Atelier Escha & Logy revealed for PlayStation 3
posted on 03.26.13 at 09:53 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Two protagonists, two perspectives, six-person battles.

The next Atelier game is a PlayStation 3 title starring two protagonists and running on the Dynasty Warriors engine, this week’s Dengeki PlayStation reveals. Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemist of Dusk Sky is due out on June 27 in Japan for 7,140 yen.

Escha Malier (voiced by Rie Murakawa) is our 15-year-old female protagonist. Her mother taught her the basics of alchemy, but she’s self-taught for the most part, thus not very experienced. She is described as pure-hearted, and also has a tail.

Logix Ficsario (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa) is our 18-year-old male protagonist. He wields an alchemical sword, the product of fencing and alchemy, but is not very familiar with the old alchemy used by Escha. He is described as the game’s dreamiest character.

There are other characters, too, but they’re still under wraps. From how the details are worded, it sounds like characters from Atelier Ayesha could also appear, only older. Though, we can’t be too sure.

At the start of the game, players can choose to play as Escha or Logix. Event scenes will change, point of view-wise, depending on the protagonist. Whether you’re able to change protagonists during the actual game is unknown.

Battles will feature six party members—three members in the front and three in the back—who can be freely changed during battle. The “Support System” from the previous game will return. You can align your attacks with your ally and protect them from enemy attacks.

Atelier Escha & Logy aims to build upon the themes of friendship and trust. The main story is the same between both characters, but there will be exclusive events for each. There are multiple endings, and the meaning of the word “Sky” in the title is significant. It is unknown how many years the game is set after Atelier Ayesha.

Lip syncing and eye movement features that were not able to be implemented in Atelier Ayesha will also be present. The alchemy system will be based on Atelier Ayesha, but there will be new elements based on player feedback. A guide will be included for beginners.

First-run copies of Atelier Escha & Logy will include a download code for the PS2 Classic Mana Khemia 2. A limited edition is planned for 10,290 yen, but its contents have yet to be detailed.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    “running on the Dynasty Warriors engine”


    • Just the engine. Gameplay’s obviously not DW-like.

    • Ritsujun

      DW engine could handle moe characters.

    • PrinceHeir

      actually im hoping the new enging(Shin Sangoku Musou 7/Dynasty Warriors 8)

      they’ll be using, since that engine is leap times betters than the older ones.

      love the character designs btw, who’s the artist?

      Mel Kishida(pretty much everything until Ayesha) or Hidari(Ayesha)?

      • $24431191


        • PrinceHeir


          wish Mel Kishida would do some work as well :(

          • Kurisu Makise

            Mel will do work in Arland’s continuation whenever that is. Let’s enjoy Hidari for now. I actually really like Hidari from what I’ve played of Ayesha so far.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Think of all the crap they run on the Unreal engines

  • CrystalPulse


  • More and more resemblance to Mana Khemia 2. Oh wait, I like it.

  • MrRobbyM

    Male protag? Could this be it? Can I finally get into the Atelier series after years of skepticism?

    • Skeletor

      Interesting. It appears to the great Skeletor that you dont like women.

      “oh Merman….I found you a friend”!

      • MrRobbyM

        I find it hard for me to get into games with the whole moe thing goin on. But Atelier has my interest because other than that, it looks very fun.

        • Skeletor

          “moe thing”?

          Do not try and confuse Skeletor with random acronyms!

          • MrRobbyM

            I’m sorry, Skeletor.

            • Skeletor

              As well you should be!

              Next time I may not be so merciful. You would do well to avoid facing the wrath of my Diamond Ray of Disappearance!

              • MrRobbyM

                *cowers in corner and holds up cross*

    • Ricardo Chicalé Lemes

      Atelier Iris 2 had two protagonists… one male and the other female.

      • MrRobbyM

        I mean the Atelier Alchemist games.

    • MosquitoLemon

      No really, I have no idea who these games are marketed towards. They are just really good games I guess.

      • MrRobbyM

        In the west, a very niche audience, that’s who.

        • MosquitoLemon

          People who like good games? Yeah, tell me about it.

          • MrRobbyM

            I was talking about the game being a JRPG that isn’t Final Fantasy.

  • Guest

    I wonder if Toei will port more Atelier games to Vita in the future. After I played Totori plus, I realized that I like the series better on the handheld.

  • syaznifaiq

    Just another reason why i love my beloved PS3,

  • Wackoramaco87

    Oooh, niiiice! I’m looking forward to more information about the game and its (hopefully!) Western release. Kinda curious though about Escha’s tail- unless it’s there for cosmetic reasons? Also interested to see how they change around the alchemy system!

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    This looks awesome, the Atelier games didn’t have a male lead for a while, and both characters looks really nice.

  • I take back what I said…. It’s been a while since a male protagonist appeared in an Atelier game…

    • DarthBrian

      Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~, the first Atelier game we got in the U.S., had a male protagonist.

