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Square Enix launches ‘Murdered’ teaser site
posted on 02.08.13 at 10:35 AM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix teasing new PS3, Xbox 60, and PC game.


Update: This is Murdered: Soul Suspect. Find more details here.

Original Story: Square Enix is teasing something.

The publisher sent out e-mails today titled “What is the hardest case to solve?”, which contains the following image:

The e-mail comes from Square Enix Members, with a reply-to e-mail is listed as ronan@murdered.com. Visit Murdered.com, and you’ll see the image atop this story, a Twitter link, and a “Legals” section. Hover your mouse over the latter, and you’ll see that whatever this is, it’s for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Script found within the site’s source code suggest its a new title from Eidos Interactive. That said, it’s possible this is Eidos Montreal’s new title, which our friends at Siliconera detailed back in May.

A single update on the Twitter account also shares the following image:

Stay tuned.

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  • Shadow

    Erm… Jack the ripper?

  • Final Fantasy versus 13 got murdered?

    • Raiyu

      Can’t murder what’s already dead

  • DesmaX

    What? No iOS?


  • AuroraXIII

    Oh my god it’s happening! This must be it. This must be BLOODMASQUE!

    …Either that, or it’s Thief 4.

    EDIT: It’s called Murdered: Soul Suspects. bit.ly/WTEVpX

  • syaznifaiq

    RIP Squaresoft’s JRPG 1983-2003

    • Dark_N11

      Eidos is the only thing interesting about SE
      without them they will long dead.

      • actually no, baravely default is the last interesting thing

        • Dark_N11

          i agree but i was talking about their console business.

        • syaznifaiq

          but Bravely Default is developed by Silicon Studio. not by $quare,enix

          I’m pretty aware that since Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu gone . , they ditch JRPG slowly …

    • They’re not even dead. Have you heard of Mistwalker.

      • syaznifaiq

        is this a sarcasms joke or what ? btw , Nobuo Uematsu is not a staff at Mistwalker , he’s a freelancer .. who hired by Sakaguchi at Mistwalker as composer in Blue dragon, Lost odyssey and TLS

  • Updated the post a bit.

  • who cares, square and edos are garbage

  • Don’t care, their teasers and what not always end up being for some piece of crap that nobody wants.

  • Zancrow

    They murdered the Final Fantasy franchise and the hardest case to solve is why they can’t make good games, anymore. Zing~

    • Guest

      hahahaha. .. ROFL

    • I hate some of the recent Final Fantasy games with all my heart, but not all of em’ are “stuff ups”, only XIII (Heck even XII was interesting with an open mind). When you suggest the inability of square’s competency I wonder, “Have you played, Crisis core, The World ends with you, Final Fantasy type 0, are you even anticipating Final Fantasy Verses XIII?” Your so called “Joke” is extremely flawed. Plus it people like you who don’t even follow the father of Final Fantasy. Square Enix is pretty smart you know, they know people only care about the name not the director.

      -Sources: Hironobu Sakuguchi fan, former square soft fan-

      • Zancrow

        Sakaguchi left SE and now only makes Xbox and Nintendo games.
        What do I want with him?

  • Nothing really points to it, but I hope its Thief!

  • PrinceHeir

    you are already dead!