Open Forum #033 - Gematsu
Open Forum #033
posted on 03.01.13 at 06:26 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our thirty-third Open Forum is ready for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • Who else is planning on getting Phantom Breaker for the 360 this weekend? In imports:Who is getting PSO2 for the vita?

    • zakou

      I want PSO2 but i don’t have a vita yet lol.

    • The Black Rabbit

      pso2 pc version, >:)

    • Skerj

      Importing Vita PSO2 so I can play my PC char.

  • zakou

    OMG it’s snow from FFXIII on the thread picture!

    • DichaTesoro

      Ah! I just noticed the new guy has blonde hair! Edward…makes me think of sparkly vampires so the FF comparison is fine with me. Doesn’t matter much, I’ll be excited for the game when it’s closer to being released.

  • IGN has uploaded a few interesting videos.

    The first is an interview with Kojima. (6:19)

    (Sal posted some of this the other day. I also made a post in the comments section with some other questions they asked him. )

    “Hideo Kojima talks about collaborating with Platinum Games, PlayStation 4, and a life without cardboard boxes.”

    The next one is a new video about BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth. (13:43)

    “Creative director Ken Levine and Irrational’s Liz Squad walk us through the AI behind BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth.”

    • The Black Rabbit

      AWESOME STUFF! i’m super excited about the ps4 now. hope it gets amazing treatment, and the jrpg market comes back.

  • I also have some news that might be considered bad?

    Remember this?

    Well, turns out it’s a film.

    I guess it could turn out to be good? I’m pretty sure we all wanted it to be an actual game though. =/

    • engelmann-g
      • The Black Rabbit

        ….lol that picture

      • The Black Rabbit

        ….lol that picture

    • Raiyu

      I never asked for this..

    • Skerj

      Profound sadness. ..

    • MrRobbyM


    • GetOffMy_Lawn

      I’ll take a movie over a social game any day.
      I knew there were rumors going around that a Deus Ex movie was being made, but I wasn’t sure how valid they were. This could be really good if done right.

      • I agree. Let’s hope for the best.

  • The Black Rabbit

    Moderator – Thanks for trying to help out.

    • The Black Rabbit

      but i had to let sal know! somebody is trying to ruin his name…..

      • Apologies. I thought it was someone trying to spam the stuff, which is why the comment was edited/removed. I’ve restored all of it.

  • Guest

    what the heck

    • We have seen it. =/

      • The Black Rabbit

        good because he is spamming all of the youtube vids on scrawl

        • Yeah… Sal has reported it on youtube, We have to wait and hope they do something soon.

        • Yeah… Sal has reported it on youtube, We have to wait and hope they do something soon.

  • The Black Rabbit

    why was my comment deleted?

    • This one is on me. I’m trying to restore all of this now. Sorry!!!

      We do know about the page, it has been reported. Thanks for trying to help out though!

      • The Black Rabbit

        :D no problem i just hate trolls. he was sexually harassing me on that page, -_-. i wish we could ban him. but we don’t control youtube, :/

        • I’m really sorry about that. Once again, sorry about the comment removal. We both really appreciate the support! Seriously, thanks so much.

          As for the troll, I’d suggest just trying to ignore he/she. Let’s hope youtube/google gets em good.

  • The Black Rabbit

    so guys/gals……anybody get a vita yet?

    • Skerj

      Had one since launch, still love it. Really wish Sony would allow Vita specific games to be developed on Playstation Mobile so that smaller developers can actually take advantage of the system.

      • The Black Rabbit

        awesome sounds like it is a good investment. I will be buying one soon from the local pawn shop. :D 140$

        • Skerj

          That’s a good deal mate, quite a few games to get on it right now too before we get some of the heavy hitters this year. I’m really wondering what their plans are for next year since it appears that everything that has been announced so far will be out by the end of the year.

          • The Black Rabbit

            i am dying for soul sacrifice, gravity rush/daze, p4Gold, the new legend game and blazblue…XD

    • Raiyu

      I had to sell mine to pay for Christmas gifts :(

      I’m going to buy another one during the summer around E3, to see if there is a price drop though.

      • The Black Rabbit

        Q.Q dude i would have cried!

    • I still really want to get one.

