Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Brachydios - Gematsu
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Brachydios
posted on 02.07.13 at 09:23 PM EST by (@salromano)
The flagship monster of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

The latest Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster to be detailed at Capcom Unity is Brachydios, a ferocious Brute Wyvern and the game’s cover monster in Japan. Read the volcanic beast’s full profile below.

Brachydios (Brute Wyvern)

Remember how much we dislike the Volcano for being too hot (bring those Cool Drinks)? Now things are about to get even hotter! When the Brachydios enters the area, you really have to watch your back – and all of your surroundings, actually – because it will set up puddles of the new and explosive Slime element all over the place. This sticky substance will attach itself to anyone who touches it, and it will detonate after a certain time or on impact. Don’t worry though, there are ways you can get rid of this sticky slime; it’s inconvenient nonetheless.

The challenge of hunting a Brachydios lies mostly on the fact that it tends to abuse its unique slime explosiveness by punching downward on its targets. When the attack misses, it still leaves a mass of said element on the ground as a timed trap for careless hunters. However, that’s not all of the danger. This indigo-colored Brute Wyvern also happens to be one of the fastest and more mobile monsters in the game. It won’t charge at you like the Barroth or the Duramboros; instead it will run around punching the ground, or even leap across the zone to deliver an explosive punch to the hunter!

When the Brachydios gets angry, things change quite a bit. First, you’ll see the green slime color showing through on its back and head. Then, you’ll notice that not only is it moving faster and more aggressively, but it gets rather impatient with its slime. This translates to it often skipping the sticky stage and jumping right into the exploding part. In addition, the Brachydios will also use his area explosions more often – just watch out for when it pierces the ground with its horn!

View screenshots of Brachydios at the gallery.

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