Square Enix registers Legacy of Kain domain
posted on 02.09.13 at 02:17 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Legacy of Kain: War for Nosgoth coming soon?

CSC Corporate Domains, the corporate domain registrar used by Square Enix, registered a Legacy of Kain-related domain name on Thursday, internet sleuth Superannuation has discovered.

The domain, WarForNosgoth.com (Nosgoth is an area in Legacy of Kain), could signal an upcoming announcement for the franchise, whose last new release was Legacy of Kain: Defiance in 2003.

A new title was first rumored to be in the works two years back.

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  • I’m a fan of Legacy Of Kain, but I can’t see how they can introduce new players without a reboot.

    • Skerj

      Reboot is sorely not needed, a remake however would greatly appreciated. I don’t trust anyone’s writing chops these days with an LoK reboot.

    • zakou

      Legacy of Kain fanbase is very tiny i agree, if i wasn’t a fu****g video game nerd i wouldn’t have any idea what legacy of kain is, and today in this day and age im even surprised that this topic has so many comments xD

      • Dean Winchester

        Vampires are all the rage right now.
        LoK was a fantastic franchise and has always deserved a conclusion.
        There are legions of fans
        This is great news for gaming in general. Im surprised there arent more comments actually.

        • zakou

          Why? Because the fanbase of Twilight(vampires rage as you call it) has no idea what Legacy of Kain is.

          And even if there was a rage for vampires right now which i doubt, I would also be surprised people diging up a legacy of kain: blood omen or heck even the blood omen 2.

          • Pyrofrost

            Hey, you also have the anime fan’s Twilight as well…Vampire Knight :p

            That anime has quite a following.

            Geez, I remember playing Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, during the time there were ZERO jrpgs to play on PS1 xD

            • zakou

              Lols indeed, Blood Omen was one of the first rpgs i ever played as well. I was really young back then, maybe 7 or 8 and i loved blood omen but i got stuck, my 8 year old brain couldn’t handle the game.

              Btw what was the first jrpg you played on the PS1? xD don’t tell me it was FFVII/FFVIII :3

              • Pyrofrost

                The first JRPG I played in the history of my JRPG gaming was Breath of Fire 1 on SNES.

                My first for PS1 was Suikoden, followed by Beyond the Beyond, followed by Wild Arms :3
                After that I really don’t remember. Those three just stick out because of how excited I was to see JRPGs finally start coming out on the PS1

                I’m what you would call a JRPG fanatic, they make up about 95% of my library :p

                • zakou

                  Oh i see, back in the SNES times huh :3

                  95% libary are JRPGS? Wow xD I remeber myself during the PS2 era where just like you 90-95% of my libary contained only jrpgs, Star oceans, Valkyrie profiles, final fantasies XD you name it.

                  However little did i know how much i miss out on other genres that would blow my mind, some of the games like Uncharted, Yakuza, Naruto games( well the ninja storm 2 one was godly) Blazblue, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Devil May Cry and few others.

                  But to this day we both agree on one thing, we will never get bored of JRPGS and it will probably stay there as our favourite genre of all time.

                  • Pyrofrost


                    I keep that 5% after the 95% to explore other stuff. (Like Yakuza, ASW games, Platinum Games games, MGS, Suda games, Warriors games, and etc.) I have a very high volume of JRPGs, so that 5% still equals a lot of room.

                    I think I’ve mainly gotten to the age that I know what I like, and I am also spread between Nintendo and Sony handhelds and Nintendo and Sony consoles. So if I branched out any more than I already do (aside from my importing), I would go completely broke.

                    But I completely agree with you, JRPGs will always be my favourite genre :3

    • Dean Winchester

      Nothing in this article or in the domain name suggest in any way whatsoever that they are introducing new players.

    • no reboots and no remakes are accepted!! Let the past stay in the past! fuck new fans, if ppl haven’t found these games yet then they don’t deserve to know about them! Well, they can get to know about them by talking to people and going back and play the original games, but not by a fuckin reboot, that’s just blasphemy!

      • zakou

        Lol a case of raging nostalgia fan.

        None of your points are valid, making a reboot or a remake won’t make the older/first game magicly disappear.

        Fu*k new fans you say? When you got to know Legacy of Kain you count as a “new” fan of the new game, so you basicly f**ked yourself in that meaning xD

        Also you remind me of the 50 year old nostalgia people who claim “everything old is better”

        Just like with FFVII people rage “Never remake FFVII it is as good as it is!” lol but what would it hurt to try? If they make a good remake we will have 2 good FFVII games, if they fail the original one won’t disappear into oblivion, it will still be there.

        Not to mention i loved Crisis Core and the FFVII Advent Children Complete movie, basicly the movie is a tip to how a FFVII remake would look, let’s say running on a PS4 hardware, not to mention that FFVII PS3 demo, looked awesome!

        • Because games are supposed to be timeless art with integrity, honor and pride. not be like Hollywood. Move forward not backwards.

