

  • Souter

    Pre-order mine today ^^ even no I really don’t care about the game any more after waiting so long >.<

  • zakou

    I never knew this game never made it to EU lmao didn’t have time for this fighting game, now that i got reminded i should put it on my buy list somewhere there among 10 other games xD

    • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

      Atlus said they didn’t have a publisher at the time of the US release

  • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

    Gratz to Europe

  • Adol Christian

    I just hope Persona 5 won’t be region locked.

    • depends on Sony’s decision to region-lock PS4 :P

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        PS3 isn’t region locked, but P4A is.

        • The only reason it was region locked is because they released the Japanese and US version within 2 weeks of each other but feared that some Japanese gamers might have had been inclined to import an American copy because of the unfavorable yen-US$ exchange rate (the Japanese one converted to around 90US$ at release). As P4A was the very first Atlus game to include dual audio (and Japanese text) in the US version that fear might have been intensified.

          Put in a nutshell: P4A was an exception due to a very strong Yen. This has already been discussed in detail on many websites ;)

      • I’m worried more on the publisher than the hardware… In this case, Atlus….

        • Please read my answer to haku. P4A was an exception due to the strong Yen and a near simultaneous US/JP release with identical content, i.e. Japanese audio and text in the US version. The genre is very niche already and Atlus didn’t want to lose sales in Japan. They were kinda paranoid about it, as only a few gaijin living in Japan would have imported the Us version anyways. 6k Yen is 6k Yen if you’re living in Japan, after all.

      • Adol Christian

        You think P5 will be a PS4 title… why?

      • artemisthemp

        PS4 won’t be Region Lock, Sony ain’t stupid

        • I’m expecting the same but it’s not necessarily guaranteed. It will, however, be a major advantage the PS4 would have over WiiU (region locked) and Xbox3 (will definitely be region locked).

  • new_tradition

    I think EU deserves major “we’re sorry for the wait” swag as part of a standard edition.

  • PrinceHeir

    man better late than never, but still no excuse for this long ass delay.

    reminds me of Anarchy Reigns delay(which had a 6 months delay)

    freaking sega

  • artemisthemp

    Hope those icon in Digital Fan Pack is Avatar’s

  • Karl Josef

    How about Persona 4 Arena on PS Vita?