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Kamen Rider: Battride War premium sound edition songs listed
posted on 03.15.13 at 12:31 PM EST by (@salromano)
All 30 songs included in the PlayStation 3 special edition.

Namco Bandai has announced all 30 songs included in the “Premium TV Sound Edition” of its upcoming Kamen Rider: Battride War for PlayStation 3, due out in Japan on May 23.

Kamen Rider Kuuga
“Kamen Rider Kuuga!” by Matsuyaki Tanaka
“Senshi” by Toshihiko Sahashi

Kamen Rider Agito
“Kamen Rider Agito” by Shinichi Ishihara
“Deep Breath” by Rider Chips feat. Rolly

Kamen Rider Ryuki
“Alive A Life” by Rika Matsumoto
“Hatenaki Kibou” by Hiroshi Chatan

Kamen Rider 555
“Justiφ’s” by ISSA
“The People With No Name” by Rider Chips feat. m.c.A・T

Kamen Rider Blade
“Round Zero~Blade Brae” by Nanase Aikawa
“Elements” by Rider Chips feat. Ricky

Kamen Rider Hibiki
“Kagayaki” by Toshihiko Sahashi
“Shounen Yo” by Akira Fuse

Kamen Rider Kabuto
“Next Level” by Yu-ki (TRF)
“Full Force” by Rider Chips

Kamen Rider Den-O
“Climax Jump” by AAA Den-O Form
“Double-Action” by Ryotaro Nogami and momotaros

Kamen Rider Kiva
“Break the Chain” by Tourbillon
“Supernova” by Tetra-Fang

Kamen Rider Decade
“Journey Through the Decade” by Gackt
“Decade” by Shouhei Naruse and Koutarou Nakagawa
“Ride the Wind” by Tsukasa Kadoya

Kamen Rider W
“W-B-X- ~W-Boiled Extreme~” by Aya Kimaki with Takuya
“Extreme Dream” by Labor Day

Kamen Rider OOO
“Anything Goes” by Maki Ooguro
“Time Judged All” by Eiji Hino x Ankh

Kamen Rider Fourze
“Switch On!” by Anna Tsuchiya
“Endless Play” by Astronauts feat. Shina

Kamen Rider Wizard
“Life is Show Time” by Shou Kiryuuin from Golden Bomber
“Just the Beginning” by Kamen Rider Girls
“Beastbite” by Rider Chips

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  • Revorse

    I already own a vast majority of those songs. doesn’t seem to necessary to buy this version.

    • Budgiecat

      What about Kamen Rider masks off eBay?

      • Revorse

        No. I don’t collect anything.

    • OverlordZetta

      I think it’s more so you can have them play in the actual game – I doubt it’ll be music enabled.

      • Revorse

        Yeah, I thought about that. But I’d probably just make a playlist on my phone or something. It’s a cool extra for those who choose to use it however.

  • OverlordZetta

    I have to say, they picked a pretty good selection. And Shounen Yo? Really? EXCELLENT taste, I have to say.

  • PrinceHeir

    now this is a soundtrack :)