          • Pyrofrost

            To be fair. DmC can’t be used as an example for everything. After all, Capcom gave the game to a company that has proven they can’t deliver anything better than mediocrity.
            Also, concepts that are brought back don’t always turn out bad. Look at Metal Gear, which was resurrected on PS1 after originally being on MSX2; and Ninja Gaiden, which also got a very long break since the NES, and was resurrected years later. Look at Castlevania’s reboot through Lords of Shadow.

            Would you argue that something was lost or the concepts got worse with these. Or would you agree that they only got better, and gained something special. As well as more fans who appreciate them.

            • After I played Lords Of Shadow I was pissed as HELL!! THIS IS NOT CASTLEVANIA!! That’s what I was thinking and feeling. Ninja gaiden got better Gameplay worse story and pacing. They could have just made new storylines, just because gameplay changes doesn’t mean you have to reboot… makes no sense. Metal Gear wasn’t rebooted it just continued after a one gen break. Now the Legacy Of Kain series is perfect as it stands, the story is 10/10 and the voice acting and atmosphere is 10/10. Reboot is unacceptable, to me reboots feel like milking a series and graphic whoring. People that can’t stand playing past games because of graphics don’t deserve to experience one of the greatest stories in video game history the fuckin LEGACY OF KAIN! There are just too many liberties taken with remakes and reboots. I will forever fight for the past to kept as it was and only permit obvious flaws of the past to get a make over where reboots are never truly accepted but a remake can help if there original is flawed as hell.

              I always fight a losing war because ppl don’t have the same respect for games as they do with ancient art which to me is VERY sad. Don’t give me the bullshit about “Games are just entertainment bla bla bla”. some games are way more than just entertainment. Art is to be appreciated and taken serious and not be just seen as a pass-time. I devote myself to gaming, I don’t think ‘oh I got a few hours free… hmm what to do? maybe I will play a game while I wait for something to happen’ NO! The game IS THE HAPPENING!

          • Dean Winchester

            Integrity, honor and pride?

            Personify much?

            I didnt realize games were elite soldiers in a holy war. I thought they were just ya know….games.

            Guess I have an army of 700+ soldiers that will fight with integrity, honor, and pride!

            Who knew the glory of winterfell and america sat on my bookshelves all this time!

            For HONOR!

      • Tomb Raider is a reboot and its nothing like the past games. No matter if this game is a sequel or not, it will be likely be very different. Its been too long since the last game. Not making a reboot out of it would be stupid. They are not going to invest millions into it just for a small circle of fans. If you want to see old games existing again, you have to accept it, otherwise you won’t even sequels let alone reboots.

        • If it’s been to long then don’t make any new games. Don’t revive a series with a reboot. The new Tomb Raider is in the same boat as the new DmC fuck em.

          • Dean Winchester

            And now its official. With this comment you have gone full retard.
            Never go full retard.

            For HONOR!

    • howardmoonish

      Legacy of Kain Collection- problem solved.

  • DarthBrian

    HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!! if it’s an actual sequel.

    *meh* if it’s a reboot.

    Also, slight clarification, ‘Nosgoth’ is the entire realm of the Legacy of Kain franchise.

  • big drew

    wow i did not expect this. This game was beast back in the day.

    • Yeah I would walk around looking at the environments and thinking “Wow this is amazing”.

  • who cares, anything is garbage by square even if its not really square

    • Luna Kazemaru

      golden child award

    • Dean Winchester

      Hey dummy,
      Deus Ex, Hitman, and the new Tomb Raider say hello.

      So sick of you haterade addicts.

      • Deus Ex AWESOME!! Hitman, I don’t care what happens to that series because I’m not a fan, Tomb Raider, never really liked the original and the new one looks even worse.

    • Zancrow

      I wouldnt go that far.

    • almostautumn

      Get a PSP or DS

  • Raiyu

    *Joseph Joestar voice* OH. MY. GOD.

  • zakou

    Legacy of kain: blood omen. Nuff said xD reboot please in 2.5D HD graphics yet keeping the atmosphere at it’s place.

  • Dean Winchester

    Oh Dear God yes please!

  • Kamille

    it’s gonna be a reboot. That’s a given. Or something like Deus Ex HR which takes place in the same world but it’s a pre-quel of some kind. I have never played any other Deus Ex game before but I sure enjoyed Deus Ex HR a lot.

    • DesmaX

      You should definitely play the first one. Trust me

  • Emiliano Ramos


  • rockman29

    Nice :)

  • Zancrow

    Vigil Games should make a Legacy Of Kain game!

    • Vigil Games no longer exists.

      • Sevyne

        Doesn’t stop dead artists from coming out with new material every single year!

      • Zancrow

        The studio.
        But the people who worked there aren’t dead. : P

        • zakou

          That is like saying NieR 2 is possible because the team is still alive lol, never going to happen.

