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Rayman Legends goes multiplatform
posted on 02.07.13 at 11:32 AM EST by (@salromano)
Rayman Origins sequel pushed to September.

Ubisoft Montpellier’s upcoming Rayman Origins sequel Rayman Legends will no longer be exclusive to Wii U. Ubisoft has announced that the game will also come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and that all versions will now ship in early September.

“We heard from many Xbox and PlayStation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system,” said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Ubisoft. ”We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game.”

Rayman Legends was previously set to launch for Wii U this month.

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  • There were subtle hints this would happen but I’d have thought it’d be like 6-12 months after the Wii U release. Now they’re all coming at the same time. With Ninja Gaiden 3 RE released in Europe just last month, and the PS3/360 version coming like 3 months later, this isn’t good signs for the Wii U and its multiplat side of things.

    It’s just a matter of time before ZombiU makes the move across now.

  • bebestorm117

    Legends should of never been exclusive to one system period.

  • DarthBrian

    For fuck’s sake, just give me Beyond Good & Evil 2 already. >_<

    • Elvick

      Next gen isn’t in full swing yet. They said ages ago it was moved to next generation hardware.

      That’s why I’m ready for PS4/Nextbox to get out. I’ve been waiting for Beyond Good & Evil 2 forever, and it’s still a long ways away. Since the hardware it’ll be on isn’t even announced yet. Sans potential Wii U version.

  • Tetsu

    I was really looking forward to Legends on Wii U, it’s one of the only games coming out anytime soon. Correction: WAS one of the only games coming out. This = sadness. I’m all for the game going multi-platform, but I still want my Wii U version this month :/

  • Guest

    i just left a comment and it disappeared?…lol ok. Well anyways, it said that I was sad about Legends not coming out this month for Wii U, but I’m still ok for it going multi-platform, I just don’t think the Wii U users should have to suffer a blow because they want to release it on other consoles. So much for Launch Window, more like System-Stride Window.

  • NCloud

    More people will get to play it now :) I hope its gets a Vita and 3DS release in the future too.

    • KurisuMakise

      Same, good news all around.

  • Raiyu

    That is a huge fuck you to Wii U owners.

    And after Monster Hunter next month, the Wii U will be pretty barren. I’m not all too confident Monster Hunter will move numbers now :/

    • Dean Winchester

      Why would the 10th version of monster hunter THRii move Wii-U’s?

      • In the west, not much… In Japan, it’s unpredictable since a lot of people bought a Wii and the original Tri… Not only that, MH4 was announced so chances are people will wait for that one instead….

  • Dean Winchester

    So my daughters Bday is on the same day Legends was supposed to come out. Already reserved it and paid it off at gamestop and promised the embryo we would pick it up on her bday.

    This and Bayonetta 2 were the only real bright spots in the first year of Wii-U and am okay with that.

    What I’m not okay with is Nintendo not securing exclusives. If you have no exclusives your system is no more special than the next and theres no reason to own two systems that do the same thing.

    This of course is an exaggeration as Nintendo will shower us with 100’s of Mario’s, Zelda’s, Metroids and maybe even Starfox games.
    Perhaps after 30 years I am growing a little weary of those same few franchises?

    That said the Rayman Legends demo is limited to 30 plays.
    Once you boot it up 30 times you are locked out of it.
    This wasnt so bad considering the game was going to be here in a couple weeks but the last handful of plays isnt going to last unril September.

    Nintendo does this with 3DS demos as well and I find the practice of limiting demos to a certain number of plays to be the same as Reggie Fils Aime’s face.
    i.e. Completely Riitarded.

    • Elvick

      I really don’t understand the limited use demos.

      • You can redownload the demo again… But that would a waste of bandwidth…

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Isn’t the counter tied to your system/account rather than the file? I thought re-downloading an “expired” demo on 3DS/WiiU does not reset the demo counter.

          • And here I hope that the WiiU can differentiates itself from a PC….

            • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

              Last time I checked PC demos didn’t have a counter :P
              I don’t get the reasoning behind it but I stopped downloading demos of 3DS games anyways after I discovered this “feature”.

        • Dean Winchester

          Yep. I can redownload the demo. Still cant play it thought.

    • InternatlGamer3

      I LOVE Nintendo but grow ever so tired of how they continuously Spit out the same franchises over and over and over again every Generation with nothing NEW.

      SONY on the Other hand has more balls than Nintendo to create new Groundbreaking First Party Franchises like they have this Generation and the ones before.

      • Dean Winchester

        Best comment I have read all day.

        I agree.

