PlayStation 4 user interface screenshots
posted on 02.27.13 at 07:33 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Game pages, profiles, live streaming, and more.

A week after the system’s announcement in New York City, Sony has released official, high-resolution screenshots of PlayStation 4’s graphical user interface.

Among the images, you’ll see the home screen, user profiles, friend feed, video trimming and sharing, gameplay streaming, and how it will look accessing that content from mobile and tablet devices. There’s a game page for Knack on one of the tablet screenshots, too (pictured).

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • hush404

    Is teh first image of the main screen interface? Im so confused.

    • I’ll go in and label them now.

      • hush404

        Thanks, Sal. So, I was right. That’s teh home screen. Hmm. That seems alien to me… :/

        • I’m sure it’s all work in progress. There’s bound to be changes before the product is launched this holiday. =)

          • hush404

            Hopefully :) Honestly though, I’m not the biggest fan of the Vita interface. It works, I guess, but it seems cluttered. Hope they introduce folders into that (vita) GUI soon.

            • ddsfan2

              I mostly agree. I might be the only one, but I loved the XMB, and mostly dislike their competitor’s user interfaces. I guess they wanted to adapt it towards a touch screen.

              The Vita’s OS (in terms of multitasking and power management and all of the low-level stuff) is awesome though, and blows most everything else out of the water (or at least all of the game systems that I’ve played).

              • hush404

                Yeah, I agree, I love pulling out from a game, flipping through window panes of stuff, multitasking, but the Vita’s main menus system with the bubbles is just weird to me.

                But yeah, I too loved the XMB. It was quick, simple and elegant.

  • Looks uncomfortable to use :( hope it easier to use then it looks :-)

  • Prodigy-X

    I really like the interface. It looks simple and fresh.

    • DrForbidden

      Simple? The XMB is simple. THIS is cluttered and screaming “LOOK AT ME! LOOKATME LOOKATME!” at your face from various parts of the screen, probably constantly. It’s a UI for the ADHD-afflicted social media generation. Hopefully it doesn’t look as bad if the user doesn’t link to any social media accounts…

      • QwietStorm

        Yes, the XMB is simple. So is this one. The XMB is also boring. Its a menu in its simplest form. Nothing about it is inviting. Yes it works. But that isn’t the only part of a GUI. Just as you can ignorantly generalize an entire group of “ADHD” people, someone could also say all these complaints are based on nothing but change. Just give it a chance.

        • DrForbidden

          There is nothing ‘simple’ about having a dozen information pockets on a single screen. It’s busy. It’s cluttered. It uses more system resources. And it’s not even necessary for function.

          After a long and stressful day making presentations and taking courses and reading papers and fielding e-mails from dozens of people on half a dozen subjects, I don’t want to come home to deal with more useless information sorting on my downtime. If I want to connect with friends, I join them for dinner or drinks. “Complaints based on nothing but change” has no relevance here. Is calling it ‘ADHD-afflicted’ a generalisation? It probably is, and I should apologise, but I find that it is also an apt (though not always politically-correct) way to describe the generation that appears to have had their ability to focus bred out of them.

          • QwietStorm

            Well what you see as useless, other people may see as seamless connecting with their friends. Yea we can all go out for drinks, but we can also game with them, something I would initially assume you’re interested in, considering the topic, but something you don’t seem interested in at the same time. I mean, it’s basically sharing information with people on your friends list. Do you not care what your friends are doing? Because if you don’t, or if you don’t have friends on your list, your feed may be empty anyway. Your argument is that its cluttered and complicated, but I feel like you’re making it out to be more than it is. Talking about having a busy day, only to come home and have to ‘sort through’ information has me curious. You make it sound as if you have to dig through several pages to startup a game, when that’s not the case. If you don’t want to be bothered by that stuff, don’t leave that screen, just bootup and go. System resources won’t be a problem either, not with the pool they have. But I feel it should be only expected for the XMB to go. The only reason they never touched it before was because they didn’t have those resources to dip into. I’m sure they’ll update this one over time too, after people’s comments start rolling in.

