Gundam Breaker third trailer - Gematsu
Gundam Breaker third trailer
posted on 03.22.13 at 09:16 AM EST by (@salromano)
Namco Bandai headquarters is crushed!

Namco Bandai has released the third trailer for Gundam Breaker, its upcoming Crafts & Meister-developed PlayStation 3 and PS Vita plastic Gundam model fighting game. A PlayStation 3 release is set for June 27 in Japan. A beta is currently available on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Watch the trailer below.

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  • OctoWhopper

    What do you think are the chances of this coming west?

  • I played the demo, the gameplay mechanics are solid. This should receive good review scores

  • HeatPhoenix

    The game feels very sterile, not sure I’d get this for 8k yen.

  • I’m not sure but I think he said there is going to be cross buy with the ps3/vita version. I wish I could know for sure. I don’t speak JP.

  • Fango

    played ps3 demo, thought it was boring

    • Aldridge517

      That’s sad to hear. At least they got the customization right.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Way better than Dynasty Warriors Gundam

  • PrinceHeir

    looks ace :D


  • Prodigy-X

    I wish they would bring this to America.