Shin Megami Tensei IV field and dialogue gameplay - Gematsu
Shin Megami Tensei IV field and dialogue gameplay
posted on 02.22.13 at 10:00 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, a look at the 3DS sequel's final box art.

Atlus has updated the official Shin Megami Tensei IV website with new field and dialogue gameplay videos.

We’ve ripped and uploaded them for easy viewing below. In the dialogue video, you’ll see characters Jonathan, Walter, Isabeau, Kaga, Navarre, Hope, Isakal, Tayama, and the Kuroki Samurai.

Additionally, view the game’s final box art and another shot of the special edition 3DS XL, out day and date with Shin Megami Tensei IV on May 23 in Japan, at the gallery.



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  • I don’t think i’m liking the voice acting in an SMT game… kinda kills the feel.

    • I disagree. I think it adds atmosphere and depth due to the characters having more personality. As an example, I thought DS Overclocked added a lot to the game by adding voices … you feel more attached to the characters.

    • HeatPhoenix

      Not indifferent, but fuck me if I’m gonna play this with English voice acting, it’s time to import.

  • Azure

    eargasm at the first video..

    • Milyc

      It’s downright amazing. I wonder if the full version is already available somewhere?

  • I’m still really disappointed with how awfully cheap this game looks. I’m not sure I can sit through it when there are so many alternatives to play with legitimate production values.

    This is making me sad. ;~;

    *plays Persona 4 Golden*

    • Blame the Persona fanboys then – since Persona (especially 4 – just see Golden, Arena, Anime and whatever) is the easiest way to make some $$$.

      Such a shame too. SMT series is objectively better too.

      • I don’t really intend to point fingers. It’s just that I can’t get excited about SMT any more if it’s going to be this cheap.

        I’ve got my SMT games for PS2, at least.

        I think Persona is a wonderful series, so I’m not going to shake a finger at its existence. It is sad to see SMT go in this direction, though.

        • OlimacFTW

          I don´t know what are you talking about. SMT games always play in first person view, even Nocturne has an option to play that way, and the best part of those games are the demons, 400 of them for this game. Persona 4 barely has the third part of the list.

          • Dede Ogbe

            But is still one of the best selling titles in the SMT series. I don’t think the amount of demons matters that much. What matters is the quality of the game i.e story, soundtrack etc. Why do you think Persona is so popular ? To add, this guy isn’t dissing the game. He just thinks graphically its not all that impressive, which is understandable if you look at it from he’s perceptive. He’s been playing P4 on the Vita and SMT games on PS2. All of which looked good visually.

            • HeatPhoenix

              And this game slaps us in the face with 2D sprites based on perhaps 10 year old art (with some new ones).

          • HeatPhoenix

            Where does Nocturne have this option? I don’t think it does.

            • It’s accessible during a new game +.

              • HeatPhoenix

                Thanks, I had no idea!

          • Inconsistency makes many things look cheap.

            It’d be like having a beautiful desk made of oak, and then you walk around to sit down at it and the drawers are made of cardboard.

    • Do I need to remind you tht SMT IV is running on 3DS? It doesn’t even have very noticeable jaggies if you compare this to some other 3DS titles… I’d say this is definitely not cheap.

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      What does it matter what it looks like? Chances are the game will be amazing. Why are you letting the looks of a game push you away from what could be a terrific title?

      • Dede Ogbe

        umm looks do kind of matter. Am reserving my judgement until i actually play the game. It’s SMT, so it will definitely be good. But yh over all not wholly impressed just yet. Probs cause the actual gameplay video is so short.

    • HeatPhoenix

      To be fair, they’re stuffing money into Persona because it yields higher returns… even though SMT is where their roots are!

  • Milyc

    Any chances of this coming to the West? I’d pre-order it with no second thought.

  • Milyc

    Any chances of this coming to the West?

    • This will defin come to the west.

  • Niyari

    :40 Yoshitsune costume? lol

  • An chan Yumi

    Best Game Of the Year.
    I’ll buy 3DS XL special edition bundle.

  • Eclipse

    That field gameplay looks so good~

    I can see how some people would prefer the 3D demon models, and while it would’ve been great, I still personally like how the sprites look. Oh, and It’s nice to finally hear voices in a mainline game, and I just happen to recognize the majority of them!

    • MosquitoLemon

      The sprites look great as always, but did they really need to do that awkward three jerky frames of bobbing up-and-down animation? It would have looked better static.

      • Eclipse

        Yeah, I also think the sprites would’ve looked better if they were left static. It’s too bad they weren’t done in a similar way like Devil Survivor, I thought the sprites looked pretty good in that game.

        • MosquitoLemon

          Just what I was thinking. I like the way they show them all on screen at once and have them stacked in different sizes, too.

  • KurisuMakise

    My hype for this game goes up and down as things get revealed. Field gameplay looks good but I don’t like other aspects, such as the demon models =

  • PrinceHeir

    love Miyuki Sawashiro voice :D

    Kamiya Hiroshi is the MC huh ? ^^

    get hype!!

    Day 1 for sure!!!