  • Exciting news.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    You know I never played these. But I do remember watching my brother play them. If it’s good I would play one, I’ll keep my eye on this :)

  • Ludakriss

    You’ve fucked Final Fantasy into the ground, dear Enix. So please, please leave your greasy fingers off of this absolute masterpiece of a game. It’s mature, it’s mechanics are perfect and you have no business starting anything without Miss Henning writing the script. PEACE!

    • Sevyne

      You know it is highly likely they would only be publishing the game and not actually developing the game since, ya know, they do that too. In fact, they may be pretty bad now at developing their own games, but they have been absolutely stellar with publishing. Why people assume they’d be developing the game is really beyond me.

      • Ludakriss

        it’s a moment of weakness, friend. Don’t read too much into it. I don’t know how to understand if they’re a great publisher, but…yeah, what I said was some flaming non-sense.

        Oh, c’mon! I jsut want the Versus already!

    • DesmaX

      Deus Ex HR was amazing, even if Warren Spector ddn’t work on it

    • SE didn’t completely fuck up FF but yeah, LEAVE THE LEGACY OF KAIN ALONE!! It is as you said a MASTERPIECE!! not to be FUCKED WITH!

      • Ludakriss

        @sevyne:disqus has some level-head insights. You as well as me should probably calm ourselves, brother.

        • I think we should fire ourselves up! But ok, I can calm myself until anything official is made public about this mess, there better not be remakes or reboots as any form of idea or an attempt att milking the series with 10 sequels. And if they try to do a DmC/Tomb Raider or anything to disgrace this series or KAIN there will be BLOOD!

          • Ludakriss


  • YES!!

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :D

    been 10 years now huh O____O

    i hope the gameplay is like Devil May Cry(heck even DMC) but more emphasis on platforming and lore.

    since we’re on talk of vampires, can we get Bloodrayne 3??? :)

    would love to hear Laura Bailey’s sexy voice in Rayne style :)

    just make the combat like Devil May Cry or other hack and slash games, but more emphasis on blood sucking :P

    also Sal they just put the latest JoJo’s BIzarre Adventure Scans on Famitsu!!!!


    can’t find the source, so can you link them on post them here? :)

    • Skerj

      That’s actually not too far off man, Defiance definitely took some cues from DMC when it came out. Hated those god damn camera angles though for platforming. ..

  • Ace

    Knowing Square Enix, it’s an iOS title or something creative to let fans down.

    • Sevyne

      Again…It’s very likely NOT Square Enix developing the game and they are simply the publisher. Look, I’m all on board for making Square jokes when it comes to their own developed material, but don’t be stupid. There’s a time and place and this I can guarantee is not it.

    • doubtful

      da audience for da Legacy of Kain Franchise ain’t exactly wot i’d call casual.

  • Syltique

    Ohhhhh shiiiiiiittttttttttttt. I hope we get some Visual Works CG in the actual game. LoK games always have CG intros.

    This could steal E3 for me.

  • Sevyne

    More like Soul Reaver and less like Blood Omen please. Nothing against the Blood Omen games, but I loved the hell out of the Soul Reaver ones.

  • Souter

    I wouldn’t mind playing blood omen 2 Again ^^. I hope this game franchise dose get bought back but It has too be a reboot. Also be about kain =]

  • Kobracon

    OMG so many countless memories with this. Me and my cousin started with the Soul Reaver games and we played those games to the GROUND! We loved the voice acting, story and the DIALOGUE! My god the dialogue. I recall printing out the entire script when I was in high school as reading material when theres no class or I’m bored.

    I sincerely hope something awesome comes out of this.

    P.S. Time….abhors a paradox!

  • well Square, ya have my attention.

  • Legacy of Kain is one of my dearest franchises and all I can think about right now is… WTF!!! #[email protected]&9!!! What the FUCK is going on in the world of gaming!!! They are just fucking up franchises left and right! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!! Don’t you dare fucking DmC, Tomb Raider it or make some attempt at remakes! I will be on this just like the DmC if they try to do anything remotely close to that! ARGH! And they better not make a fucking open world bullshit game based on the title “war For Nosgoth” God DAMN!!!! This pisses me off. Let the past be in the past!!

    • Dean Winchester

      Mehhhhrrrr. I’m against change. Mehhhhhrrrr.

      Say hi to all the birds as you float away in your balloon house Mr. Fredrickson.

  • I would have would have prefered a reboot for a re-enhanced story-line than just a continuation of the series

  • Haki

    How good are the stories in these games?

    • Elvick

      I’ve heard good things, but my experience has been limited to a demo on a disc back in the day.

    • pretty zoggin’ great!

  • makta


  • Armand

    Hope we get a proper continuation of the franchise. I’m waiting for a new game since Defiance was released. The only concern I have:
    Square, don’t mess with the Kain story! Just for the sake of appealing to a wider audience. All major franchises that followed its core fans first, then try to spice things up for the new people, have done well.

  • Bobo Fango

    Don’t get too excited…. it’s a social game