Rumor: Next-gen Xbox reveal set for early April - Gematsu
Rumor: Next-gen Xbox reveal set for early April
posted on 02.22.13 at 05:20 PM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, Microsoft registers new 'Xbox Event' domain.

Following Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal in New York City on Wednesday, Microsoft is expected to reveal its next generation Xbox at a media event in early April, according to unnamed “developers and other industry professionals,” some of which are Sony employees, cited by CVG.

Subsequently, NeoGAF detectives have discovered a new website registered by by the same group who managed Microsoft’s E3 presentation last year. The website,, is registered by U.S. Techs, which the E3 domain from last year,, is also registered under. It appears invites could be going out soon.

Thanks, BGR.

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  • I’ll watch, but the past two generations give me no reason to be excited about this… :/

    • Pyrofrost

      Agreed. The lack of JRPG love on MS consoles does not compel me to support this.

  • MrRobbyM

    If even half of the rumors turn out to be true, I have no interest in buying a new Xbox.

  • xMCXx

    I’m looking forward to Usher. ;P

    • GetOffMy_Lawn

      Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll bring Nicki Minaj this time :P

      • rockman29

        No Justin Bieber?!

    • Pyrofrost

      Thank you for making me choke on my drink sir. lol

    • rockman29

      Yea, Usher is smexy :)

    • Dean Winchester

      My body is ready to see the bottom of an avatars shoe.


    • Usher is the new 360 lol that is where all the xbl money went to… haha!

  • GetOffMy_Lawn

    I bought an xbox 360 this generation, and I got enough enjoyment out of it thanks to games like Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon. In the past few years, however, Microsoft has shown they’re more interested in new TV apps than securing compelling exclusives like the ones I just listed. I don’t regret my purchase; however, I think I will stick with Nintendo and Sony this next generation.
    You can always change my mind, Microsoft!

    • Budgiecat

      Got a 360 for those games plus Deadly Premonition and Tales of Vesperia and Project Gotham Racing 4. Wasn’t really interested in anything else…

  • Aldridge517

    Business-wise the sooner they do a presentation the quicker they can kill hype surrounding their competition. I’m a pretty firm PlayStation gamer but I still want to see what Microsoft is offering.

  • Prodigy-X


  • TwinbladeAlkaid

    Seeing some rumors of the new Xbox project makes even me very wary of
    what Microsoft tries to accomplish. Granted, rumors are still rumors
    unless proven to be true but… well. *scratches head*

    Up to that there was even the statement from Microsoft themselves that they “lost Interest” in the japanese market, because of bad sales over there. I wonder if that still applies to the new generation.

    But all that still seems a worse fate that the PS4 has. And seeing that there’s a possibility of high-res grass (yeah thank you 2k Games for Mafia 2 back then!) for every console generation, I am more tempted to get a PS4 than a X360 out of various reasons. *big J-RPG fan*

    sorry for the off-topic:

    Still wanna get Tales of Vesperia though >__<''

  • Bloodios

    Legitimate info leaks regarding the system’s final specs and plans that Microsoft had in store for it will undoubtedly flood the internet, comes the 1st of April. We might even get to see scans of the official documents.

  • Dean Winchester

    I’m excited about all the upcoming MS games.

    Said NO ONE ever.

    • Rezar

      Except Halo/Gears of War fanboys.

    • DrForbidden

      Well, we don’t know what the next Xbox is bringing to the table yet. It might be exciting. Who knows?

      • Dean Winchester

        Hey Doc. I know you don’t truly believe that but I can appreciate the effort to keep hope aliive :)

        • DrForbidden

          Well, it’s depressing to have no hope, so I’m trying to keep an open mind that MS can learn from its mistakes…

          But then I look at Windows 8, and I reach for the booze…

  • shogunknight

    What a year this is going to be, with Sony possibly trying to make things right with the PS4 i wonder what Microsoft has in store to sway minds. And im not liking their own rumors one bit

  • So the rumors I heard are true after all…. Let alone how Sony employees know about it….

  • Learii

    if the new xbox block used games and requied to be online always they will failed hard

  • zakou

    So many comments here and almost every single one is a nagetive/againts Xbox xD is everyone on this website a ps3/wii fanboy or did everyone nowdays realized that xbox isn’t that good :3

    • Dean Winchester

      Personally I’m a fanboy of good games. Xbox has no games.

