PlayStation 4 official website launched
posted on 02.21.13 at 08:44 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Sony site sums up details, controller, and games.

PlayStation 4

Sony Computer Entertainment has launched the official website for PlayStation 4.

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If you missed the announcement, catch our summary here.

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  • RedWolfe

    I’m pretty damn impressed with Sony and the PS4’s showing recently.

    They debunked my two main fears in the form of constant internet connection and blocking used games, the specs are looking good and the dualshock 4 seems to be improved while still remaining familiar to the classic design.

    My only problem is game purchases for the first year or so in that…which system should I buy these on? Lol.

    I’m really excited about Destiny, Watch Dogs and to a lesser extent Diablo 3 on PS4 but I’m not sure if I should wait and hold out for these versions which will no doubt be superior or just get the PS3 versions :

    • Solomon_Kano

      I thought about that too. Ultimately I decided to go PS4. Once I get that it’ll be my primary system. I won’t want to break out my PS3 each time I want to play a game I could’ve just as easily had on my new system. Plus they’ll all be prettier on PS4 lol.

      • RedWolfe

        That makes sense.

        Honestly, I guess it all depends on when or if I decide to pick up the system. If I do end up having the funds to throw down for a new console (most likely a PS4) during the holidays, I will no doubt pick them up for that but if not, then I’ll just have to settle for the PS3 versions, right?

        • Solomon_Kano

          I’m not counting on having money for the PS4 at launch, but I feel like I’ll regret going for the lesser version once I do have my PS4. Diablo 3, I don’t really care which I get it on, but Watch Dogs and Destiny I’ll just try my hardest to hold out on lol.

          • RedWolfe

            Same here man. Even from the first time I saw them, I felt that those games belonged on next generation consoles.

            Not really so much because of the graphics but because of the scope of the experience they seem to be aiming for in regards to online connectivity, physics, artifical intelligience, particle effects and other things that the next gen consoles will excel at and be optimized for, particularly in open world games like these.

            • Solomon_Kano

              Yea, that’s how I felt too. Destiny just feels like something more than a PS3 game with the kind of scale it’s on and Watch Dogs is a class apart from all of this gen’s open world games. I feel like getting those on PS3 would belittle the experience.

    • gold163

      Maybe the rumors of requiring a constant internet connection and blocking used games were red herrings to distract you from other issues you might have had with the console.

      • RedWolfe

        Such as?

        • gold163

          Are you saying that you seriously have no concerns about the console besides the notion of a constant connection requirement and the blocking of used games?

          I do not have specific examples of things *you* might have been worried about, but I do think it’s not completely out of the question that a lot of people chose to focus on those two specific potential problems instead of a lot of other things they could have been worried about. I’m not asking anybody to oblige to being outraged, but, you know… this is how it starts.

          For one thing, I would suggest that maybe there are privacy concerns for the amount of social integration Sony seems to want users to participate in, there are concerns of ownership and licensing based on the emphasis Sony is placing on proprietary services, digital distribution, and user-generated content (no used-game blocking notwithstanding), and I would also suggest that there’s still so much we don’t know about the system that it is easy to set yourself up for disappointment later.

          • RedWolfe

            I understand that but…your confusing me by implying that there are other issues that *I* might or should have with the console when I’ve already stated that those were *MY* two big issues that, especially combined, would probably make or break my purchase (besides the price to a lesser extent).

            I don’t doubt that others have alternate issues or things that they feel need to be addressed and I’m not telling everyone to be as ecstatic about the PS4 because my, personal issues were addressed.

            I was just expressing relief and a bit of joy, that the two rumors that mattered most to me were debunked. That’s all it was.

            Your free to express your opinion on the matter as well, and I even welcome you to share some of the issues or questions you may have about the device.

  • Solomon_Kano

    It’d be nice if they’d put yesterday’s trailers on PSN for download too.

  • PrinceHeir

    thanks for the links Sal!