            • DrForbidden

              Well, I hope you’re right in that aspect. In the XMB, navigating to the game is straightforward, with no distractions. The number of pages to go through is not relevant. Even if it’s only one, I really do not want or need half a dozen panels vying for my attention every time I start my PS4, like when I boot up my X360. The X360 UI is one of the reasons why I always prefer my PS3 to my X360.

              • I agree with you about the XMB, it’s straight forward and to the point. But, I feel like it’s easy for “us” and some casuals might not be able to navigate it as easily. I think the new XMB is an attempt to make it more graphical and possibly easier to use for the regular person. Sony knows the hardcore/gamers/tech users will know how to navigate it.

                I also agree 100% with you on the X360 UI. I can’t for the life of me believe that anybody thinks that thing is efficient or simple. You have to be a complete fanboy to not even acknowledge that the X360 UI is flawed. I can’t believe some of the comments I’ve heard about the X360 UI. Come on guys, just say what’s on your mind. If you don’t like the X360 UI that doesn’t mean you don’t like your 360 or MS. MS won’t find you and ban you. It’s just an opinion.

      • I think it’s more about trying to make things easy.

        I thought the old PS store was pretty easy to understand. Sure, I had been using it for several years… but — It was a nice simple compact set up, it was efficient and slick looking.

        Most stuff now days likes to clutter up the screen. I understand that part of the reason is for marketing, but the other part is to make it really easy.

        With that said, some people do enjoy the large icons, big text, etc. I sorta compare it to (On the PC) using small icons versus large icons on the desktop, or having huge icons in the taskbar. You could compare the front page having tons of stuff on it to a desktop with tons of icons.

        That’s not for me, it’s just not my thing. I like things to look clean, I don’t want huge icons, I don’t want a cluttered up desktop. etc.

        I think that’s why I don’t particularly like the Metro based style most stuff seems to be using these days.

        • DrForbidden

          It’s possible, but I don’t think that it succeeds in making anything easy. If putting more things on screen (half of them animated and half not, probably) makes it easier to find things, then Where’s Waldo books would not nearly be as popular as they are. It’s like trying to find a portrait of a person on a wall. If you have 4 or 5 individual portraits, it’s pretty easy to find the one you want. If you have 20-30 up on that wall, it would take a lot more time and effort. I personally think the cluttered Metro-based style does the exact opposite of making things easy.

          • I agree with you. I actually think some people find the big large icons more familiar. Which in return makes them feel more comfortable browsing, which then makes it easier for them to use.

            I’m not one of these people, but clearly enough people seem to really like it.

  • It lookin sexy Interface. :)

  • This looks great. I’m loving the user profiles.

  • Raiyu

    Like the simple and clean interface they have going on except for the image with all the notifications.

  • I want to see how the PlayStation Store is integrated into the GUI, if it is at all.

  • Skerj

    Hate to be that guy but I’m not a fan, it looks too close to Microsoft’s Metro UI.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      I hate the metro Ui.

    • QwietStorm

      I knew someone was going to say it, and I’m not a fan of the metro UI either, but I don’t think this looks anything like it. The current PS Store looks much more metro than this. I think it looks like a much more colorful and full version of the UI on their Bravia TVs.

      • jimkissedBUTT

        You knew someone was going to say it because it looks like Metro.

  • shogunknight

    Simplicity, interesting approach.

  • Cool I guess…. any games? :D

  • MrKappa

    So why did Sony “upgrade” the PS3 store to the slow and clunky ass one we have now if the PS4 isn’t even gonna use it?

    • DrForbidden

      The current PS3 PS store is probably the ‘open beta test’ for the PS4 version.

    • QwietStorm

      Well who said they’re not going to use it, and I think it’s obvious it won’t run at the same level on PS4 as it does now.

  • The ‘News feed’ looks clunky to me… Other than that, I’m alright…

    • I agree. That’s the only thing that looks terrible.

  • Emerald Relic. Gift from a Friend. ಠ_ಠ

  • My biggest concern with this is anonymity.