      • The Black Rabbit

        yea the economy has not been kind to my area, but i will grab one no matter what!

    • KurisuMakise

      SOON! It’s just, PS3 is hogging my purchases. Tomb Raider, Naruto, and Hyper Dimension Neptunia this month (got Ayesha covered in gift form, lucky), means I’ll have to try to go jump in around Soul sacrifice time as there’s lots of Vita titles I want to get with the system. Notably P4G, AC3: Lib, Rayman Origins, NGS2+ and Project Diva F come to mind immediately and I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton more but Plus has already given me a Day 1 library that’s more than satisfying.

    • Got one at launch day… Loved it since I downloaded Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Retro City Rampage on it…

    • almostautumn

      Since launch; absolutely amazing system. Have rarely had the thing off for more than a few days at a time.
      Gotta’ say though; if I didn’t import games, I think I’d be a little tiffed. Western releases have gone through, like, 3 varying periods of dry-spells already. But that Japanese market— it’s truly non-stop with just downright amazing games.
      At this point, also, I think the Vita is a 100% good choice for gamers, even if they don’t import. The library is pretty much stacked at this point, and the umbrella reach of varying genres hits everyone’s tastes.
      *Totally want to recommend Smart As… also. Really enjoyable “Brain Trainer” game that just hasn’t seemed to have gotten much love. Really recommend it.

    • Kobracon

      Got one when P4 Golden came out. Best decision so far :D

      Only thing I want to play on the 3DS would be Kingdom Hearts and Project X Zone, but I’ll wait till the latter is localised.

    • Will get one when I start working and saved enough for it. P4G compell me to buy one XD

    • LordKaiser

      When it gets redesigned and gets a HDMI port.

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      Got mine since launch, even imported the white LE Miku one from Japan. It’s a vastly different system by now, as the OS, usability and apps have been vastly improved. Youtube was functional at first but now it’s almost better than the web-browser based one, for instance.

      See almostautumn’s comment for more. I’m importing a slew of games from Japan and I’m a PS+ member, so I’m really happy right now. No matter how cheap games on the app-store or Google-play will get, they will never beat the Vita experience. Heck, even the most popular mobile games are better on Vita. Would have never imagined I’d say that. but Plants vs Zombies on Vita is a blast and it’s hilarious.

      Vita features the best of both worlds: fully fledged AAA retail releases and small, bite-sized mobile and PSN-games.
      I’m stoked for Velocity Ultra as it’s easily the best game on PS Mobile and footage released so far looked gorgeous.
      Great things are yet to come to Vita, can’t wait. Meanwhile having a blast with MonMon, Demon’s Gaze, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and soon ToH:R

  • Bloodios

    Suddenly felt the urge to take out the PS3’s HDD and erase everything with 35 passes of 0 before popping it in and let the PS3 performs its own full-format. It turned out to be pretty time-consuming, with the data backup alone taking a full 24 hours to complete. I now find myself spending quality time playing PSP and DS games that I never got the time to complete… not to mention I haven’t the chance to get started on Kawata Shoujo.

  • The Black Rabbit
  • almostautumn

    Sooooooo much Monpiece; my wrist is rather sore :P
    Question for anyone who knows Japanese; how are in-game bonus’ handled (Atk/HP Up, or just Mana Up)? This is the one aspect I can’t wrap my head around; at first I thought it was based off patterns on the board, but I’ve also seen myself create the same patterns and not get it. This is the one tutorial I said “Screw it” to cracking my dictionary out for, and boy do I regret it.

    But yeah— just want to say I love, love, love Monpiece. It’s so friggin’ good, but I’m getting nervous it’s going to end soon. You can tell it’s a pretty budget title, and from the trophy set-up it just doesn’t look like there are more than 10 worlds… I’m genuinely going to be upset when it ends, because it has just been truly amazing from the moment I started through the 10/15 hours I’ve sunk in only a handful of days!

    • HassanJamal

      How’s the game? Is it an actual good game or is it a game that just depends on the sexy parts?

