April Fools’ Day 2013 compilation - Gematsu
April Fools’ Day 2013 compilation
posted on 03.31.13 at 08:37 PM EST by (@salromano)
All the fake stories in one place.

It’s that time of the year again! April Fools’ Day. As we always do (well, since 2011), here are all the jokes compiled into one mega-post. We’ll update the list as new gags appear online, so be sure to keep checking.

April Fools’ Day 2012 | April Fools’ Day 2011

Added April 1 at 12:15 p.m.

  • Aaron Greenberg: “Pleased to announce I am moving to Japan to work for Sony. #sony4life ;-)”
  • Candysoft: Gunknight: Overed VS. Full Drive revealed.
  • Deus Ex: Revealing Deus Ex: Human Defiance, “the first adventures of Adam Jensen in full, glorious 8-bit.”
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Introducing the Viangaa, a new playable race and cross beteween the Viera and Bangaa.
  • FK Digital: Chaos Coe Gaiden: Kagari Ninpochou announced for PS Vita.
  • Operation RainfallThe Last Story II announced.

Added April 1 at 10:50 a.m.

  • BlizzardSupply Depot 2: A StarCraft Adventure announced for iOS.
  • Blizzard: WarHounts return to StarCraft II.
  • Capcom: Introducing Super Duper Street Fighter IV.
  • CheapShark: A Steam page replica listing Half-Life 2: Episode Three.
  • CheatCC: Microsoft announces Xbox 720.
  • Creative Uncut: 14 artworks added for Catherine 2.
  • Gmail: Introducing “Gmail Blue.” Everything in Gmail is blue.
  • GOG.com: Announcing the RetroMater 4000. Makes new games old.
  • Gridvid: Super Wii U announced (fake Nintendo Direct broadcast).
  • IGN: Apple announces iPlay video game console.
  • Katawa Shoujo Dev Blog: Katawa Shoujo 2 canned for Katawa Shoujo 3.
  • MojangMinecraft 2.0 announced. A game about combat, not building, closer to Notch’s original vision.
  • MirrorFootball Manager 1888 announced.
  • Operation RainfallCatherine 2 announced. (A sequel seems quite popular today, Atlus.)
  • PlayStation Japan: Home page updated with 2013.04.01 Newspaper, featuring all sorts of oddities.
  • Razer: Use your Razer Naga as a phone.
  • RelyOnHorror: Hideo Kojima to reboot Silent Hill series, starring David Hayter.
  • RonimoAwesomenauts: The Movie incoming.
  • Sega: Goat processing: your old favorites with updated HD 3D surround sound. Sonic will scream like a goat when he dies, for example.
  • SM128C: Ice White Nintendo 3DS system now available from Club Nintendo.
  • Swery65: Cafe Swery65 becomes Cafe Zvvory666, hosted by “the true director of Access Games, Zvorry.”
  • Universal MuseumBack to the Future: Part IV coming soon!

Added March 31 at 10:37 p.m.

  • Clockup: Man Hunter announced for P.S. Vaita. Trailer included.
  • Deus Ex: “Yes, the rumors are true: World’s first look at Deus Ex: Human Defiance TOMORROW!”
  • Gacci.jp: Shizuoka Prefecture changes name to Silent Hill Prefecture.
  • Game Donhou: Blog mascot Maxell-chan joining Hyperdimension Neptunia V as a playable character.
  • GameTrailersBatman: Arkham City “Pop Facts: 8-bit Bats in the Belfry.”
  • Google: Google Nose. Smell the internet.
  • Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box commercial.
  • GyrozetterGyrozetter x Subaru Libird car coming June 21, 2013.
  • Hangame: Valkyria Duel spin-off anime Cowlick Guardian Cosette-tan announced.
  • Hybrid Games: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance announced for PS Vita. Includes DLC, new Boss Survival Mode, and Demo Theater.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Anime: Neptune Hyper Dimension Game Machine to debut in Japan this July.
  • KH2.co.uk: Square Enix announces Project <3, also known as Kingdom Hearts III.
  • League of Legends Wikia: Name changed to “League of Draven Wiki.” Draven’s face now decorates entire website.
  • n3rdable3: Sledgehammer Games rebranded Rubber Mallet Games.
  • Nippon Ichi Software: Makai Wars OOOO announced. More details coming Friday, April 5. (At least, I think this is a joke. If not, then shame on you, NIS, for announcing a real game on April 1.)
  • Nitroplus: Konton Taisen: Thousand Confusion Wars announced for Nitoro 3DreamStation.
  • Nitroplus: Sonico Shock Infinity, a cross between Nitroplus mascot Super Sonico and BioShock Infinity, “coming 2014?”
  • SteamDB.info: Half-Life 4 shows up in Steam Registry.
  • Taito: Taito opening super-massive, 128-floor game center in Tokyo today. Open 240 (yes, 240) hours a day, seven days a week. Features bowling, karaoke, billiards, and bungie jumping.
  • Tokkurin.net: Pizza Hut x Tales of series campaign announced. Special favors include wallpapers and seiyuu autographs.
  • Type-Moon: Rojiura Satsuki Chapter Heroine Sanctuary , a Saint Seiya parody.
  • Xbox-News: Comic Xbox, a 200 yen Xbox comic magazine featuring manga likeThe Elder Scroll: Luffyrim, Call of Hoktuo: Black Ops, BioShock’s Bizarre Adventure, and Hunter x Rising.
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  • JonathanisPrimus

    Man Hunter is just cruel.

    • jujubee88

      Yeah, who made that btw? Random idiots on the web? Or was it an actual company?