      • Claude

        If Sony really had balls they would have made Legend of Dragoon 2 by now. But it’s not what the frat boys want so I guess we can’t have that!

        No, let’s take it a step further. If Sony had balls they would have reined in development and The Last Guardian would have been out for years by now. If Sony had balls, “ground breaking first party franchises” like Resistance wouldn’t have gotten to three entries. If Sony had balls, they would have gotten Naughty Dog to not turn their nose up at the Vita when it needs support the most. If Sony had balls they wouldn’t have knocked off Smash Bros with hardly any Playstation “All Stars” and push Superbot to the side when their awful marketing did nothing to save that game from bombing. If Sony had balls they would have fostered Heavenly Sword into a new franchise. If Sony had balls we’d be talking about a new IP instead of watching them mine God of War for a prequel no one asked for. If Sony had balls, Wild Arms/Alundra/Legaia/Dark Cloud would not be left for dead.

        The only balls Sony showed so far is overpricing the PS3 at launch. Yeah, HUGE balls there. We saw what that got them.

        • Dean Winchester

          “if Sony had balls we’d be talking about new IP instead of God of War”

          You mean like Beyond Two Souls, The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, etc?

          I’m detecting a lot of butt hurt here so I’m guessing your obsession with balls has to do with all the ones that have apparently been pounding your backside?

          That was mean. I’m sorry. Continue to spread hatefor Sony around here while simultaneously invalidating your own statements in the same sentence.
          No one will call you out for it on thissite……no one except me that is.

          • Claude

            You shouldn’t be talking about balls when your vampire boyfriend Benny still has his in your mouth, Dean. I guess that’s why you thought a LEVEL 5 game (Ni no Kuni) was a Sony IP. I can understand frustration with Sony’s obsession with chasing the generic shooter market, to the point where you had to use other developer’s games since Sony isn’t providing them. I can also understand that fatigue from being on your knees for so long simply led you to confuse the owners of those IPs.

            I do like that you couldn’t refute any of my points, though, and had to resort to attacks. Resistance is a mediocre shooter at best and a waste of Insomniac’s talents. Why did Sony pump out 3 of those games for PS3 AND farmed one out to Vita, like that would draw anyone to the handheld? Why is The Last Guardian taking so long to come out, hm? Why won’t Naughty Dog make any games for Vita, knowing that the thing needs some support? People have been asking for Legend of Dragoon 2 for years, if Nintendo can bring back Kid Icarus, why can’t Sony bring back something like that? Do you have answers for that, Dean, or are you going to give the computer over to Sam so someone that knows what they’re talking about can have a say?

            • Dean Winchester

              Nice job on all the Supernatty referrences. Kudos to you good sir!

              Now then, we come full circle back to you showing some serious butthurt.
              I’d love a LoD2 but its not happening chum.
              In the meantime I’ll be enjoying Ni No Kuni and Tales of Xillia this year for my exclusive PS3 JRPG fix.
              I know neither of those is Sony IP. They are however new/exclusive to Sony and or both.
              You said “why arent we talking about new IP” and then you bring up a list of OLD ass IP asking for sequels.

              I have nothing against all those series you mentioned. In fact I love them and own every release.
              I am a diehard JRPG fan and collector 1st and foremost. Of my 700 game collection at least half are JRPGs.

              Lets not get it twisted here son. I’d love new entries in all those series but I wont ignore all the amazing exclusives and fresh new IP that sony and its affiliates bring to the table on a consistent basis.

              I dont have to refute your points when you negate them yourself.

              Last Gaurdian has been in development hell. Sony sent team members of Sony Santa Monica over to Japan in late 2011 to basically manage team ico and help finish the game. Obviously the creator bit off more than he could chew which is why hes no longer a sony employee and is only contracted to see the game through to its completion but mot without outside help from SSM. Naughty dog, up until mid way through Uncharted 3 was made up of one team at which point they formed a second team to develop the brand new exclusive IP, The Last of Us.

              Two teams, two triple A games for PS3.

              Likely the uncharted crew has been hammering awayon uncharted 4 for the PS4 and considering last of us still has not gone gold we can assume Naughty Dog team B is a little busy and therefore cant drop what their doing to crank out a Vita game.
              75 million users > 4 million.

              I own 2 Vitas btw and unlike you I can display a little patience.
              This is not to say I wouldnt like more killer apps on the Vita but Uncharted GA was a great game and the card battle game was aswest surprise.
              ND didnt make either game but they were/are still good games despite your intense anger about the subject.

