Pokemon X and Y: Sylveon revealed - Gematsu
Pokemon X and Y: Sylveon revealed
posted on 02.14.13 at 08:12 AM EST by (@salromano)
Eevee's new evolution in gameplay and screenshots.

Following this week’s reveal in Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic, Nintendo of America has revealed Sylveon (whose Japanese name is Ninfia), a new evolution of Eevee in Pokemon X and Y.

Watch the debut gameplay video of Sylveon below. See screenshots, artwork, and an infographic depicting all eight of Eevee’s evolution at the gallery.

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  • fyi1191

    This Pokemon game is awesome.
    My last Pokemon game is Emerald. I guess it’s time to pick it up again.

    • You should black Black/White! Fifth gen is the only gen better than third gen, so far. They actually did a lot to innovate and refine their formula in fifth gen, without losing any of the things that make Pokemon good.

  • Neutron15

    great moves

  • shelley greenaway

    so cute!!!!

  • Guest

    I’m not gonna lie. Compared to previous forms, I think Sylveon must be the ugliest one to date… I never thought that Eevee could ever possibly have an evolved form that would arouse such fierce disgust…

  • HeatPhoenix

    The hell? It being an animal in the wild, where’d it get the freakin’ bowtie from? Really, what’s with the Pokémon designs lately, we’re moving into digimon territory here.

    • xMCXx

      It’s part of its body.

  • I’m really excited for Pokemon X/Y and praise the simultaneous worldwide release.

  • gulabjamal

    What type is it?? They should’ve called it Trolleon.

  • Mar-T

    My guess, theyre gonna have it evolve through contest battle victories or something of similar reason.

  • If it’s a flying type, I will be really depressed. I hate this design.