EA confirms Battlefield 4 reveal for March 26 - Gematsu
EA confirms Battlefield 4 reveal for March 26
posted on 03.15.13 at 03:05 PM EST by (@salromano)
"A new era of Battlefield" set for GDC.

What begun as a teaser invitation is now confirmed. Electronic Arts and DICE will unveil Battlefield 4, “a new era of Battlefield,” at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 26, they have confirmed.

Additionally, images of what appears to be game’s box art have surfaced on Kotaku. It’s blue-grayish, orange, and features a soldier running in the rain.

Thanks, Polygon.

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  • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

    Ever since EA announced every future game will have some sort of micro transaction built in it makes me not want to play their games anymore.

    Was reaaaaaaallly looking forward to Dragon Age 3 but the entire gimmeh moar money kills my spirit

    • Skerj

      The Witcher 3 welcomes you with the open arms of a busty woman.

    • None of those micro transactions effect the game in any way. I don’t get you people.

  • PS4 or PS3, that’s the question. As it’s most likely releasing 2 weeks prior to MW4 I assume it’ll be a PS3 title.

    • rockman29

      Probably both.

      • would’ve been my guess as well, but releasing two different SKUs at two different times does not sound very EA-like. but then again, they are releasing WiiU SKUs of select games independently at a later date, too (ME 3 and NFS:Most wanted come to mind).
        Would be a nice (visual) benchmark for PS4 running FB 2 at 1080p and at least high-settings (that’s what I’m expecting).

    • Definitely on both systems. Battlefield 3 got a lot of attention because of its graphics. I am sure they plan on showcasing what it can do on consoles on the PS4 and next Xbox system.

  • shogunknight


  • Prodigy-X

    Hold up as much as I’m happy. I have a couple of demands.

    1. 64 Player Support on Next Gen Consoles

    2. Co-op integrated in the campaign

    3. Bring back more destruction (Like BC 2)

    4. Bigger maps with more diversity

    5. More modes

  • Bucketdeft

    Im late for BF but definitely going to try this one

  • Zohar127

    Pumped for this. I never delved into the expansions for BF3 but I’ve got about 250 hours into the vanilla maps.

    I really hope they change the sun glare, lens flare, fog/dust and crazy colored filters though. Some maps were downright unplayable for me because of this issue. Caspian Border comes to mind. I couldn’t see SHIT on that map. Something to do with all of the shadowed areas being super dark and still having massive sun glare. Made it a real pain in the ass.

  • DesmaX

    Guise, the trailer just leaked on youtube!

    … Ok, sorry. I know this is old, but this gives me a laugh every time