Conception II debut screenshots - Gematsu
Conception II debut screenshots
posted on 03.08.13 at 07:47 AM EST by (@salromano)
Congratulations on your new arrival!

Spike Chunsoft has shared the debut high-res screenshots of Conception II: Guidance of Seven Stars and Muzzle’s Nightmare.

You’ll see four PlayStation Vita images and two 3DS captures.

Earlier, the publisher launched the official teaser site for the game. If you missed our detailed summary of the game’s magazine coverage this week, catch it here.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Himiko

    Pink hair/twin tails is cute.


      • Himiko

        My man!

    • tubers

      Change the hair to green/teal we get Miku :)

      • Himiko

        Didn’t even notice that!

  • weyou

    So, this is the graphics Vita can deliver. Can’t say I’m impressed.

    • Adol Christian

      Its not Uncharted, but the visual design more than makes up for it. Plus the higher resolution and bright color full OLED screen will make it stand out from the 3DS version.

      • weyou

        I mean the graphics don’t different from Conception 1 on PSP except resolution. Don’t know why it went through from one of the best looking games on PSP (Conception 1) to this kind of graphics on PS Vita. They should release it as PSP/3DS.

        • Himiko

          Budget. And I’d prefer a bigger game in content + little bump in visuals over the opposite. Which, fortunately, it claims to be bigger in content.

        • Dragon24680

          Why? Multiplatforms will show that vita is more powerful than 3ds even on low budget.
          And vita needs games.

          • almostautumn

            Vita is more powerful, but this is a title available for both platforms. As far as I’m aware, the game’s presentation is more than adequate, and I assume that if they’d tried to create two different builds, to each handheld’s unique strengths, they’d have probably just gone broke and the game wouldn’t exist at all.
            Besides, it’s the gameplay that counts, which I’m sure it’ll be just fine here as the first title was fine as is.

    • 2+2=5

      This is a multi with 3ds, what do you pretend? If you you want to see the best vita can do you need to look at (well made) exclusives or at least at (well made)multis with ps3.
      What you see is only upressed 3ds graphics(that is basically the same as the psp version)

      • weyou

        They can always do the opposite but they chose to upscale 3DS graphics for Vita version. Good luck with that Spike Chunsoft.

    • Can’t tell the difference except the 3DS version is in smaller screen size and doesn’t have that ‘anti aliasing’ feeling…

    • Budgiecat

      With many smaller Japanese developers, it doesn’t even matter these days how powerful a console is….it’s all about the budget. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s PS4 games that look like this later on…

  • tubers
  • PrinceHeir

    cute :D