Broken Age teaser trailer - Gematsu
Broken Age teaser trailer
posted on 03.28.13 at 12:00 AM EST by (@salromano)
From Double Fine and its 90,000 friends.

Double Fine Productions has released a teaser trailer for Broken Age, its upcoming Kickstarter-funded adventure game about a boy and girl leading parallel lives for PC and Ouya. Watch it below.

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  • DarthBrian

    I am one of those 90,000 friends. <3

    • hush404

      Meee tooo! :)

  • Looks beautiful :)

  • Gabriel Lage Pessoa

    New gematsu layout sucks, change it fast

    • What new layout?

    • Elvick

      Switch back to the full (desktop) site? (it’s on the bottom) I’ve been having issues with it switching me to the mobile site on my computer.

      Anyhoo, interested to see more on this game.

      • Oh! It’s switching you over the the mobile version? That’s odd, I’ll let Sal know about it.

        • Gabriel Lage Pessoa

          yes, ha

      • Gabriel Lage Pessoa

        omg thx

  • Bloodios

    The trailer sure piqued my interest, makes me curious for more. Now I am feeling jealous that this isn’t released on consoles…

    By the way, folks. The project that SEGA has been teasing turned out to be a FOOTBALL game! (Not that there is anything wrong with sport games but… I kinda expected something else…)

  • An “adventure game about a boy and girl leading parallel lives for PC and Ouya.” So meta.