Drakengard 3 high-res screenshots, artwork
posted on 03.14.13 at 10:11 PM EDT by (@salromano)
See Access Games' PlayStation 3 RPG sequel in 720p.

Drakengard 3

Following our first low-res look (640×360, boo!) at Drakengard 3, Square Enix has released the same screenshots, and some new artwork, of its Access Games-developed PlayStation 3 RPG sequel today, this time in 720p high-resolution.

View the images at the gallery.

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  • MrRobbyM

    If I did’t know this was Drakengard 3, I’d think these screens were Nier 2. That is some Nier ass lookin’ game.

    • ddsfan2

      Indeed, I’m down for a Nier type game any day of the week. I don’t know for sure if Access has in their staff former Cavia developers, but I’d wager that they do.

  • DrForbidden

    Sigh. This doesn’t really improve things, SE.

    On another note, after seeing the shots in high-res, I’m now quite convinced that these screenshots are of unfinished work or beta version of the game. Better quality is on the horizon (at least I hope it is).

    But seriously though, SE. These are not the kind of stuff you show the public to promote your products…

    Almost gave me a heart attack yesterday…

  • Bloodios

    Perhaps someone who is fluent in Japanese should contact Access Games and tell them that if they aren’t going to be utilizing those SPUs for complex physics calculation then please run MLAA on those cores instead. I find the Japanese developers’ lack of support for MLAA a bit disturbing, especially when one decides to have a game like this running with no AA (lo-res textures with lo-poly enemies sinking through solid ground!? This is even worse than Dynasty Warriors’ clone army.)

  • Budgiecat

    No wonder this came out of nowhere

    This is another “Mindjack” for S-E… (I.E, a game they’ll publish but won’t exactly be too proud of)

  • While I’m not impressed with this game’s visual, I’m curios at every informations concerning this title.

  • PrinceHeir

    i was hoping Square Enix would at least help at the engine of the game.

    then again i don’t mind, plan on buying Deadly Premonition next month so i can take this ^^

    • DrForbidden

      I think DPDC actually looks pretty decent graphically. Access retextured a lot of stuff. You can find some screenshots on their newly-opened website.

  • Mar Mar

    What’s with the pixelated blood on the first screenshot? I thought it was a cloth texture.

  • The Grafik style look like Nier, i hope Square Enix Release this Game in the West too.

  • Elvick

    Honestly, with how it looks, I’d rather play it on Vita. Can’t imagine the game will do anything else that would make it impossible to run on Vita.

    *sigh* Oh well. I want to see a gameplay video. I think they should have started with a trailer, not screenshots.

  • zakou

    Can’t wait! This game looks like NieR :3 day one.

    • Bloodios

      You mean the style or quality of the graphics as a whole? Because in all honesty, I thought Nier’s graphics looked at least twice as good, because it actually looks like a current-gen game (albeit looking like one that were made during the earliest days of the this gen), while this game just look like someone trying to emulate a PS2 game on a low-specs PC. I personally would also buy the game on at launch for different reasons but man, that graphics is horrible.

      • zakou

        Well we have seen not enough to judge, we have also not seen it in action/gameplay motion.

        After playing Drakengard 1, 2 and NieR, this game has that familiar style to it, is the graphic quality worse than NieR? We can’t judge yet however it is almost impossible to predic that the graphic quality will be worse than NieR, it can be the same or better but not worse.

        It is mostly developed by the same people who made DG and NieR games so i don’t really care about the graphic quality but im all for the style from these guys, they made one of the best game this gen “NieR” and we have different opinions but i thought that NieR really looked bad in terms of quality for a game in this gen.

        Graphical quality means not much to me as NieR looked really bad compared to many rpgs this gen yet it is one of my top 5 games this gen, and some rpgs this gen showed pure quality in terms of graphics: FFXIII/XIII-2, The Witcher 2 and others.

        Sure it looks bad but for me it doesn’t really mean anything as i take story/characters/ost/style-art over high res – top quality graphics.

  • margherita mastropaolo