      • almostautumn

        It’s really great. In fact, there really isn’t even that much “sexy” stuff. I mean, every card, especially the last evolutionary form, is risque/nude/suggestive, and the in-game event scenes are each suggestive as well, but that is just the art-direction. The gameplay itself is really great on its own though; it’s actually a very simple card-game, but it’s just so damn enjoyable/addictive. The rise in difficulty throughout is extremely well-constructed also, and despite how you evolve cards, it’s actually just a very fun process also. There’s a lot of discovery/variables with each card and their evolutionary forms, and the thing is that maxing out evolutions isn’t nessecarily beneficial depending on your play-style.
        So there’s solid gameplay, addictive management, and an art-direction that is really very colorful and imaginative (and yes, sexy). Honestly I love the game, and would nominate a top 3 title for the system currently *depending on how soon the game ends*.

        • HassanJamal

          Oh man, you just made the game become a must buy for me. Was gonna buy cause my perverseness but by the sound of your comment, it sounds really really in-depth O_O

          Wishing this game could get localized, i dont read/speak Japanese but the ‘parts’ of the content packed in the game just make it seem impossible :C

          • DrForbidden

            While what almostautumn says is mostly correct, you should be aware that the game has an issue with AI cheapness and cheating in the second half. Every other enemy will utlise cheap, mana-stealing cards at the beginning of play, making it next to impossible for you to save up your mana in order to play the high-mana requirement cards in your deck while they continue to send out powerful high-mana cost cards using the mana they stole from you.

            It becomes a costly battle of attrition: you need to last past the first 5-7 turns, after which they run out of mana-stealing cards and you actually get to even the odds. That’s basically your only strategy for every other battle n the second half of the game. Worst part is, you don’t have a chance to even get similar cards until right near the end of the game/final boss, and that’s provided you are lucky enough to get one or two.

            • HassanJamal

              Sound hardcore o_O Man, this game is just blowing past my expectations XD

            • almostautumn

              I can’t say I’ve noticed this from where I am (I’m at Tokio, which I think is the second last area). While the A.I. does have the mana boosters before they’re available to you, I wouldn’t say that it’s “cheap” rather than a difference in deck.
              Furthermore, my play-style is maybe what isn’t allowing me to see as you have. At this point, my deck is 70% dragon, 20% Demi-H, and 10% healers, and only about 10 of my cards cost more than 3 mana.. I use the same, aggressive strategy each game, which is just doubling up my attackers and trailing a healer, and I just am not losing, even with taking max bonus’ each round. I wouldn’t say this is “the” way to play, of course, but rather because of this way of playing I just do not see an unfair advantage just because A.I. has cards available to it that I don’t. I mean, in a literal sense it’s unfair, but I just have not come across it as negative.

              By the way; have you tried out the online? I knew I wasn’t going to win, but holy heck did I get destroyed! I’m looking forward to getting the mana booster cards now, because the few matches I played had people making insane combinations. One of them came out to be 19 Atk/18 Health, with counter-attacking also! I literally could not take the thing out.

              • DrForbidden

                Nope, I didn’t try the online. And now that I have Senran Kagura, I probably won’t. ;P

                As for my strategies, I keep 2-colour decks, each one about 40% attacker, 30% archer, 20% healer, and 10% booster. I send out attackers with a healer behind to ensure they survive, and sometimes upgrade the attackers if necessary. Archers are generally used to deal with pesky enemy archers, or as stationary turrets to basically prevent the enemy from advancing on a specific row. Boosters I use rarely.

                I find that the issue with using low-mana cards is that they are too weak against enemy cards in late game. I drop cards that cost more than 9 mana, but you really can’t do without cards that cost 6 or 7 in late game, especially attackers, since the enemy will be constantly fielding attackers with 8-10 HP and 8-10 ATK. If you just field weak cards, you will not be able to stop them advancing.

                And finally, about the game being ‘cheap’: I would agree with you if there weren’t so many enemies using this tactic. Decks are supposed to be randomly shuffled each battle, and yet enemies ALWAYS field the mana-stealing cards in the first 3 turns. It got to the point where I would roll my eyes each new battle this happened. I think it’s cheap because it isn’t random; the AI is intentionally programmed to abuse the hell out of that particular imbalance. Still, overall, it’s a pretty fun card-based game, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel if it’s more balanced.

                • almostautumn

                  That’s true; they really always do have them available at the start!

