Pokemon Rumble U announced for Wii U - Gematsu
Pokemon Rumble U announced for Wii U
posted on 02.12.13 at 07:58 AM EST by (@salromano)
Featuring all 649 Pokemon, 100 on-screen at once.

Nintendo’s first Pokemon game for Wii U will be a followup to the download-only Pokemon Rumble series called Pokemon Rumble U (Pokemon Scramble U in Japan).

The game will feature up to 100 Pokemon battling on-screen simultaneously, assemble all of the franchise’s 649 monsters, and offer up to four person multiplayer. It’s due out on the Wii U eShop this spring in Japan.

Thanks, Serebii.net.

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  • : /

  • If they only made a “real” Pokémon for Wii U, that would have been great.

  • FlameEmperor

    Well……… It’s a start.

  • if it was physical Id get this, looks fun

  • Never download anything that isn’t free from a Nintendo platform…

    It’s just not a secure purchase. :/

    • Raiyu

      Pretty much, I forgot that Nintendo still doesn’t have a proper account system.

  • hush404

    Dear Nintendo. Just make an actual straight up Pokemon title on your f’n console and you’ll be sitting on a gold mine. Stop with the silly spin off games.

  • Zancrow

    C’mon, Nintendo, it’s 2013.
    Start making a real Pokémon game for your console.

    • I would guess a retail Pokemon console game is in the works, too. I mean, there’s been one on all other Nintendo consoles.

      • Zancrow

        Yeah, but there never was a “real” Pokémon game on consoles, you know?
        One that’s like the one for the handhelds.
        I hope something like this is coming.

      • There has never been a real Pokemon game on console sadly.

    • That is the problem with Nintendo, they do what they want and do not listing to their players.. so now their system is not selling.

      If players say they want mother, GIVE IT TO THEM!, if they say they want a full scale Pokemon game on console GIVE IT TO THEM!.

      If only SONY had this problem lol they give people what they want and than some. MS also needs to give people games like Killer Instinct and more of the games players have been asking for because SONY will take over next gen with their first party and new IPs.

      I have the WiiU.. don’t use it at all and will be getting a PS4… if MS can win me over I might get a 720.

  • HeatPhoenix

    Not gonna feature X/Y Pokemon, huh?

  • Hey Nintendo you know what actually be cool for Pokemon AND Wii U?

    How about a real successor to Pokemon by way of a real-time (maybe action) RPG sort of thing?

    Or at least something after Staduim/ Colusseum, or XD,
    not this weird Starcraft-thing going on.

    I already got Wonderful 101 for that.

    • Look at my comment below.

      I wouldn’t get worried or complain about it. A new Pokemon is likely in the works, considering there’s been one on every Nintendo console.

  • Are they sure its on Wiiu?! Coz i think wiiu can do better i mean way way better .

  • Elvick

    Hopefully they ditch the b/s with the series, where you just replace any Pokemon Toy with the next better one.

    I would rather catch them and level them up like normal. The 3DS game didn’t seem to offer up that many improvements over the Wiiware game. Hopefully this improves more.

  • Tails the Foxhound
  • A Pokemon game with a REAL story and ALL GYM BADGES!!!
    Or the fan base will be coming to Nintendo with PITCHFORKS!!