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5pb. announces Ketsui PS3, Disorder 6
posted on 03.18.13 at 11:53 PM EST by (@salromano)
Cave shoot 'em up coming to PlayStation 3.

5pb. announced two new projects in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

The first is a PlayStation 3 port of Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi, Cave’s shoot ’em up arcade game first launched in arcades in 2003, and then on Xbox 360 in 2010. The PlayStation 3 version will launch on July 25 in Japan and cost 7,140 yen for the standard edition, and 10,290 yen for the limited edition. Read more about the game here.

The second title is a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 suspense adventure game called Disorder 6. It will feature character design by Megumi Nagahama.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • Belenger

    Ketsui? Holy, someone at Cave is going to bust a nut, guess hell really froze, first DoD3, now a Cave forgetting how Arika got destroyed years ago by Sony, boy oh boy this is a pretty fun year on gaming world.

  • PrinceHeir

    so the pic is the Ketsui SHUMP game right?

    and wow Cave game for PS3 O______O

    i thought i never!!!

    could this lead to more ports like the Cave Shooting Collection for PS3!!!!

    also 5pb is bringing it?!?!? what the X__X

    wow new adventure game that isn’t science??(Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Note)

    what is going on here!!!

    i hope Disorder 6 is like Policenauts/Snatcher style!!!

    • Kurisu Makise

      I’d kill for a game in the Policenauts/Snatcher style. Though I am pleasantly surprised by the announcement for Disorder 6. 5pb really needs to talk to someone to get their games localized. Easy money and I’m sure the scripts aren’t nearly as big as Trails in the Sky let’s say.

      • PrinceHeir

        i do hope PS4 will be friendly in ANY genre.

        be it Shoot em’ up, Beat em’ up, Sidescrollers, Adventure/Visual novel game etc.

        im sick of tired playing 3rd person shooters, and little JRPG(on consoles at least) this generation.

        even though one of my favorite 3rd person games is Uncharted series, i want some varieties on all fronts.

        heck make DJ Max, Beatmania, Guitar Freaks and revive the music genre on consoles.

        wouldn’t mind buying their peripherals at all ^^

        • Tetsu

          RPGs and Music games, now your speaking my language ^o^
          I hope RPGs are revived on ps4, i really do. i reeeeeally really do.

          • Tetsu

            *looks at psone collection* – 95% RPGs
            *looks at ps2 collection* – 70% RPGs
            *looks at ps3 collection* – 30% RPGs…-_____-

            • PrinceHeir

              man we need more .____.

            • Very true. Not to make excuses, but Japan has really been playing catch up this entire console generation. They have done much better on the portables this gen. In fact, many studios probably managed to stay afloat during this generation thanks to solid portable games.

              Sure, part of this is the preference of gamers in Japan, but a large share of the problem lies with the studios themselves. The evolution of video games in the west, the growth of online, the evolution of the hardware and software, etc.

              I think this next generation will be much better. I hope to see Japan return to form, and I think they will.

              • PrinceHeir

                i do hope they rise up with the advent of PS4 crossplay PS Vita as well as Wii U and 3DS!!!!

              • ddsfan2

                I don’t know if handhelds necessarily saved Japan, but they were really lazy about supporting home consoles this generation. The support was spread out between all three, so you really had to have them all to get the proper support whereas, a DS or PSP user alone can get a large number of compelling Japanese releases.

                I don’t care about what anyone says, but I really don’t see much of any obstacle to low budget games being on the PS3 or 360, (other than whiny reviewers complaining about graphics, or the tired cliche “why is this game 30 minutes?”) especially considering the high volume of said games coming out now on HD consoles.

                Either way, I’m fine with handhelds as a platform. I just am not nearly as happy with the specific DS/PSP RPGs as I was with PS2 RPGs, which had much better production values on average, and at least based on the games that I played, the quality and variety on PS2 was higher as well.

                Edit: I have a ton of PS3 games, and most are made by Japanese developers, but not that many are JRPGs, whereas my PS1 and PS2 collections are almost entirely JRPGs…

        • Kurisu Makise

          I share your feelings. I want every genre and all genres on the PS4 front! I miss Beat em’ up and while it was nice to get those old arcade ports and a few novel remakes (Double Dragon), I expected to see more. Also I really want to know how niche the buying base for Adventure/Visual Novels are when they keep getting released on PC. Surely, surely a quick localization of Steins;Gate and the other Science series for PSN wouldn’t be a bad investment. It’s my favourite genre after getting hooked on Ace Attorney, so I’m craving like an addict looking for a fix haha xD! Also look at Tetsu slide in for the quick comment but they’re right, the revival of the (J)RPG must commence in full. Easy architecture, no excuses. In an ideal world, every year of the PS4’s time on market would be like 2013 is shaping up. That’d be the best gen ever.

          • PrinceHeir

            well im pretty sure you can play most of the titles on PC.

            but yeah i would love a PS3 version since i feel like playing it on consoles(plus it’s not even hard to run it)

            i recommend you playing 999, Trauma series,Jake Hunter,Hotel Dusk, Laytone games etc!!

            don’t fuck this up sony!!

            • Kurisu Makise

              Oh I played Layton <3 I was desperately trying to get my hands on 999 but I failed in terms of local hunting. Didn't get to try my hand at Hotel Dusk, Jake Hunter or uh that other one by Cing with Ashley, uh Trace Memories, yeah! I think I might just walk-through 999 so I can hurry up and get to Virtues Last Reward.

              • PrinceHeir

                wow i need to play 999 hours now!!!

                also need to play Sam & Max on steam T__T

                it’s been awhile since i last played the game.