              Now last I checked, Insomniac was never owned by Sony and they developed Resistance not Sony.
              Ask Insomniac why they pumped out 3 resistance games instead of me. Did you notice they pumped out 4 or 5 Ratchet and Clanks as well?
              Just b/c u dislike Resistance doesnt mean its a bad series.
              It averages in the mid 80’s (not counting the Nihlistic abomination on vita) and the trogy sold millions of copies.
              Hard to see common sense through all the butthurt and rage though huh?

              What the hell does Nintendo bringing back Kid Icarus have to do with Sony bringing back a niche jrpg from 15 years ago?

              Sony brings back old IP as well.
              Warhawk,Twisted Metal to name a couple.

              I’ve now answered your questions without Sam’s help and I am now tasking you with doing your homework before engaging me again “ya idget”.

              • Claude

                Your first problem was falling into the new IP fallacy, because now your posts can be scrutinized over your obsession with them. I see that being stuck in purgatory taught you nothing.

                There is absolutely nothing wrong with old IPs and no one should feel obligated to jump on every new one. Mindjack was a new IP, did you preorder it day one? XCOM is an old IP, was no one supposed to be excited for its return? Your excitement over Tales of Xillia is hypocrisy, that is one franchise that isn’t new or refreshing (though it is fun).

                You want to talk about “OLD ass IP,” let’s talk about God of War. They wrote themselves into a corner with the third game, how many more prequels do we need before they actually try something new? They could have rebooted with Norse, Egyptian, or Roman gods…but instead we’re treated to another wade across the kiddy pool of depth known as Kratos. Because he hasn’t decapitated enough mythological characters.

                And I know Insomniac is pumping out Ratchet & Clank games next to Resistance. But do you know who greenlights them? Sony. Yet another “OLD ass IP” from your new and exciting overlords. There’s a reason people are asking for Dragoon 2 but not Resistance 4. Negating my own points, you say? No, you’re making them for me.

                Of course the PS3 has more users than the Vita, that’s exactly why Naughty Dog should be giving the handheld a lift. Catering to a large userbase is what Uncharted THREE was for, Team B should have been working on something amazing for the Vita. Could have been The Last of Us, could have been something else entirely. Defintiely wouldn’t have been Uncharted: The Card game, which I would also consider surprising, though I wouldn’t describe it as “aswest.”

                Oh, and you’d sound like less of a shill if you’d stop putting “exclusive,” in front of every game. This is a game news site, 99% of the people reading this know what is and isn’t exclusive. Did you learn how to shill in Purgatory? Is that where Sony sent Kutaragi? It would explain where you picked that up. I never thought of Kutaragi as a leviathan, though that would explain why the PS3 was designed to look like a George Foreman grill.

                “What the hell does Nintendo bringing back Kid Icarus have to do with Sony bringing back a niche jrpg from 15 years ago?”

                If I put “Kid Icarus” and “Legend of Dragoon revival” on opposites ends of a piece of paper, would you be able to connect the dots?

                • Dean Winchester

                  Again, you brought up new IP as if Sony never brings any to the table.

                  You then go on and on abouthow they need to bring back old IP thus countering your own argument.

                  I brought up new IP currently in the works and slated to release this year thus making your whine fest null and void.

                  I brought up Xillian not b/c its new IP you wondertard, but because it fills that jrpg niche that you seem so obsessed with. Much like the Atelier series and Hyper Dimension series which both have sequels coming. Then theres the witch and the 100 soldiers which is both a JRPG, a New IP and gasp, exclusive. I know that word seems offensive to you as well but I said it anyway my angry little jew ;)

                  As for my spelling error of “aswest”, that was meant as “a sweet” but sadly when a spelling error is made as I post from my iphone, correcting it for your angry ass is really the least of my concerns. Especially with how pitifully bad Disqus works with Safari on the iphone.

                  If it makes you feel better go ahead and point out where I missed hitting the space bar or missed a letter or two while typing my response….it only proves your argument has been deflated and the only one backed into a corner is you and your only response is to lash out even more angrily than you originally began.

                  “george foreman grill, $599 US Dollars, LoD2″….you left off Giant Enemy Crabs and RIDGE RACERRRRR!!!!!

                  We get it sport. You are stuck in the very angry past. You hate God of war and Resistance and you singlehandedly are trying to keep the LoD2 movement alive.

                  You stay right there and keep fighting the good fight and let us know how that works out for you. Meanwhile me and everyone else will continue to enjoy the new games that are coming out. Both from a “NEW IP” standpoint which your opening tirade seemed to suggest didnt exist, and from an established franchise standpoint which you are obsessed with but either completely hate or ignore b/c theyre not sequels to legend of dragoon or wildarms. The latter being a series I own at least 6 sequels of.

