Danganronpa PS Vita teased at Dengeki Game Festival - Gematsu
Danganronpa PS Vita teased at Dengeki Game Festival
posted on 03.16.13 at 11:02 PM EST by (@salromano)
Hajime, Nagito, Chiaki, and Mono Bear play with their PlayStation Vitas.

Last month, a Sony Japan live stream teased a new Danganronpa game for PlayStation Vita. At the Dengeki Game Festival in Akihabara today, the tease continues.

Within the pages of the Dengeki PlayStation Awards 2012 Memorial Visual Book, available to purchase at the festival for 2,000 yen, there is a spread featuring Super Danganronpa 2‘s Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komaeda, Chiaki Nanami, and Mono Bear, each playing a PS Vita.

It might not the Danganronpa PS Vita announcement you’ve been waiting for, but it’s certainly one step closer.

Thanks, @hon_simeji (via My Game News Flash).

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  • PrinceHeir

    love the art :)

    pretty cool everyone in the pic and the bear is holding a Vita :)

  • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

    Nice marketing strategy

    • Kurisu Makise

      I agree it was well played. I hope that when things become official, it’ll usher in even more titles like it and likewise for them to get localized! I’m so excited right now, give it to be Spike Chunsoft, giiive it to meee~

  • jujubee88

    Dude, look at what’s going on in that picture!

    This is insane! O.o

  • Bloodios

    This world is such a farce! While pedobear roams freely around the Earth like its own backyard, Mono Bear is confined within the Japanese soil, bound tightly by the Japanese language…

    • tubers

      Sex always “sells”.. although with Pedobear, it’s in a different context :P

    • jujubee88

      That’s not the only thing bound tightly.

      Look at that poor pink girl bear in the back! The horror!!! O+++O

      • MONOOOOMIIIIIIIII!!!!! Tht poor *bunny*! I always feel bad watching her gettng hit by Monobear :(

  • I never thought this would turn into a franchise after playing the first one, but I’m glad to see it has made it this far. Just one more reason for me to enjoy having a Vita, heh.

  • Oh, the sweet tears of Vita developer support won’t stop coming.

    • Adol Christian

      finally ;)

  • this picture makes me so sad whenever i see ppl talkin about it they always ignore nanami >:() fucking komahina