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Mojang ‘will consider’ Minecraft for PlayStation
posted on 03.06.13 at 11:29 PM EST by (@salromano)
But a Wii U version is "very unlikely," says mobile lead designer.

Mojang ‘will consider’ releasing Minecraft for PlayStation after its timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft for the Xbox LIVE Arcade version comes to a close, the studio’s Jen Bergensten has said. 

“Microsoft has an exclusivity deal for consoles,” said Bergensten, who is lead designer of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, told iGamer (via Edge). ”When it runs out we’ll consider Minecraft for PlayStation, but Wii U is very unlikely.”

Minecraft made its Xbox 360 console debut in May last year.

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  • MrRobbyM

    Wii U unlikely? I get it but that second screen would do wonders. But of course nothing beats the PC version.

    • How would it do wonders? I’m curious about what ideas you have.

      All I could imagine would be using it for menus, but I don’t like that idea anyway, since looking down away from the screen for menus is no better than having them pop up on the screen, at least in my opinion.

      Did you have something different in mind?

      • MrRobbyM

        It’s pretty much just that. Displaying everything or most of the menus on the controller.

        • Sounds annoying switching your view between the TV and controller…

          I was thinking co-op gameplay on controllers(Good for family time)…. That is if the WiiU can handle four tablet controllers at once….

          • Elvick

            That’d be more interesting than just using it as an inventory setup.

          • MrRobbyM

            Well the crafting and just about every menu takes takes up a decent amount of space on the screen so having it just a press away right in front of you would be a bit easier imo.

            Co-op gameplay would be great.

          • No more annoying that switching your view from the KEYBOARD TO THE MONITOR when playing on PC. I’ve seen people playing Minecraft. They tend to look at their keyboard quit often. Especially kids, who are the ones that play it more.

            Besides, by having all that info on the Gamepad instead of the TV screen, you free up precious real estate and you can work better with nothing blocking your view on the TV.

          • The Wii U can only handle two at once, as I understand it.

  • DesmaX

    I do like Terraria more, but this could be cool. Even though this game works way better with mouse + keyboard

    • MrRobbyM

      I like Terarria more too but they really aren’t all that similar. Terarria is more about boss fights and getting the next best equips and Minecraft is much more open ended.

  • PrinceHeir

    im okay with this :D

  • DarthBrian

    for PS4 I’d wager.

  • xMCXx

    Eh, this game only works for me on PC.
    Because of texture mods and so on.

    • zakou

      PS4 might support mods, so there is still hope for you.

  • Bloodios

    Assuming that they are going to release the game on a PlayStation home console, I sincerely hope that they are going to include the keyboard and mouse support. There isn’t enough (read: hardly any) titles that support the feature.

  • zakou

    Ah i remeber talking to a friend and tons of other people who defended this developer and said: They are very good developers.

    To that i said: Then why don’t they release minecraft for PS since 360/smartphones and PC has it.

    And to that everyone said: PS3 Java works differently, that’s why they can’t release minecraft for it!

    Seems like i was right, it was about the money, it is always about the money, by a good developers i meant someone who wants their game to be played by everyone, i mean if you release the game for pc/360 and smartphones then heck why not PS3 with it’s 50M userbase? Or is it more than 50M already.

    Mojang if you are reading this, **** *** :p and i won’t support you even if the game is for free with ads. Or like 1 dollar for no ads.

    • Dean Winchester

      Try around 75+ million userbase.

      In fact a quick google search shows that the PS3 has out “sold” the 360 worldwide as of Dec 2012 77 million units to 76 million units. And they did it with a year less time on the market and all the media hate anyone could muster.

      In the last few months that gap has surely widened.

      And inB4LoLVGShartz.

      • zakou

        Doesn’t matter, Playstation was always better, telling others is a waste of time since not everyone is a real hardcore gamer, sure PS has move but it so did the PS2 have PS Eye.

        Truth remaining is that Playstation focuses on the majority of genres, hardcore gaming and vast range of amazing exclusives. With Playstation Move being just a simple “optional extra for fun” rather than “sacrafice hardcore games” in order to push the gimick marketing of motion controlls *looks at kinect*

        Media is shit, a fine example is NieR over-shadowed by media for it’s graphics and lack of online. Yet it’s one of the best single player, story telling, epic soundtrack with amazing characters rpg game made this gen,

        • Dean Winchester

          I agree the media is complete shit.
          So sick of it. Even now in Xbox’s 2nd straight year of NO games the media still pretends that the system even has a right to exist. Its a damn joke. A gaming console who’s top priority is anything BUT games.
          Blows my mind how this is acceptable.