                  Also, I will say I thought about your comment some after I responded, and to be honest it actually is a pretty annoying feature. I was looking over my higher mana cards and i actually really want to use them. Having had them since the second area, it’s actually pretty insane that the game is built on not allowing you to use them until the very end.

                  Also, I just had the big boss fight with Elza and the main enemy (dunno how to write her name in English), and her attackers are effing INSANE! For a moment I actually thought I was going to lose the friggin’ fight, which would be my first (I kind of want to know what the gameover looks like though…)

                  Still, it actually reminds me of God Eater: Burst for PSP. Dunno if you’re familiar, but that game is exceptionally easy until you hit the credits, which is 40+ hours. But then, post-credits, missions become available that literally kick you ass without a second thought. In some ways, I was annoyed by this also, but because the game is so fun, I was able to overlook it as just an incredibly enjoyable, incredibly long tutorial that I was having too much fun with to acknowledge until it was over.

                  *Also, how you liking Senran? I’m waiting on Play-Asia to restock the Asia version before I jump.

                  • DrForbidden

                    SK:SV is freaking awesome, man. I am genuinely surprised by how good and fluid the combat is, the character diversity, and the voice-acting. Lots of stuff to unlock and the game provides incentives by unlocking stuff for almost every battle you win. Aside from some camera issues on certain stages, I’ve been addicted to the game since the last weekend. My thumb bloody hurts… T_T

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Got my hands on Neptunia MK2 so my weekend will be filled with that. What’s everyone else playing??

    • KingNigma

      I know I’m incredibly late but I’m about to start the Ico and Shadow of Colossus Collection.

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        never to late for Shadow of the Colossus. I actually played it last summer. A really good game, hope you enjoy :)

    • Kobracon

      CUT WHAT YOU WIILLLL!!!!! *ahem* I’m playing MGR:R and trying to get S Rank on all missions on Revengeance difficulty.

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        Seems people are really falling in love with that game, will have to check it out sometime.

  • Panda_castro

    Any else think this is what kojima is talking about?

    The trailer did have a kid in a cage.

  • Kobracon

    Where am I? What time is it? What DAY is it? Ever since I got MGR:R I’ve lost track of everything that ISN’T this awesome game…..prolly because I sliced my clock into itty-bitty pieces…

  • PrinceHeir

    just finished Metal Gear Rising Revengeance just now!

    and wow im freaking AMAZE at this game!!!

    Seriously finally i managed to finish the game!!!!!

    one of my game of the year contenders for 2013 along with Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage 2!!!!!

    i played this game Hard for the first time and wow i haven’t had a challenge game for awhile now.

    i forgot to take a screenshot of my record T__T

    PS4 will definitely fix this ^^

    i died in the game like 102 times, but that’s because the final boss was such a annoying boss.

    at first i didn’t like the final boss since why the hell did they pull that!?!?!

    i love the Desparado boss battles more(especially Sam), but eventually i like the final boss battle.

    the final boss has a lot of unblockables and charging in would be suicide.

    despite i literally died 20-40+ times on a row(i keep retrying) and even though i got pissed at the boss, it help me develop strategy in beating him.

    more evade moves, especially when he’s charging out you, block it if you can’t evade it, combo him at the back etc..

    and when i finally beat it, wow it felt all of my hardwork paid off!!!

    AMAZING Game!!

    been awhile since i felt that feeling of accomplishment!

    i doubted this game, but wow Platinum Games are fucking godlike!!!!


    will always buy your games Day 1!!!

    now i need to unlock all other costumes and other goodies ^^

    • Kobracon

      Seems we both finished it around the same time XD I’m on the road to unlock very hard and Revengeance! Can’t wait to get the FOX sword.

      I liked the last boss, I thought it was an epic battle and I LOVE the soundtrack of this game!

      • PrinceHeir

        definitely need to finish Very Hard and Revengeance!!!!!

        the last boss was such a shocker to me.

        i mean for all the bad guys i fought so far, your gonna pin me down to this guy O___O

        and the cutscene where Raiden was surprised how strong he is, i was surprise as hell as well!!

        damn NANOMACHINES!

        • Kobracon

          Nanomachines, SON!

    • DichaTesoro

      It’s good to hear people are liking the game. I never had doubts about it though, Platinum has made a number of great games.

