Tales of Hearts R has Tales, idol, and other costume DLC
posted on 02.28.13 at 05:35 PM EST by (@salromano)
Dress up Shing as Caius, Galando as Malik, or Beryl as Patty.

Tales of Hearts R will get post-release idol, school, butler, maid, and Tales series character costume download content.  

With the already-announced swimsuit costumes, the cut-in artwork shown when performing Mystic Artes will change.

With the Tales series character costumes, you’ll also get battle background music from each work. Here’s a list of who will be reprising who:

  • Shing: Caius Qualls (Tales of the Tempest)
  • Amber: Marta Lualdi (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)
  • Jadeite: Spada Belforma (Tales of Innocence)
  • Beryl: Patty Fleur (Tales of Vesperia)
  • Innes: Judith (Tales of Vesperia)
  • Galando: Malik (Tales of Graces)

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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  • Houeclipse

    Any hopes for english release?

    • Brandon001

      none at all

    • Some. Hideo Baba stated he wants us to be able to play Hearts, and that was before this game was announced.

      • KurisuMakise

        I recall that as well. We’ll need to be patient with Namco Bandai as 8-4’s currently finishing up Xillia 2 right after unless they get another team to localize Hearts R (or more favourably Innocence R first and then Hearts R).