      2+2 still =4 last I checked.

      • zakou

        Lol Tales of Vesperia imo is a game worth buying a used xbox for.

        • Pyrofrost

          That was the game that sold me a 360.
          I personally go to consoles for the games (JRPGs). Anything else I end up getting there is extra. Unfortunately that JRPG train didn’t run nearly long enough, not to mention the way it’s treated by devs there.
          There is simply nothing to justify me buying another MS console after getting burned this gen.

          (This is not even factoring in my RRoD situation).

          • Dean Winchester

            but 1 game is worth buying a used xbox for. Especially considering how dependable new ones have proven to be over the years :-/

            • Pyrofrost

              Well, I’m a devout Tales fan, and at the time it was a 360 exclusive.

              • AdamBoy64

                Yes. That’s the same reason I bought my 360.

              • zakou

                How was Xillia? Would you say it’s better than Graces F? Also does the max lvl 100? 99? hinder the gameplay in terms of ughh you know the typical longer gameplay with lvl 255 in Tales of/ SO games.

                • Pyrofrost

                  Xillia is exponentially better than Graces F.
                  Leveling to max and filling out all the skills doesn’t take too long either. You will get a lot out of the game, but to me…Xillia was never tedious.

                  • zakou

                    Well i kinda like when it takes long to level and i prefer higher level due to more stats/hp being added and thus making characters stronger.

                    I heard that Xillia 2 has the level cap limit of 255 or 200 don’t remeber but this is why i am a little worried about Xillia that lower level could mean a shorter game?

                    So the other question would be, is it shorter than Graces F?

                    • Pyrofrost

                      I managed to put over 100 hours into Xillia. The grind itself will still take a little while, and you can still massively OP your characters if you wish.

                      Xillia to me is better than Graces in every way. Of course, to me Graces is close to the bottom of the ladder as far as Tales titles go. I did like Graces, I like all the mothership Tales games; but so many of the other Tales games are better than Graces imo.

                      I don’t really remember if it’s longer or shorter than Graces; however, time isn’t really a factor in my assessment of any JRPG, unless it’s under 40 hours. My judgements for any JRPG is primarily based on characterization / character development, story, battle system, and music.

                    • zakou

                      Glad to hear that, i was really enjoying Graces F, mostly just because it really felt like a true jrpg since Star Ocean 4 lol.

                      I can’t wait for Xillia but Namco should give us the release date already lol it’s been a while.

                  • Haku_Luvs_You

                    Oh god. Xillia blows Graces F out of the water. That game is freaking terrific.

          • zakou

            Yes i remeber even games like Star Ocean 4 being exclusive for 360, i was so shocked since SO never had anything to do with Xbox or microsoft, it was always on nintendo and playstation platforms, mostly playstation with 5 games and suddenly they announced it 360 exclusive xD i was so mad but little did i know how the PS3 owners would get a better version.

            And the best part is, no more disc swaping whenever you want to revisit some planets and do side quests and stuff.

            • Pyrofrost

              Indeed, the 360 was kinda like Nintendo consoles lately. The list of JRPGs is way too short, but the ones it did get we’re too fucking beast. Well, almost all of them :p

        • Dean Winchester

          I bought 5 xbox’s in the first 3 years. 4 RRoD’s and a Motherboard failure later and no amount of games is worth $1600 I wasted buying a brand new console every few months.
          And the first 1.5 years there was no RRoD free repair. By the time they implemented the free repair and acknowledged the RRoD was a real manufacturing problem and not just a case of neglect on the consumers part, I was on my 3rd console.

          As a lover of good games I tried to stick with the assbox but when they completely abandoned gaming by 2010 in favor of the future of waggle I abandoned them.
          Vesperia was great, so was LO, BD, MC2 and IU, but 5 good JRPG’s and 6 Halo’s, 5 Forzas, and 5 Fables do not a good game selection make.

          MS games are pathetic and the last few years have been nonexistent.

          (inB4 you name 1 off’s like Alan Wake, the Splinter Cell no one liked and lolBanjo KaPooie)

          MS has proven for 2 generations in a row they can’t produce compelling content past the 3rd year of whatever current generation they are trying to muck up.

          Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice and I should just quit life.
          Not this time MS. No sir. Not this time.