    I like using nicknames and handles, I don’t want to use my real name on a video game. Sure, you can still have nicknames and such in online matches, but it would be easy for someone to click view profile or something and have access to more information than you might feel comfortable with.

    Sony hasn’t confirmed or denied just exactly how this will all work, but they have mentioned trying to emulate facebook. Trying to translate to a friends network based on social media, etc.

    I’m not big on social media, and If I wanted my PlayStation account connected to something like facebook, I would just connect it to facebook.

    I hope its optional, sorta like Youtube and Google accounts. My youtube account asks me every so often if I want to use my real name that is associated with my google plus account. That’s not something I’m looking to do, so I tell it no. To be honest, I wish I could have more anonymity settings with my google account.

    I like to make friends, online and offline. When I’m making friends online, I don’t just go asking them personal questions. If they feel comfortable with me knowing, they will tell me. Vice versa, same with social media. If you don’t care about everyone viewing a social media account, you leave the settings open for all users, etc.

    I haven’t even talked about how things can get out of hand online. Often times that anonymity is actually a huge blessing in disguise. You can block or set someone to ignore, but if they know your real name, it won’t be so easy to get away from someone that is being a jackass.

    I like to think anonymity is really about protecting yourself online. I personally think you have to draw a line when it comes to how connected you are online.

    Sony did say all of this would be a choice. In other words, i don’t have to use my real name or anything like that, right? I most certainly hope so. Let’s also remember just how often servers get hacked these days.

    I’m not trying to make this sound all bad, but this is just stuff to think about. I’m sure Sony has thought about it. I hope so.

    • DesmaX

      Well, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always not put the info. Or put false info in there if you’re unable

      • DrForbidden

        Hopefully it’s possible to simply not link any social media accounts in the first place.

        • Right, just like you don’t have to link the PS3 with Facebook currently. My comment was focusing in on PS4 possibly using a social based system, something that in theory, would greatly reduce how anonymous you can be on the PS4.

      • I just hope that you have the choice. I don’t really want to be forced into putting in a false name. I’d imagine that would make buying anything digitally a pain in the arse as well.

      • Nicholas Schubach

        It may not be possible to put in the wrong name, especially if you want to buy a game using a real credit card.

        • DesmaX

          … oh yeah, that.
          I’ve only been using PSN Cards to put credits (I don’t live in the US), so I forgot about that

          • It’s really not that difficult to understand. It will work just like Facebook. Sony did say on feb. 20th that our user ID’s will still be used in game. Its pretty simple really, if your not friends with someone then they will not have access to your personal info just like Facebook. I don’t know about you all but it might make multiplayer better if sh**head racist talkers can’t completely hide behind a user ID. Accountability can be a wonderful thing, I welcome the change!

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      Yeah I really hope I can use an acronym,

    • hush404

      Couldn’t of said it better myself. I like my handle, I don’t need every person I play with to know my full info. That kind of stuff I only share with friends.

    • QwietStorm

      I’m pretty sure Jack Tretton already commented about not forcing Facebook into it, and that user IDs would remain as they are, if that is what you desire. Makes sense anyway. Sony has no obligations to Facebook. Don’t ask me for a link though, I don’t remember where I read the interview.

      • Yeah, but like I posted, my concern is a possible social system on the PS4 that emulates Facebook. The concern comes from such a system being mandatory. I’m fine with how my user profile is on PS3, I don’t really want to use my real information on my public gamer profile, etc.

        • QwietStorm

          Well yea, me neither, but what I’m saying is he stated that they have no plans to force any linking of other names, real or not, Facebook or native social system.

          • That’s good news then. =)

    • Alan Smith

      I completely agree but I really don’t think that Sony is going for a social network that is as personal as Facebook. It’s a social gaming network. It’s about people and their gaming, nothing else. It’s not as if you will be sharing photos of your family or anything like that, or your latest holiday, etc. More than likely I will use an avatar. I’m all for online anonymity, I’m not on Facebook, etc, but I wouldn’t worry about this. In fact I am looking forward to it as even my friend list on PS3 is just close friends, I don’t add people for the sake of it. So it will make the online experience with my friends (real friends) even better.