          With games like Resistance, Heavenly Sword MGS4, Uncharted and Motorstorm the media branded the PS3 as having “No Games” and yet in its 8th year on the market with nothing but a Gears prequel on the table the media still treats the 3-shitty as its darling.

          Meanwhile Colin Moriarty at IGN just put up an article about the “20 PS3 exclusives of 2013”!

          20! Thats nearly two a month!

          Besides those 20 exclusives (half of which are JRPG’s my favorite genre and a genre that hasnt existed on 360 since 2009) we get all the multiplats as well.
          Amazing games like God of war, Ni No Kuni, Last of us, Tales of Xillia, Beyond, and many many more supplemented by amazing 3rd party games like Tomb Raider, Bioshock, DMC etc.
          Some asstards will argue the xbox is great b/c of “superior 3rd party multiplat games” which makes ZERO sense.

          The exclusives set the systems apart and make each worth owning. Multiplats are MULTIPLATFORM.

          Anyway, saying that 3rd party games are far better than exclusives only makes sense if the only exclusives one plays are xbox exclusives.
          I’d be sick of Forza/Fable/Halo and Gears too if thats all I ever got to play.

          Luckily with PS3 as my main I can barely keep up with the fantastic exclusives and multiplats at the same time. Good problem to have as a gamer.

          • EspadaKiller

            I totally agree with you. My 360 has been collecting dust ever since Halo 4 and that game just disappoints me.

            While the PS3 has many games that I would buy this year, the only 360 game that I would purchase this year would be Gears of War; Judgement. That’s it. And in the year of 2012 I only bought Halo 4. So it’s 1 game per year that I will be buying for my 360. What a joke.

            • Dean Winchester

              Hear hear.

              People call me a Sony fanboy and think thats the reason I despise MS.

              Its no different than the typical liberal gut reaction to someone who despises Obama and calling them a racist.

              No no. I despise Obama, not b/c he is a black man. I hate Biden just as much. I despise Obama b/c his garbage policies and his out of control spending and his media fueled class warfare.

              I despise MS due to anti consumer policies and practices, SHIT hardware (5 Rrod’s personally) and their severe lack of compelling exclusive games.

              You know, reasons a real gamer would have problems with.

              I love fantastic games. Sony happens to be the one major company bringing famtastic games to their console.
              Following said games leads to Sony platforms. If that makes me a Sony fanboy then so be it.
              At least I’ll be playing games while the xchums flail around their frat house or moms basement looking like theyre having an arachnoleptic fit.

              (thats thedance one does after walking into a spiderweb. Or, when having nothing to play but Kinect trash)

              Its just shameful so many prople and media outlets support MS when they bring absolutely nothing to the medium.

              • Just to clarify, liberals call tin-foil hat-wearing wingnuts like you DUMB, not racists. That’s because your dislike for Obama is based on inane crap courtesy of what Fox News and hate radio had fed you on a daily basis. I mean, the stuff you spewed here is word for word the same typical manure you hear Limbaugh dishing out every day since before 2008.

                Anyway, you sound a bit butthurt about MS being the current leader wordlwide.

          • zakou

            Good read, but ever since the year 2011 I think everyone acknowledged that the PS3 is a better system that has not only more but better games overall.

            My point is that there is no use talking about it today, it is as obvious as a clear sky

            The funny and true part is when you said that you can baerly keep up with the exclusives, lol if you add multiplats to those exclusive then it actually becomes a problem, no joke, there are toooo many games!

    • rockman29

      they had an exclusivity agreement with MS at first that stopped them from putting it on PS, but not from putting it on phones

      they probably had financial benefits

      when thats over they can release on other platforms and get more money

  • Dean Winchester

    You can keep it Bergensten.
    This is one Playstation gamer who is not interested.

  • GaySkull

    Nephews will be very happy!
    I hope the contract runs out soon.

  • Elvick

    That’s nice I suppose. I have no interest in Minecraft to be honest. However, I know tons of people want it on PlayStation.

    Just a shame the developer is so greedy. Timed exclusives are so pointless, but hey MS loves to throw money out for them and developers seem to love to take them up on it.

    I hope they do a Vita version. Given how popular the (from what I’ve heard) terrible mobile version is, then a Vita version should sell a lot.

    I don’t know if Sony would want to work with them to make patches easier, or do any of their over the top support like allowing Steam Works in Portal 2, or Dust 514 stuff, and stuff like that. Given that they shit on PS to take money from MS.

  • YangTerlupakan

    i wonder why mojang say wii u version is imposible?