      • solbalmung

        First Iris game didn’t get released yesterday though :|

        • MosquitoLemon

          Not to mention those aren’t really a proper Atelier games, more like spinoffs of the alchemy games

      • Tetsu

        I loved Eternal Mana :)

  • I frickin’ love the character design. So good.

  • DarthBrian

    Will we even get it? And if so, will it have dual-audio?

    Normally I wouldn’t have to answer these questions, but now I have to due to Tecmo-Koei being in charge of Gust now. >_<

  • shogunknight

    Nice twist, cant wait to see the gameplay

  • tubers

    Lip sync!?

    Uh oh..

    Guess the Western Port would need to spend more money and time on either reworking the lip sync for Eng. dub, scrap Eng. dub and just use subs or remove lip sync (and present static models/art) with Eng. dub and sub.

    Or just NOT release it to the West :P

    • DesmaX

      Or not bother with it, just like what Nisa always do

  • Ricardo Chicalé Lemes

    It feels like Atelier Iris 2 by the description above. Looking forward to it!

  • chobitsza

    I wonder when will they add EN subtitle in JP copies too.

    I’m just dreaming? okay…

  • CrystalPulse

    Excited to know more. Happy that Gust ain’t afraid to shake things up a bit.

  • o____O DW engine? Now that’s certainly a weird development, but hey the concept artwork look really good.

    Three party members in the front and three in the back? Sounds like something out of Suikoden/Neptune. That might get fun.
    The game certainly seems more elaborate than Ayesha but since Ayeshas sales were more than just poor this game might not even get a release date here.

    Mahhh!! This is nerve-wracking!! And I really hope that we will get a full fledged dub this time or at least JP dub!! *headdesk* … sorry… I’m just nerding around…

  • SprintsMcGee

    Can I preorder nowz? =D

  • MrKappa

    Only a matter of time now before we see Atelier Musou.

  • Adol Christian

    Can’t wait to play Atelier Escha & Logy Plus on my Vita :)

  • now we’re talking six party battle
    two protagonists replay thumbs up
    i see a bright future my friends XD

  • Nightcore34

    Hope they do a better job advertising this than they did with ayesha

    • Tetsu

      Lol, can’t be as bad as Totori+ on US PSN.
      Literally no marketing, no one knew about it.

      • Nightcore34

        true, i knew about the game but nothing else


    Can’t wait for this and two protagonists? wow i did not expect this i will probably play as the guy first and save the lady for last. :P

  • ゆい

    I can't wait for this.

  • ギャビン

    Looks like the best looking one to date.

  • Eclipse

    Sweet, this is going to be double the fun~!

    It’s also pretty cool that they’re adding Mana Khemia 2 to the first-run copies. I really love the Mana Khemia series, so I hope that this can attract more attention towards the games.

  • z_merquise

    For someone who only played very few RPGs (with Resonance of Fate as my
    only RPG in PS3), I found the Atelier series interesting.

    I’m planning to get Ayesha first. No dual audio is not a big deal for me but is the voice acting good?

    • Elvick

      I think the VA is fine. And if it bothers you a lot, you can turn the voices all the way down and just read like in the old days.

  • TwinBuns

    It looks like Dynasty Warriors has appeared on multiple platforms in the past. This could mean the engine switch increases the chance of it appearing on more platforms too.

    Probably not this one since they went with the usual, short, 3-4 month notice until release (unlike some companies spinning their games over 6 months before release…) and the announced PS2 bonus, and the Xbox 360 situation in Japan, and the tail end of the console life cycle… but maybe the one after this?

  • orenji

    kyaaa! this game looks very cool. Maybe sometime they will make Atelier Alchemist Musou?

  • Tetsu

    I had stated after the game’s announcement that “I wonder when there will be a male protagonist?” and lo and behold, here he is! That was a surprise lol.

    6 person battles? Suikoden!? I’m in!

    This is sounding pretty sweet!

  • Elvick

    Here’s hoping the fickle fanbase of Atelier didn’t damage the chances of getting this.

  • Zuhri69

    Finally a sword dude character. While I appreciate the bishoujos its been while since i’ve used a male character in the atelier series. Looking forward to it.

  • kairock

    the artwork is topnotch as always. but i hope the time restraint system is removed. i sold off my rorona because of that and never bought any of the others.

  • Talearc

    Sweets….. Mana Khemia Battle System is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
    But they make it like Tales of Xillia which also have 2 protagonist

    • ゆい

      They make more like Mana Khemia 2, not Tales of Xilla… :P

  • Kurisu Makise

    15 huh…All the same, since the Sky aspect of the title is important, it’d explain why she has a wing based staff (to contrast Ayesha’s flower staffs). Alchemy system and Support system from Ayesha sounds excellent. What really pleases me is the additional characters in combat. Goodness only using 3 characters felt like a huge constraint, especially when the enemy was coming in with big numbers. I’m curious if using the DW engine will help remove some minor flaws in terms of pathing and level design. Ayesha’s got quite a few hidden walls and strange environment mapping (in terms of playable/accessible space). It also and this is my biggest complaint, slows down from it’s 30fps in places.

  • Oh, they actually bothered to add lip sync for this one? :)