      I got it the day it came out and am only in the sewer part in Mexico yet…been busy with work. It such a great game! The soundtrack is good too. Ah, and the Wolf. He’s a cutie.

      • PrinceHeir

        love the soundtrack as well :D

    • z_merquise

      Yep. Such an awesome game. Also, the last boss fight is very epic. Lot’s of surprising (and some hilarious) moments in that fight alone.

      I used the Gray Fox skin in my 2nd playthrough (Hard) and it looked so sweet!

      • PrinceHeir

        thanks for giving me hope :D

        i definitely doubted this game back when it was announced.

        glad i was wrong!

        i probably wouldn’t bought this if it wasn’t for your advice ^^

        so thanks!

        • z_merquise

          Wow, I actually didn’t know that. Glad to know that you love the game.

          I was instantly hyped on this game the day it was announced to be developed by Platinum Games since I’m really a huge fan of the developer. Also, this is the kind of action game I really wanted to see for a long time.

    • PrinceHeir

      im just gonna put this comment on top just for Sal to see.

      Sal can you use this image for the next Open Forum?

      i think it suits to see how many new generation characters we’ve gotten :)

  • PrinceHeir


    it seems your catching up with me to the Top!!!!

    i won’t let you have my crown!!!!

    • No worries. xD

      I still have a long way to go lol.

      Gotta get some sleep now, have a nice day/night open forum.

    • ShinAsura(新阿修羅)


  • Taiho

    Alright, I’m just gonna vent all my hatred out right now. Why the hell is freaking ZEUS and ISAAC CLARKE in 3rd party allstars: Sellout Royale. I mean like really? A second character from God of War? He’s not even playable man. Its just a promotion for the upcoming game and now a good choice at all. I don’t think I even need to talk about Isaac Clarke. That is just plain stupid. Him and Big Daddy. They have so many other games that are actually allstars for the playstation. On some real thoughts, I’d rather take a car from Gran Turismo than Zeus or Isaac Clarke. They have so many RPG characters they could use and a lot of other games.. They cancel Abe and then add these two dorks in.I was literally thinking about deleting the game of my Ps3. I’m so glad I got this for free man.

  • MosquitoLemon

    Watched the Angry Joe review of Revengeance with my friend, I like this guy the more of his stuff I watch. Can’t wait to play that game, though I’ll have to wait a while to get a copy, I’ve been on a game binge lately.

    I’m a little disappointed with how crowded Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is compared to 2, but there is enough extra content to make up for it (mostly…)

  • zakou

    I have a question about Street Fighter X Tekken. What is the best version? I heard that there are 12 new DLC characters but are they included in the Special Edition?

    Do you have to buy all the 12 characters from the DLC? Or wait for a new version to be released with all DLC characters? I need a PS3 version.

    • Kobracon

      There doesn’t seem to be a version with all the extra characters, but what I did was wait for a combo package with the Vita and the PS3 version of the game. It has the price of a single game but you get the PS3 disc and the Vita game as well as a code for the PS3 version to get alternate costumes as well as the 12 additional characters,

      To me, this was the best version since I have a Vita.

      • zakou

        I buy the VIta version and it will contains the PS3 disc? I’ll search on amazon, thanks a bunch!

        Edit: Can’t find it, link please?

        Edit 2: Ohh I guess I fully understand now xD you mean like buy both PS3 and Vita versions and use the codes on Vita to download characters for PS3, it sounds very expensive :3 I mean the PS3 version is cheap but the vita version is expensive so the DLC itself may cost less than to buy the vita version, i would have to do some math lol.

        • Kobracon

          Nono It was a box set that containts both the PS3 AND the Vita version. I just happened to find it at a local game shop so I don’t have any links for you :/

  • i get da feelin’ Cartoon Network iz da EA o’ Television.

  • Raiyu

    So I decided to start learning Japanese after putting it off for so long. Been wanting to learn since there a bunch of Japanese only games I want to play (SRW, I’m looking at you)

    I’ve only learned half the katakana but I feel pretty accomplished. It’s a small step to something bigger. Thankfully I’m on spring break now so I have a week to learn my katakana and hiragana.

    • Kobracon

      I’m a little ahead of you, dude ^_^. On the grammar end and learning as much Kanji as I can along the way. Keep it up and one day we may be able to fully comprehend a story of an SRW game… day….