    • its to suppress trolling and racism etc

    • PrinceHeir


      im scared they might use my profile for “private” uses.

      i only want my firends on PSN to see and that’s it.

      no public access etc.

    • artemisthemp

      Remember when Blizzard announced Real ID?
      The fans run amok by the fact of having your Real name on the forum and with good cause.

      I am pretty sure Sony will allow you to customize nr. of Information shown to certain groups.
      Example Group A: Can see your name, while Group B will only be able to view your PSN nick.

      I also think Sony mention Facebook as a cause, since it’s the most popular.

    • rockman29

      Zero you sound like an old man. Stop being old. Embrace PlayStation and let it take over your life :)

      • That’s hogwash youngster! Back in my day we… I forgot what we did, but it was really tough. Don’t you forget that! Now, make yourself useful and hand me my walker. I need to go get ready for Bingo night. =D

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    I just want the XMB back,this looks to much like the metro Ui which I HATE.

  • Brandon001

    Looks awesome, very social friendly it seems, not a bad thing though.

  • ShinAsura

    I want to see the boot up screen though, still this looks great

  • ShinAsura

    I just thought about something, if they’re going to let people upload their own picture what stops the porn from showing up

    • Doing such a thing would probably result in quick moderation and a permanent ban on the console… So it shouldn’t happen much, just like you don’t really see it in LittleBigPlanet games.

    • You know we’ve had custom avatars/profile photos for a while now on the Internet. You’re using one right now! How do you think Disqus does it? Moderation and Report buttons.

  • rockman29


    Takes all the pretty blue and cleanliness of Vita and makes it appropriate for a TV awesome

    Love the boxiness looks fantastic everywhere love the design

  • Jacob

    That’s one FUGLY looking UI, even worse than the current Store. Metro!

  • I don’t want to be negative here but the third pic in particular looks too cluttered, I’d prefer not being bombarded with that much information all at once.

  • Learii

    i like it ican’t wait to get my ps4

  • I hope this is better than PSN had to offer.

  • Simmsville

    That is an ugly UI. Too many things going on, and the news feed looks like a tumblr page.
    I’m sure most of us don’t have ‘modelesque’ friends we can stare at while being on the Homepage, and I really don’t want to see super big images of my friends scattered all over the place.

  • Is Dark Castle on PSN? Its one of the games in the profile screenshot

  • Solomon_Kano

    I like it. I can see where some would feel it’s got too much going on, but I think it works. I like the XMB, I’ve liked it since the PSP introduced it to me, but it’s always been kind bare. Simplicity is good, but the XMB has always felt like the skeleton behind a deeper UI and we just never got that deeper UI.

    This interface looks a lot more inviting which, while I admittedly don’t much care, goes a long way to the average consumer. It’s a part of the reason people with Apple products often go for the whole suite — iPhone, MacBook, etc. — the presence of a familiar, inviting UI. So I can see this appealing to the average person as well.

    That said, the friend feed thing is too much for me. It looks like Facebook and Twitter at the same time, and I really don’t care to be bombarded with “status updates” about my friends’ gaming activities. That seems really stupid to me, but I guess I’ll just opt not to partake in that feature. Still, I do like the overall look here. I’m interested to see how the store looks. The return to the familiar blue backing has me thinking it’ll be more like the old PS Store than the new one, since the new one’s at odds with this UI, but we’ll see.

  • val

    The XMB is sleek and efficient. This is a touch screen interface which is much less efficient and unsuitable for the controller input method. It’s just a case of everyone jumping on the touchscreen UI bandwagon like Microsoft with Windows 8 which is awful.

  • KurisuMakise

    Whenever I see the PS4 interface shots, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Ah, Live Area realized”. By that, I mean there were some good social hooks implemented into the Vita but they weren’t baked enough. With the PS4, I see the results of more time in the oven, as well as some new things you’d expect in a non-mobile environment. My last note is it definitely looks like something from Sony xD Though it does look a bit more western, compared to Vita’s bubbles.