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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS DLC and multiplayer detailed
posted on 02.07.13 at 08:12 AM EST by (@salromano)
Poke Forest DLC to be released free for a month.

Nintendo has detailed the download content and multiplayer features available in the upcoming Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, due out for 3DS on March 24.

Download content will be made available on a “regular basis” on the Nintendo eShop, starting launch day. Additional content includes new dungeons, items, and Pokemon. The first piece of download content, the Poke Forest dungeon, will be free from launch day until April 30. Three additional dungeons will also be available to purchase when the game launches. More content will be released throughout April.

Gates to Infinity will offer a local multiplayer Companion Mode in addition to its single-player Hero Mode. Players can explore dungeons together, collect items and experience, and have it carry over to Hero Mode. Players can also tag each other using StreetPass, which will revive their fallen Pokemon using Reviver Seeds.

View a new set of screenshots, including a look at Companion Mode and the Poke Forest content, at the gallery. Watch a new trailer below.

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  • zakou

    A DLC for a Nintendo DS handheld pokemon game? Wow the DLC thing has gotten out of hand o.o

    • Acidicsam

      How is supporting a game post-launch out of hand?

      • zakou

        Nothing as long as they don’t follow the trendy “day one, or on disc dlc” or 1 week after the game DLC that was planned and already made before the game came out xD

        I just hate this trend and more companies follow it so if this continues Day one DLC will be a normal thing soon xD

        But yeah im just shocked that handheld games get DLC’s, this is a new thing to handhelds, this hardly happened before with the older, “dlc – able” handhelds, seems like the developers didn’t want to be “supported or support their games back then huh?”

  • if it was online, well, I can say it’d be must buy!

  • Elvick

    Kind of turns me off the game to be honest.