                • Kurisu Makise

                  OH yes if you can play it, do so. My DS Lite (which I imported from good old Lik-sang, bless their souls) was sadly destroyed so I’m out a DS to even attempt to look for 999. Though it did get a re-release and update to Zero Escape: 999 to match Akysys’ new branding, so it should be easier. Sam and Max is a series I’ve been meaning to target but my HDD is limiting. I’ll be upgrading to at least 500GB, though I’m aiming for 1TB ideally. Gotta prepare to keep PS3 connected post PS4 and all.

                  • PrinceHeir

                    actually i bought the original artwork from amazon for 34$ new and sealed.

                    i just love the old one compared to the new one.

                    the matching of the box looks kinda cool ^^

                    did they released Sam & Max Season 2 on PSN yet??

                    only Season 1 and Season 3 is out for PS3 :)

                    i’ll buy it again on PSN if they do released it!

                    • Kurisu Makise

                      Sam and Max Season 2 huh? -checks- Sam and Max, Max Pack Season 2 and 3 Bundle, 29.99 on PSN. Though there are many tales with them so you’d have to specifiy which Season 2 you’re looking for =3

                    • PrinceHeir

                      ahh i think that was season 1!!!

                      im still waiting for that!!

                    • Kurisu Makise

                      Heh I see =P I just did a quick search via web store, so you know where to go to fill in any holes in your library and get prices.

                    • PrinceHeir

                      wait it’s there?!?! O__O

                    • Kurisu Makise

                      All of the Beyond Time and Space and The Devil’s Playhouse is up. I’m not certain if or what season came before those two admittedly. If there was something though, it’s not on PSN sadly.

                    • PrinceHeir

                      Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is the 2nd season, while Devil’s Playhouse is the 3rd and latest season(2010)

                      the Sam & Max Bundle has both Beyond Time and Space and Devil’s Playhouse for $29.99.

                      the first season is Sam & Max Save the World, which is available on both PC and 360.

                      funny thing is that while the 360 has both season 1 and 2, but they don’t have Season 3 The Devil’s Playhouse, while the PS3 doesn’t have Season 1 Save the World.

                      the VERY first Sam & Max was on Dos and called Sam & Max Hit the Road. you can download some Dos emulators and the game is very easy to find on the net.

                      the cancelled game: Sam & Max: Freelance Police was to be the first Sam & Max game to be released in 3D.

                      but due to Lucas dwindling interest on point and click games, the developers left Lucas to form their own company called “Telltale Games”

                      while they couldn’t use the assets of Freelance Police due to being owned by Lucas. they had to make a new game in the series.

                      fortunately the contracts of Sam & Max from Lucas expired. so the creator(Steve Purcell) manage to get back the license and worked with it with Telltale.

                      so sorry for long post O__O

                    • Kurisu Makise

                      The history I mostly knew, but what I didn’t know was quite interesting to hear o.o! So, 360’s got the first season exclusively (well first season in uh this timeline let’s call it). And Sony’s got the third season, what a paradox xD I’ve played the old PC ones though so can’t complain there ^^ When I first went to look I was like “what is available” cause I only ever saw updates to season 3 xD but as it’s not officially titled Season 2, Season 3 in the standalone, but rather referred to as Season 2 and 3 when bundled, it was like “where’s season 1” xD Till I did a full search and said “MIA, sad”.

                    • PrinceHeir

                      yeah very weird XD

                      if they can put Season 1 on PSN, i’ll buy all 3 season ASAP and play them there instead of steam

                    • Kurisu Makise

                      Curious is there any transfer benefits between seasons or is this more of a collectors thing (having everything in one place/platform)?

                    • PrinceHeir

                      just a collector’s thing :D

                      plus Save the world is a part of Beyond Time and Space and Devil’s Playground in terms of universe and events(they reference each other)

                      also the VA of Sam & Max are new from the trilogy compared to the old ones(the new ones are much better)

  • DarthBrian

    Awesome news. Even if Ketsui’s not brought over here, it’s probably fairly import-friendly. ^_^

  • I never thought I’d see a Cave shmup come to PS3 ;w;

    A shame we didn’t get the Mushihimesama HD release on PSN, even though Mushihimesama originally released on PS2 @[email protected] Maybe this will open the door to more Cave games/ports in the future.

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

      Only seems a matter of time before Cave gives us all reason to ditch our 360s

  • Bloodios

    Alright! It’s time for me to crack some piggies!

    Man, a CAVE game for the PS3. It’s like I’m having a dream where I’m dreaming about sleepwalking while dreaming of having a hallucination of myself dreaming about having a dream.

    Gotta support this movement with all my heart. Who knows when it’ll slip?

  • Eclipse

    Finally! I’ve always wanted to play some of Cave’s games on the PS3.

    And I can’t wait to hear more about Disorder 6. That reminds me, I still have to finish Dunamis 15 (I wonder if there’s a connection between the two, they both share the same “suspense adventure game” genre).

  • Chris Cruz

    Mother of god…

  • Elvick

    About time. Now revive Vita support. D:<

  • ddsfan2

    About friggin time! I bought a 360 a few months ago just for Cave’s games!

    It is probably too late to get great sales, but at least they let 5pb try a release…

    Day. one.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Thank you Cave-san & 5pb.-san for announcing Ketsui:Kizuna Jigoku Tachi for the PlayStation 3.

  • orenji

    why cave not port Deathsmiles to PS3?

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    It’s like Cave-san & 5pb.-san have gone into a box of chocolates and picked out their favourite and what a corker it is.