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Namco Bandai announces Disney Magic Castle for 3DS
posted on 03.07.13 at 08:33 AM EST by (@salromano)
Fish with Donald Duck in the Disney world of magic.

Namco Bandai Japan and Disney are collaborating for a new 3DS game called Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life.

The game begins with the arrival of an invitation from Mickey Mouse himself, who asks players to become the owner of a cafe in the world of dreams and magic. Players can decorate the cafe, customize their own character with over 1000 Disney items, meet over 80 Disney characters, and enjoy activities such as fishing and using magic to hunt monsters. Many different fields are being prepared.

The game is due out for 3DS on July 11 in Japan for 5,480 yen. A special edition 3DS XL bundle will be available for 24,380 yen.

Watch the debut trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Dean Winchester

    Oh man I would kill for that special edition XL.
    Love white systems and I love Disney even more. Seeing Magic Kingdom through my 7 year olds eyes is truly magical.

    Bring this stateside Ninty. Day 1 Purchase.

    • Dean Winchester

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      • Alos88

        Wow, that wasn’t an overreaction at all.

      • That’s my last nerve.

        • Skeletor

          Wow. You guys have been droppin that banhammer lately.

          I can see why Dean was upset. Who downvotes a purely positive comment about the subject at hand and his child?

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          Oh well. This site is heavily policed. He should just keep his opinions to himself like I tend to do.

          • Alos88

            He went completely nuts over a single downvote. He wasn’t even just angry, he was downright offensive to whoever did it.

            • Skeletor

              completely nuts is a bit of an overstatement though.
              He maybe couldve toned down the language a bit but I would thank F bombs are acceptable on this site as I have seen another mod, Faithless Mr., use them many times.

              (as a rare poster but long time lyrker of this site you start to notice things)

              Dean could be abrasive yes but he seemed to back up the things he said with valid points mostof the time.

              Not that I truly care he was banned. Its just the swiftness with the decision to ban him instead of trying to see why this particular instance was so upsetting to him seems a little harsh.
              Trying to build a community but banning some of the most active members of that community for petty issues seems counter productive to me.
              Then again I should probably stop talking about it so I dont get banned myself :(

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                • zakou

                  Aww and i just met him today and he is already dead :3

                  • PrinceHeir

                    Omae wo mou Shindeiru!!

                • PrinceHeir

                  eh i think Sal made the right choice.

                  he just doesn’t ban anyone outright like that.

                  i can see how Dean can be aggressive at times.

                  im sure Sal didn’t take the decision so lightly.

                  also i don’t like bans(no matter who you are), but sometimes it needs to be done.

      • Budgiecat

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  • Heistt


    • It looks really cool, actually. :D

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      Cause kids love Disney. I would get this for my niece actually if it came here , I bet she would love it :)

  • tubers

    With this 3DS is gonna grab more and more market share.

    Have mercy on the VITA! Pokemon is more than enough for 2013 xD

    • Elvick

      Pointless Vita trashing. Can’t have a 3DS article without it. smh

      • HeatPhoenix

        He ain’t wrong though. I need a gif of Reggie punching Kaz in the face.

        • Elvick

          Or you could get a life.

          • HeatPhoenix

            Cool ad hominem bro.

    • weyou

      The only thing Disney brand can do better on Vita than 3DS is Kingdom Hearts. We haven’t seen it yet.

  • Hinataharem

    I could get behind this!