      • Raiyu

        We’ll get there man, I’m sure we will get there! :D

    • MosquitoLemon

      If you have the resources, a good way to learn is to get a manga with furigana (something from shonen jump or an actual shonen jump magazine) and sound out all the kana. This way you’ll learn the kana as well as get a feel for sentence structure (and maybe some kanji that appear over and over). Japanese has a really obtuse writing system, but it’s pretty versatile once you get the hang of it.

      • Raiyu

        Yeah thats what I was going to do. It was recommended that I play a game I’ve already played or read something I’ve already read to get a better understanding of it and get use to it. I plan on doing that after I finish my hiragana and study my grammar and kanji.

  • z_merquise

    This is really an interesting read with Hideo Kojima about Metal Gear Rising and some bits of Metal Gear Ground Zeroes:

    I’m really thankful for developers like Hideo Kojima who really understands game development and that outsourcing a game is not just randomly picking a studio that’s happen to be available without any clear understanding of that external studio’s strength.

    I really think handing the development of Metal Gear Rising to Platinum Games really makes sense. I mean, if their aim is a fast-paced action game starring a cyborg wielding a high-tech katana, a developer like Platinum is a perfect fit.

    So what game or IP you think would fit well when outsourced to another game developer?

    • Panda_castro

      I think platinum would make a better ZOE3 then konami. Just get kojima to write the story and the fox engine.

  • LordKaiser

    Where’s Phantasy Star Online 2? I’m still waiting.

    Sega’s Boycott could do serious harm. They should had left Shiny Force fans alone.

  • ShinAsura

    Anyone who’s getting Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Shojoutachi no Shomei want to play mp via PSN?

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      Yes… I meant to reply to your initial response in the Shinovi Versus article :p my PSN is Fruit-Salad24 so you can add me.

      • ShinAsura(新阿修羅)

        Ok cool ^ ^ I’ll add ya when I get home

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      I’d have loved to, but unfortunately that stupid online pass prevents me from playing online =(

  • LordKaiser
  • Anyone remember that Prey 2 countdown website?

    The timer finished to reveal that it was apparently a fan made website.

    Via Joystiq –

    The “Alien Noire website counting down to a Prey 2 reveal has concluded with a fan site that’s apparently designed to host a petition to finish the game. Despite featuring logos for Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios, Prey 2’s publisher and developer, respectively, the studios aren’t involved in the site.

    “It appears to be a fan site. We have nothing to do with that site,” Bethesda’s VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines said.

    Hines previously told us, “I don’t know what that is or who is doing it. It’s not something we’re doing.”

    I’m kinda disappointed. I was hoping it would reveal a new trailer. or the release date for the game. I suppose the development of Prey 2 is still very much in limbo.

    The fans responsible for making the website offer a petition to sign. I would suggest signing it, I did.

  • LordKaiser

    About the screenshot of the thread. I think that the next Assassin Creed will be on the old wild west or something like that.


    Never mind, I was wrong.. It’s about pirates.

  • PrinceHeir

    OH MY OH MY!!!!!!

    They’re selling Devil Summoner 1 for $$27.97 on amazon!!!!!

    must be a reprint, just like how Megaman Collection was reprinted :)

    Quick Buys is a trusted seller since i bought alot of PS2 games from them.(bought God Hand Black label from them)

    only sucks about them is shipping cost $7 O___O

    gonna get this now!!!

    • new_tradition

      I heard the controls were iffy in the first game. I only played the second one, so I wonder if I could handle going backwards, game play wise. Do wanna play the story though…

      • PrinceHeir

        hmm is that so?

        i have the 2nd game as well, heard the first one is not real time battle system like the 2nd game.

        can’t wait for my copy to arrive though ^^

  • Anyone else I still need to add on PSN? You can also add me.

    (My PSN) = slash789

    • Add me please?
      PSN is just Azuardo

      • Sure thing. =)

    • My PSN is ryoonz
      Feel free to add me guys :D

  • 22 hours into Tales of the Abyss now (halfway I believe), and just really haven’t been feeling it with this game :/ People say it picks up after halfway so I’m hoping it’s gonna kick up a gear now, but if I have to wait 20 hours for a game to get interesting then that’s not very appealing :/

    It’s one of the last few games in my backlog, though, so gonna see it through, hopefully before Dead or Alive 5 hits PS Plus Europe on Wednesday! Looking forward to finally playing that. Then just need to get Sly Cooper 3 and Banjo Tooie done. Not sure whether to do Agarest 2 before Xenoblade or not, but will see how things go. Will be a huge weight off my mind once I’m done with these games!

