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The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki protagonists unveiled
posted on 02.12.13 at 10:50 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, new story, world, and transportation details.

Dengeki PlayStation this week lifts the lid on the four protagonists of Falcom’s upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita RPG The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated since its original post time on February 12 at 2:15 a.m. EST thanks to a full summary from [email protected]. The original post, which obtained its information from Game Nyarth and Karinchan Takkyuuubin, contained errors and misinformation in the shuffle of early magazine leaks.

Rean Schwartzer: 17-years-old. Weapon: long sword. The adopted son of Baron Schwartzer. Feeling inferior as an adopted child, he enrolls in the military academy to find himself. He uses the Hachiyou Ittou sword style, and is taught by Yun Kafei, who he met seven years earlier. Kafei is the grandfather of Sora no Kiseki‘s Anelace Elfead and teacher of Cassius Bright.

Alisa Reinford: 17-years-old. Weapon: bow. Daughter of the largest orbal production company in the empire. She enrolled in the military academy as a method of rebellion against working for her mother. She appears to have an intense personality, but is actually a good-natured person.

Eliot Craig: 17-years-old. Weapon: magic staff. The son of imperial army general “Red-haired Craig.” He has a friendly personality and is a fan of music. He wishes to attend the musical academy, however, his father opposes that he enroll in the military academy. His magic staff was developed by the Reinford Company.

Laura S. Arseid: 17-years-old. Weapon: two-handed sword. Daughter of the Viscount Arseid. She comes from a military family similar to the Vanders (from Sora no Kiseki The 3rd). She has natural ability for using the sword, but can also be a bit ignorant of the ways of the world.

Outside of the four protagonists, the magazine also has new details on the game’s story, world, and methods of transportation.


In recent years, in the militaristic nation of the Elebonian Empire (located in the western part of Zemuria), reformist groups and noble factions, led by the Iron Chancellor, are failing to see eye to eye. This conflict has effected the “Thors Military Academy” on the outskirts of the city, where the son of a local noble will soon be enrolled.

Thors Military Academy

It is possible that Olivier (from Sora no Kiseki) may be the school’s director. This is simply a guess on our source’s part, however.

Differences in social status at Thors are represented by uniform color. A white uniform, for example, symbolizes nobility. A green uniform symbolizes a commoner. The protagonist’s uniform is different, however.

Crimson Imperial Capital Heimdallr

A city furnished with locomotive lines and stations. The magazine features a screenshot of the city. You’ll be able to enter all of its doors and all of the city’s inhabitants seem to be named.


There are several methods of transportation in Sen no Kiseki:

  • Imperial Army Tank
  • Airship: an illustration shows a red airship.
  • Orbal Tram: a tram that runs throughout Heimdallr.
  • Orbal Bike: there is also a variation that includes a sidecar.
  • Cable Car
  • Horse

Staff Comments

While the eastern part of Elebonia is the main setting of Sen no Kiseki, other regions will also appear. The officially released map is of that eastern part, but Crossbell State and the Calvard Republic are also on it.

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki is due out this year in Japan.

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  • Solomon_Kano

    Laura talks like Thor… I like her already!

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      Agreed, and Elliot has piqued my interest too

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, he sounds more interesting than Rin atm.

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    More I see, more I want to import!

  • Sevyne

    Alisa has a determined, but soft personality. Daughter of a company President. Twintails and angry eyes.

    Placing bets on her going into Tsundere mode for Rin.

    I know; It’s a fool’s bet.

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      There HAS to be a Tsundere in this game.
      I love Tsundere~

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      A Tsundere!!!!!!!!

  • Eclipse

    Alisa’s look and description is giving off a Tsundere vibe <3

  • The commentary is more for if the orbal staff that Elliot uses is like Tio’s. It’s not really that he’s related to her. That would be a giant plot-tastic reveal for Sen if that were the case, due to events from Zero and Ao.

    • Hmm. There were two lines we worked off for that. One from Karinchan and one from Game Nyarth. The latter said he carries the same staff, while the former both mentioned the staff bit and suggested they come from the same family line.

      • Unfortunately, the original source that most of this comes from is incorrect. I even had to correct it on my website. The names all had typos in them as well. You might need to look at Hokanko’s blog, who has the corrected data now.

        It’s definitely pinpointing to Tio’s staff. It’s definitely NOT the same staff, but that it’s similar to her’s. In fact, according to Hokanko’s blog, while it’s similar, relationships end there- it’s made by the Leinfort Company, whereas Tio’s was made by the Epstein Foundation.

        Nevertheless, there are WAY too many implications for if Elliot is related to Tio, and Falcom’s definitely not one to reveal something like that right off the bat.

        Also, looking at the two links on the source: they’re including the poster’s commentary, which is what got the Tio thing started in the first place. They posted that they thought it was similar to Tio’s in the original 2ch post. It’s just like how they wondered if Laura knows Mueller, or if Olivier is the chairman of the school. Hokanko’s blog actually shows the original posts, and you can see them in context with the information they posted.

        • I see. Thanks for looking out. ;D I’ve gone ahead and updated the post based on [email protected]’s summary.

          The game sounds exciting. I should probably check out the series. I’ve been wanting to, but my backlog is shameful. I’ve been playing Tales of Vesperia on PS3 since November, and am still just over halfway through it. I need to find time.

          • Thank you so much!

            I’m really hyped for this game, too! I’m so glad we FINALLY have character information now, as well. xD;;

            But I would highly recommend checking out the rest of the series before playing Sen. Story-wise, they’re going to be extremely important… and besides, they’re all absolutely amazing anyway.

            • I take it Sora no Kiseki would be a good place to start, yeah?

              • Yep! The first game is a little slower paced than the others. If you’re playing in Japanese, make sure you have SC ready to go when you’re done with FC.

                The ending will make you want SC immediately. xD

                • I’ll keep that in mind when I finally get around to it. I heard there’s a massive cliffhanger. xD

        • Thanks a bunch for this. :)

  • I want it in Europe! on my ps3/vita!:3

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      Localization is sadly impossible without the previous games…

  • Need a petition for this series already….

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      If you can find people willing to translate mountain-loads of text that is…

      • I would translate this if i had a firmer grasp of the Japanese language. Though the series do have a lot of technical terms…

        oh how i wish it would be localized

  • Japan always get the good stuffs…. :(

  • I feel like Laura and Dr. Mahoney from Scrubs have the same face.

  • Updated the post with a bunch of new / correct infos.

  • KurisuMakise

    Nice introduction, hmm interesting to see the plot hooks to the rest of the series.

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    want this!!!!

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    I’m genuinely looking forward to this game, everything revealed about it so far reeks of style and high production values. The new 3D engine is pretty impressive to boot.