                  [email protected]

                  Cheer up fella. This hobby isnt as bleak as you pretend it is. Unless you only own an xbox :(

                  • Claude

                    I never brought up New IPs, you did. That was your entire argument and because you can’t back it up, you’re trying to attribute it to me. All I said was that Sony isn’t the bastion of new IPs you praised them to be, and that what new IPs they brought around are at the expense of much better, older IPs. You still haven’t refuted any of my points.

                    Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I’m dealing with someone that displays razor sharp wit with commentary such as “wondertard” and “angry little jew.” You’ve already invoked two groups, are you going to add racial slurs and misogynistic insults to your well-developed and expansive vocabulary too? Your daughter must get tired of being the only adult in your household.

                    And to further my point, if I’m the one that’s obsessed with RPGs, what does it say about this little gem you divulged before: “I am a diehard JRPG fan and collector 1st and foremost. Of my 700 game collection at least half are JRPGs.” I love the hypocrisy and the general idiocy it takes to keep doing this to yourself.

                    • Dean Winchester

                      You just said that you “NEVER” brought up new IP’s and in the same sentence talk about the fact that you DID indeed bring up new IP’s.

                      I’m sure most people in your life have come to the same conclusion just I did.

                      I will no longer deal with you b/c I do not interact with fools.

                      Good Day

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      That comment made my day (or night, as it’s 2:42 a.m. right now in Tokyo) ^^

  • Multi-platform I can live with.

    Six month delay just so it can go multi-platform, not so much.

    You screw me, Ubisoft, and I screw you. Buying this one used.

  • howardmoonish

    There goes another reason to get the wii u.

    • Yup, oh well at least WiiU owners are still getting 1st party games because the gap between the next gen PS and XBOX might be a bit thick with the WiiU. Time will tell.

  • syaznifaiq

    Dont mind exclusive game go to multiplatform at mid-development but is there really a need to delayed further release date to allow for the title to have a simultaneous release ? why dont release Wii U ver. first and then on others console latter ? my guess is Ubisoft Montpellier struck a deal with other behind Nintendo

    its happen before,… try read this ,.. http://www.ps3news.com/console-news/blame-microsoft-for-final-fantasy-xiii-delay-on-playstation-3/

  • Elvick

    Sucks they delayed the Wii U version for those who have it and wanted it there. It’s an awfully long time to wait for a game that, seems like it otherwise would have come out when it was supposed to.

    But I’m glad it’s getting ported to PS3/360, because I didn’t want to have to wait until I eventually get a Wii U to play it. Plus, I have no interest in the tablet gimmicks in the Wii U version. So getting a purer platformer is nice.

    I hope they port it to Vita down the road too, I’ll gladly buy it again on Vita. Like I did with Origins. Origins is so good on Vita <3

    Sidenote: I wonder if this is a workaround to not have to add any extra content. Sony doesn't like old ports with no new content. Which is something I'm fine with personally. I don't, as a consumer, want to wait for a game to get nothing for waiting.

    I mean, would Wii U buyers be happier with the game early and then the PS3/360 versions getting some new content of some kind? Even if the Wii U still has the exclusive touch features?

  • PrinceHeir

    while im glad i’ll be able to play this.

    it does sucks on how this game was supposed to be exclusive, and get’s delayed jut to launch with other consoles.

    let’s just hope it survives with the mainstream titles coming out on Q4

    also PS Vita and 3DS please!!!!

  • MUAHAHAHA, I Knew it! Ubisoft, I love you so much! I’d never forget you if you kept this game for Wii U only. Great games deserve to be played by a great amount of people :D

  • Claude

    I told people this would go multiplat, I just didn’t think Ubi would be scumbags about it. Something must have went down, because Nintendo was set to publish this in Japan and I suspected that was part of their exclusivity agreement. If only game journalists did actual journalism, someone would get the scoop.

    PS360 fans have been asking for this game since it was announced, so that’s obviously a cop out. It’s not like people aren’t familiar with reactions to exclusives on Nintendo platforms. I would not be surprised if Kamiya was still getting death threats. I want to say that Ubi got scared by slow Wii U sales, but Rayman Origins wasn’t exactly a huge draw itself and this about marks the time in every Nintendo console’s life where Ubi goes from singing its praises to delivering a deluge of shovelware and nothing more.

  • Nintendo’s probably kicking themselves right now.

    • NCloud

      They have enough games of their own, no need to worry.

  • Neutron15

    yeah hey