  • DesmaX

    Great, now I want a SlayStation.
    Oh well, at least I still have the PSP Prinny game. Really hard game, by the way

  • DrForbidden

    Man, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is awesome. I’ve only been playing about half a day and I haven’t figured out all the menus yet, but it’s a hella fun game.

  • Beaten Ni no Kuni. Love every moment in this game. I hope Level-5 make a sequel for it, heck just make a single player console JRPG!

  • PrinceHeir

    what happened to Puppeteer PS3!?!?!!

    i want this game!!!

    plus it’s from SCEJ!

  • ShinAsura(新阿修羅)

    My PS3 slim 1’s hard drive died, no biggie though cause I have the cloud saving.

    I was playing Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and an officer sent me a message to join then all of a sudden the game just slowed down, the system wasn’t locked cause I could still access the PS3 menu. After I turned off the system and on again I received the lovely YOUR SYSTEM HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND HAS TO BE REBUILT, I was able to get in and upload the save from DW7E that I had just played cause I was worried about that one. Before I replaced the drive I tried to access it again and nothing, it bootup but wouldn’t even log me into PSN.

    I gotta say that the process for replacing the hard drive on the Slim 1 is streamline, it’s so much easier than the phatty. I remember stripping the screw on my phatty though but this time it easy easy peasy.

    I picked up a 1TB drive from Best Buy and price matched it via Amazon, saved about $10 after tax.

    • PrinceHeir

      RIP old HDD :(

      i’ve been meaning to replace my first slim PS3(with the one with the Blue lights indicating there’s a disc, still alive as ever!)

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      Yea, it’s fairly simple by now. Replaced my 250gigs model with a 750GB one. Still got 130GB free ^^

  • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

    Hi guys, just received my copy of Senran Kagura and I must wholeheartedly recommend the shop I purchased it from.
    They sent it on release day (02/28) and it arrived just now. As they noted the value as 2400 Yen I had no issues with German customs (usually they want money if the value exceeds 26€ ^^) and I even received the pre-order bonus despite it not having been noted on the product page.

    The shop’s prices are comparable to’s (which is the cheapest Japanese online shop ever) and by choosing EMS the package arrives quickly (usually 5 days to Germany) and safely. Delivery fees are around 2000 Yen, but it’s more than worth it.

    I’m talking about – they fucking rock!

    • Those are some sexy prices, thanks for the link. I don’t import much because I’m a cheap ass (gamer, but not of the godly CheapyD status), but I might get some stuff from this site. I sent you an e-mail, Roku. Check it when you get the chance. ;D

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

        Well, to be fair it’s fairly cheap to import Japanese games if you’re European The exchange rate Yen-€ is quite favorable right now. As an American it’s quite different, I assume ^^
        I usually get games that are unlikely to get localized or if I can’t bear the English VAs (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1+2 being a case in point).

        Replied to your mail already ;)

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      That’s where I got mine from :) Will return to that site!

  • So here’s what I’ve been up to all day.

    Scroll down to the footer to see what I mean. Return afterward and continue reading the next paragraph.

    The 2013 design for Ripten, which my buddy Chad runs, just went live today. The new look’s been several months in the making. It was almost done a while back, but it was put off for more important matters. But it’s finally up, and not to toot my own horn, but I think it looks and functions pretty damn good!

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      nice, I like what I see =)

  • Yesterday I platinum’d Ni no Kuni. Can’t really use any more word to
    praise this game. Hope there will be a sequel or prequel for the game,
    heck I just want Level-5 to make console JRPG that aren’t MMO like WKC.

    And I started playing Resident Evil 6 and just finished Leon campaign. It’s
    fun but I don’t like the final boss fight. And Derek c. Simmons, what
    an interesting character. Don’t you think he looks like someone from
    Sony? Andrew House? The resemblance is uncanny.–008.jpg