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Battlefield 4 unveiled, coming this fall
posted on 03.27.13 at 04:51 AM EST by (@salromano)
Watch the 17-minute "Fishing in Baku" gameplay demo.

Electronic Arts and DICE lifted the lid on Battlefield 4 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Frostbite 3 engine-powered, “genre-defining action blockbuster” sequel, said to be “more human, dramatic and believable than anything before it,” will launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this fall.

A 17-minute gameplay demo of Battlefield 4 shows the player, a soldier named Recker, open his eyes to discover he is trapped in a fast sinking car with three of his squad mates. Shooting the window is the only way out, but there’s a chance not everyone will survive.

“Players will learn how to work together in both the Campaign and Multiplayer, issuing squad orders and comparing achievements in both experiences,” reads the press release. “Adventure and Competition will unfold through a series of beautifully crafted locations constructed with some of the best art and sound design in modern shooters.”

Consumers who pre-order Battlefield 4 at participating retailers will receive a Premium expansion pack at no additional cost. On Origin, a Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe edition including the game, bonus digital items, Premium expansion pack, and exclusive access to the multiplayer beta, is also available.

Watch the 1-minute TV spot and gameplay reveal below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

TV Spot

Gameplay Demo

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  • tubers

    Hope that ran on a next gen console. Not too impressed if that was PC footage.. or is it just the law of diminishing returns -theory.

    • Bloodios

      Nah, it’s sure as heck to be running on PC and it’s probably just an α or pre-α build, so I’m sure it’ll look better by launch day. But DICE seriously likes their FXAA + 4xMSAA edge-smoothing combo way too much, they should have considered using the more effective SMAA instead. I wish DICE would’ve given the body the same destructive treatment, since seeing walls and buildings breaking off but the hit soldier simply spill bloods, not break apart (like in Bulletstorm) is a tad odd…

    • The PC build they showed off of BF3 didn’t even look as good as this. There is no way this was console footage and that would be undermining how good it would look on PC if they did. I won’t be surprised if it gets announced for the PS4 and next Xbox system though. I am hoping so at least.

      • tubers

        You’re the 3rd guy that has mentioned this.. and sorry for being retarded as the UI said R for reload and E for Enter wtf sorry.

  • Unverified

    Here’s hoping Fall means that the game will be released on December 20, which will hopefully allow the devs the time to sort out all the potential problems that the MP may bring. I’m simply so sick of post-release patches, especially when there is whole bunch of them…

    They shoud’ve just ditch the PS3, Xbox 360 altogether and focus on making this an awesome launch title for the upcoming consoles, all the while delivering an unforgettable experience on PC with unparalleled utilization of DX11 (and perhaps DX11.1?) What is the use of showcasing a new engine if it’s just going to struggle with the limitations of current-gen consoles. There isn’t a need for time to be wasted with old, limited and overdue hardware.

    What I said above is only in regard to the multiplayer though, since COD-style single-player campaign will never attract any interest from me, no matter how big the technical achievement that might be backing it up.

  • [Guillem ]

    Very impressive but why DICE never give us Mirror’sedge 2??


  • Tetsu

    No next gen versions??

  • Random guy drives up in a car in the middle of a war zone. “You have to get out of here, it’s not safe. Also, we’re taking your car. You run.”

  • Prodigy-X

    I just jizzed all over the place.

  • LnTK

    oh shit :) , wanna the game NOW xD , seems so epic