  • Dark_N11
    • Awnye

      Lol! Sooooo many people on that site actually believed that rofl

  • DesmaX

    Poor Asagi…

    • iveriad

      Yeah….we will most likely hear about it getting cancelled tomorrow.
      And then back to cameo role for Asagi….

  • MosquitoLemon

    LOL, the real-life Libird. Also I really liked that NES batman game when I was a kid, hahaha.

  • xMCXx

    I like the Xbox-News one! xD

  • Eclipse

    Sonico Shock Infinity?! I’ll take ten!

    Seriously though, these are hilarious. XD

  • Guest

    Half Life 3 …. really.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Google got me good. -__-

  • Tac-Mex

    > Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance announced for PS Vita. Includes DLC, new Boss Survival Mode, and Demo Theater.

    I wish this was real

    • tubers

      It’s a cruel joke.

    • Elvick

      You’d think some site that I’ve never heard of would know better than to use the whole “Konami gives US (of all people) the exclusive story!”

      Pretty weak. May as well say it’ll be named Metal Gear Rising Boner.

  • DrForbidden

    Pssh. Terrible showing this year, developers. The last couple of years were awesome. Aside from Clockup, it appears barely anyone put in any effort this year.

  • DarthBrian

    The Neptunia and Makai Wars jokes are too cruel to be funny. T_T

    • SprintsMcGee

      I’m really hoping that the April Fools joke for Makai Wars is to make us believe that it’s an April Fools joke and that NIS is really making a Makai Wars game =/

      • HeatPhoenix

        With her in the lead?


  • JonathanisPrimus

    The JP PlayStation site got all messed up: http://www.jp.playstation.com/index.html

    They also replaced Toro with Torne’s mascot: http://www.facebook.com/toro.official

    I miss IREM’s elaborate pranks :(

  • $29082171

    Wouldn’t it be great if at least one of these was true?

    • adhesive

      Yeah, I’d kill for another ManHunter. My Vaita will finally get some use then.

  • fireemblembeast

    Wait so there is no Neptunia anime? I’m gonna cry
    EDIT: Oh is the “game machine” the joke? Phew ok I was getting scared!

  • Google Nose… Smell the internet…


    • Awnye

      Not entirely sure if I’d even WANT to smell the internet…

  • new_tradition

    Awww, I wanted to believe in Deus EX D:

  • z_merquise

    So the only new Valkyria Chronicles stuff we got is from an April Fool’s joke.


    • HassanJamal

      Double sigh.

  • Kurisu Makise

    The worst offender was KH Ultimania (Kh2.co.uk) goodness…biggest low blow ever. Ah well thanks to my negative view of Square Enix these days, I didn’t feel too much differently but boy did some KH fans feel that one.

  • MrKappa

    I’ll be staying off the internet for the rest of today.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Not a bad solution, honestly =(

    • Ritsujun

      Kappa is cute.

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    Sonico Shock Infinity <~ Love this even its not true

  • PrinceHeir

    Deus Ex Human Defiance please!!!!!

    Saint Seiya Cameo for Type Moon :D

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance announced for PS Vita. Includes DLC, new Boss Survival Mode, and Demo Theater please i want this!!!!!!

    Kingdom Hearts III lol :P


    Katawa Shoujo 3, no more 2 O__O

    damn it Nitro+!!!!!

    the character looks like Nyaruko from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san!!!

    also no Atlus, Namco, Capcom, Sega april fools :

  • Learii

    where IGN April fool

  • Alos88

    Has Deus Ex been confirmed to be a joke? It doesn’t seem like much of an April Fools prank to me.

  • judas

    i think the neptune anime is true
    its been decided since months ago

  • Elvick


    Here’s one from Ronimo. Shame too, because Awesomenauts would make for some neato movies or better yet a tv show.

  • Karl Josef

    Activition return Crash Bandcoot to NaughtyDog.

  • Awesome how everyone gets involved

  • Late wakeup today. Time to get updating this list.

  • DesmaX

    “Catherine 2 announced”, by Operation Rainfall:


  • Renzouri

    Razer put up an update that lets you use your Razer Naga as a phone… http://www.razerzone.com/naga-phone-update

  • KingNigma

    That Kingdom Hearts one was evil. Also lol’d at the Pizza Hut x Tales of Series. Reminds me of the random Pizza Hut ads all over Code Geass.

  • Sayosshie

    I think Hyperdimension Neptunia Anime is not an april fools joke. I checked the news in March 30.

    • Learii

      yep is a real anime

    • Replica

      I think the joke is about the game machine that it’s supposed to debut in July

  • DesmaX

    hahahaha, Gmail Blue is genius

    But, Sal, take off the explanation. It’s better to not spoil that

    • dmysta3000

      That looks horrifiying……I’m maining one.

  • PrinceHeir

    Catherine 2 what the hell!!

    i want that!!!

  • TroyTheBaker

    “Tales of the Tempest R” from Abyssal Chronicles. http://www.abyssalchronicles.com/?fn_mode=comments&fn_id=1077

  • Locksus

    Kojima damn you never do that to us again

    “David was always going to be in Metal Gear Solid V”, Kojima now reveals, “he did such a good job of seeming upset that I was almost convinced”

    “Still, it proves how dedicated he was to the role and his skill as an actor”

    We’re saved!

  • Here is another April Fools’ Day joke.

    Dishonored Golden Cat E3 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 3


    You should watch this, seriously, it’s quite funny. No spoilers or anything for those who have yet to play Dishonored.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    >The Last Story 2
    >Catherine 2
    I hate when they April Fool good ideas!

  • Elvick