Pandora's Tower story trailer - Gematsu
Pandora’s Tower story trailer
posted on 03.11.13 at 01:33 PM EST by (@salromano)
Flee your beloved from a wretched curse.

XSEED Games has released a new story trailer for its April-due Wii action RPG Pandora’s Tower.

The game, developed by the Fukuoka-based Ganbarion, follows the protagonist Aeron as he slays over a dozen giant monsters and collects their flesh in order to free his beloved Elena, the maiden in distress, from an evil curse.

Watch the trailer below.

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  • zakou

    She still looks cute during the beast form xD

    • o_o

      • zakou

        I take that back, she looks better in that beast form.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait to get this :)

    even though i already have the undub, im willing to support it ^^