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PlayStation Store updated, quick download returns
posted on 02.21.13 at 09:19 PM EST by (@salromano)
Download demos with the press of a button.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store to version 1.03 on PlayStation 3. What’s different? There doesn’t appear to be any official notes, but it seems to load faster, and single-click download for free content has returned. No more going through three or four steps in the Cart to download a demo. The update is available now.

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  • RedWolfe

    I hoped they fixed the caching issue in which the store would actually get SLOWER the longer you browse.

  • MrRobbyM

    Well FINALLY. Ever since they updated to the new store everything has been slower which has been my only real problem with it.

  • DrForbidden

    6 years of using old PS Store – Not one problem.

    2-3 months if using new PS Store – 2 hard freezes and multiple times closing and reopening the store because it wouldn’t load.

    Great job, Sony.

    • ShinAsura

      I haven’t had those issues yet

      • DrForbidden

        Thank you for sharing.

  • The new update does seem to make the store faster… Compared to what I remembered a few weeks ago….

  • I was satisfied with the old store. That method was fine for me. Now that it has its own application, it seems to run incredibly slow, which is quite annoying.

    It’s not as if the interface is really any better either. If anything, it looks too busy, in my opinion. I thought the old interface was fine and easily navigable. Well, if this update really does help it take less time to load, I suppose I’ll get it…

  • new_tradition

    Nice. I thought it was weird to go through a check out system to just download a demo

  • Bloodios

    Thank Heaven, at least the new Store will annoy me less often now. So when will they get around to revise the Download List? I’ve been requesting an improvement for it since the PS3’s early days… *sigh* Well, at least I was gifted $10.00, just now, for being a loyal customer.

  • Lee

    My peeve is the 10-item purchase limit.

    Want to buy 10 avatars? That’s one set. Need to add an 11th to the cart? Nope. Make another purchase. I hope they change that limit (or absence of it) back to when there was none.

    • I wish that all avatars had bundles. Much easier.

  • fireemblembeast

    Aw man, I thought it meant you could return downloads quickly, lol. As if Sony would do that!

  • ShinAsura

    Nice update

  • Bloodios

    Uh, does anyone here know when the heck exactly did Sony updated the Japanese PlayStation Store? I haven’t checked it in a week (or two) and now it’s been replaced with the irritating new version… Browsing for the right contents is, now, an absolute pain in the rear…

    • DrForbidden

      At least two weeks ago. Maybe 3 but probably no longer.

  • Skerj

    I wonder what their PSN store metrics are since that update because I see more complaints from people (myself included) than anything else. If it weren’t for the web based store my purchases would slow down severely.

  • Finally!

  • gamelayer

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old PS Store.
    I think that the new PS Store looks fugly.

  • weyou

    I’m pretty sure 2 weeks ago you can download free content without the checkout process, not until this version 1.03.

  • KurisuMakise

    You know I wish there was an option to have that confirmation/cart step still. It was nice for when I was adding titles to my download list without actually having to download the title. With the update it forces the download of said free content, even if I was just queuing it into my list ><; Oh well, the improvement of the store loading faster certainly seems true.