          • zakou

            No machine is perfect, I’m on my second PS3 and if this one i use right now gets YLOD(knock on wood) or anything else i will buy the third one

            But 5 xboxes in 3 years? don’t every machine has like 1 year warrany? You said you bought them new so wtf? 5 xboxes = 5 years of warranty, please explain as microsoft covers 1 year for every new xbox.

            Inb4 i name alan wake? Lol i don’t care for any games on the 360 other than Vesperia, Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery and Magna carta 2. if the the games i mentioned are good or bad has nothing to do with anything, we are just discusing opinions why and what 360 is good getting for, also i don’t think magna carta 2 is considered any better than alan wake by the world but i don’t care one bit because these are the game i prefer.

            Edit: forgot to mention LO, also worth getting.

            • Dean Winchester

              i mentioned all those JRPGs except Last Remnant. That game was trash and thats coming from a huge devout Square fan.
              As for the 1 year warranty, I dont use the warranties b/c I refuse to have a refurb system.
              I have the expendable funds for my hobby so if something breaks I replace it new.
              Its one of my OCD quirks about my games/consolesonly havingbeen mine.
              Either way, that handful of JRPG’s doesnt make it worth owningan xbox sorry.
              I actually own those jrpg’s as part of my collection b/c thosegames are worth owning. Especially for a collector like myself but the console is not worth owning just to run them.
              Besides, sitting next to a plane taxiing down the tarmac can damage your hearing.

              • zakou

                What is good owning something when you can’t play it? Are you are gamer or just collector? Also a cheap used 360 can hold for years if lucky so it is always worth it to buy a pretty cheap one.

                But i have got to say that you are really unlucky, my friend has the old 360 the one that is supposed to be broken and have tons of issues but his works fine after 5 years so yes none of us have enough valid points as everything breaks down just like i never had any trouble with any console in years but my PS3 got YLOD after 3-4 years so i bought a new one but i never complain it can happen to anyone but then again some people get away with consoles dying on them.

                • Dean Winchester

                  Yup. Its just my dumb luck isnt it?
                  Nothing to do with the fact that MS knowingly released an undependable piece of shit on the market.

                  And yes, EVERYTHING breaks down but as a gamer/collector who has been playing/collecting for almost 30yrs and has 31 consoles I can honestly say no system in history has the KNOWN failrate of the 3-fix-me.

                  And buying a used oneforcheap that “might” lastfor years is retarded.
                  If their new ones don’t last for years, why the hell would I expect a used one to do so?

                  And to answer your question, I’m a husband/father/full time employee/musician/gamer and a collector.

                  With my busys hedule and the fact I never put games before the family I am lucky to average completing one game per month but I do my best to get some play time in when I can.

                  I certainly wont waste anymore of my time or money on MS garbage.

                  • zakou

                    Well it is not retarded, i give you my word that my friends 360 is working for years, imagine me buying it from him 3 years ago? That would count as a used 360 and it would probably last for years just like it did for him.

                    It is not a question of retardness rather luck, how would you explain this:

                    My friend bought a used launch 60GB PS3 that was running for 3 years before he bought it and he has it now for 2 years, so that is 5 year and still running. Still works, however i had my PS3 60GB launch for 3-4 years new and it broke down.

                    He has a 360 running for years and he plays often, whenever i visit him all his shit works. It is luck, if not then what is it? Unless you really play for 7-10 hours a day then sure the risk of consoles dying is high, the obvious: the longer you have it on and play it the sooner it will die.

                    • Dean Winchester

                      a PS3 lasting for years is indicative of Sony’s build quality.
                      An xbox lasting for more than 6 months is indeed luck.
                      No matter how you spin it with your 1 single friends anecdotal experience, the FACTS are that MS built a poor quality piece of shit console and Sony did the opposite.

                      My launch 60gb lasted 5.5 years and got Ylod.
                      I wasnt remotely upset and you want to know why?

                      My friend said it best: “1 Ps3 in 5 years is better than 5 xbox’s in 1 year”.

                      There is no luck involved when an xbox dies. It is par for the course.

                      I googled xbox failrate for you and a survey was done in 2011 on the slims which showed a minimum 10% failrate in the first year of ownership.
                      10% is FAR greater than any of its competitors btw.
                      The story was on Maxconsole and they also sited their news source in the article.
                      I’d post a link but copy/paste does not work on this site from the iphone.

                      Its also rather telling that MS instituted a 3 yr retroactive warranty for two known failures: RRoD and E74.
                      Even more telling is that when the slim came out in June 2010 they announced: “the slim will not suffer the RRoD like other models of the 360 b/c we removed the 3 LED lights that turn RED so our product can no longer “red ring”.

                      With MS blatant admission of the RRoD fiasco being a known problem I believe its safe to say that bad luck has nothing to do with the 360 failrate and instead its bad business and bad build quality.

                      BTW: They did not say we “fixed the RRoD by fixing the root cause of the problem….they simply propegated spin.
                      What they forgot to mention was that RRoD was replaced with RDoD. Red Dot of Death.

                      So back to what I said before, buying an xbox that you know will fail at any second is indeed retarded.
                      Buying to play 3 JRPGS that are pre2009 is also pretty retarded no matter how good those 3 games are b/c everyone knows you’ll never see another JRPG on the platform.

                      To each their own though.

                    • zakou

                      Oh well, you may be right except the part where you say it is retarded to buy a risky console to play 3-4 games that are only available on that console.

                      If you really love games you would say something like, a 360 that might die in 6 months – 1 year or longer for what we know, still worth owning just to play these games.

                      The xbox hate blinds you from enjoying a few extra good games on it, you are right some have the failure rate higher than others and indeed the product is not stable however, i lost tons of save when my PS3 died but i don’t care i like replaying games.

                      Having 5 xboxes dying on you almost gives you the right to say it is retarded to buy a used 360 however, there is no other way to play these games and as a gamer i say it is worth buying new or used i don’t care but buying the platform so that you can play these games on, unless you can play them on PC, i heard a rumor that Windows 7 will or can play 360 games, i don’t know.

  • KurisuMakise

    April feels way too late and almost insignificant It’d be better to reveal at GDC and then do a follow-up event in April, rather than let GDC pass by while Sony’s still in hype mode. Then either side can let May be a cool down month, cause May is the worse time of the year for gamers anyway (the hype of E3, ugh kill me), then big events at E3 in June.

  • HURRY UP! LOL but yeah I am exited to see what MS has to offer even do I am 100% sure I will be buying the PS4. My brother loves XBOX so yeahf I want to see what he is getting :P
    Oh don’t worry MS knows they need new content and exclusives… if they don’e have Rare cool up something like Killer Instinct, well they are nuts because both SONY and Nintendo will dominate… Ninty will sale after E3 people are just waiting to see what PS4 and 720 can do also SSB.

  • devovit

    wait im still deciding

  • jeez…..everyone is swinging their sack this year……

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Dang lots of Microsoft hate. I’m genuinely excited to see the new console. Doesn’t mean I’ll buy one, but I can’t wait to see it :)

    • Pyrofrost

      That’s what happens when you mix a room full of people who are fanboys and/or people who got fucked for 5 years, with a dash of objective thinkers. :p

  • I’ve always been a playstation gamer, but I might be jumping ship this generation if they show me something good enough. I actually tried to jump to microsoft with the 360 but I’m not a common mass and I’m not buying something that 75 percent red ring and brake. That’s why I waited until the fixed slims come out. I just hope they don’t do that again.

  • I’ll check in for a second just to make sure it’s an event akin to a “New Years Eve” countdown on American TV. Fake hype, people hired to cheer, dated comedians, C-list celebrities, Usher.

    • Skerj

      Haha did you see the Xbox 360 reveal event on MTV back then with the folks lying about how awesome Perfect Dark Zero looked?

  • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

    This will be either hit or miss for me. Ninty and Sony have convinced my to pony up the dough for their next gen systems. MS will have to try pretty fucking hard if they want to convince me as well. A new Kinect, tons of redundant, RAM-hogging apps and ads on the dashboard, always-online requirement and Halo/Gears as the only significant exclusives won’t cut it.

    I never buy used games or trade my old games in so I’m indifferent towards blocking used games. As Xbox 1 and 2 both were region locked it doesn’t matter if the third one is as well.
    Looking forward to the event but keeping my expectations low.

  • KurisuMakise

    It’s not over till it’s revealed, so even though I’m hyped on Sony, I will give MS a fair shake. Don’t fail me on Japanese support MS.