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Kojima shares initial thoughts on PlayStation 4
posted on 02.28.13 at 08:42 AM EST by (@salromano)
Metal Gear creator interested in new social aspects.

Metal Gear boss Hideo Kojima has shared his initial thoughts on PlayStation 4. The Kojima Productions boss didn’t watch the PlayStation 4 press conference last Wednesday, but he is interested in the system’s new functions.

“I can say that with every new generation hardware, the capabilities of the hardware increases,” Kojima told IGN. “But up to this point, it’s always been very much of a vertical evolution – of course, you expect things like visual fidelity, audio, frame rate. New features such as 3D capability, etc. These things are a given. They come with new hardware.

“But what I’m really interested in is other ways of expanding into the next generation—a more horizontal expansion where you’re going to be doing things online, more of a social aspect. People will be able to interact with the game through various devices, through various media—such as tablets, smart phones, etc.”

These new types of interaction could be present in the next Metal Gear, according to Kojima.

“And I think it’s a new type of interaction—these new ways of interacting with the game world—that’s more exciting to me. And I want to bring the Metal Gear franchise into that new wider world of interaction.”

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  • EspadaKiller

    I got a feeling next-gen Metal Gear would be really different, especially when he’s talking about social interaction.

    Still, it’s definitely gonna be awesome. Can’t wait!

  • lol where are the games??? Remember the games?? I miss video games and game systems … now all we get is Facebook consoles that only play COD.

    • Dean Winchester

      COD is a game last I checked. Whether its your cup of tea or not.

      As for PS4 games, Knack, Deep Down, Drive Club, Killzone Shadow Fall, InFamous Second Son, Destiny, Witcher 3, Watchdogs and a new Final Fantasy are confirmed so far and we havent even seen the console yet or hit E3.

      The games are coming even if you choose to ignore them like a couple other posters on this site.

    • xMCXx

      There are still enough games, Madara-chan.

      • Ok… lets try and see them *SHARINGAN* ..AH YES!! Ninja Storm 3 on the 5th! WIll get :D

    • gamer_twins

      for the next gen we all should stop buying COD or BF bullshit so maybe Activision and EA can make good games instead of the same damn FPS

    • Charlottes Guardian

      Although I may not agree with the salt…I still lol’d at the, “now all we get is Facebook consoles that only play COD”

  • new_tradition

    I’m actually resistant to this kind of integration. As always, I hope it doesn’t become a focus in hypothetical games.

    • Solomon_Kano

      In this specific case Kojima’s said previously that he’d like to expand PW’s base building aspects to mobile, so you’d be able to continue with that away from home if you so choose. I think that’s a good way to go about it, and that was an idea he was talking about before the PS4 showed all of this social stuff, so I’d like to see how that changes his plans.

      He doesn’t seem like the type to interrupt one of his experiences with some social media stuff or to force you to play online, so I look forward to what else he has in mind.

  • zakou

    I don’t like social aspects in games, MGS4 is a fine “offline” game, the MGO is something for those who beat the shit out of MGS and still hunger for more MGS experience so they go online.

    However SP is what we need to focus on, we don’t need motion controlls, we don’t need online social aspects because of the fucking lag no matter if you have god’s specs and gods internet you will always run into the lag or errors, unstable connections, etc.

    Offline is something that will never disappoint you, it is where the most focus should go imo, make MGS5 with online features sure but don’t force online/social aspects onto the SP game itself.

    • MrRobbyM

      I don’t mind online/social things as long as it doesn’t take away from the single player experience. If it can be implemented well and is completely optional or not used to acquire awesome game items, then I don’t mind.

      • zakou

        MGS4 needed online for extra stuff like iPod songs, new camo’s. Tales of Graces F has all these cool costumes that add up to the gameplay with medals/titles.

        FFXIII-2 needs online for the Battle Arena, funny how the battle arena is useless without online and paying, it just sits there in the game pointing a middle finger for those who bought the game and don’t want to pay more.

        This stupid trends evolves with time and is getting annyoing with the “DLC story continues” “extra items” “Pay more and you must have online for full game experience”

        Imo i’m not really complaining but i hate when people talk “social/online aspects for games that should stay SP”

        Sure the extras are fun but to forcing a battle arena that is empty inside a game you payed for and ask for more money is getting out of hand, best example capcom with on disc characters locked for dlc.

        I hope Kojima won’t go there.

        • MrRobbyM

          DLC is in it’s own category if you ask me. It’s extra content(sometimes cut content) that’s being payed for, not an game mechanic or anything of that nature.

          I do agree about FFXIII-2’s battle arena though. I don’t even have to play it to see what’s wrong there.

          I have more faith in Kojima though. He has yet to truly disappoint me.

          • zakou

            Some consider him already disappoint with the MGS series coming over to Xbox with Rising and MGS 2 and 3 HD. However I agree with you Kojima didn’t ever disappoint.

    • DrForbidden

      Agreed. However, all this social aspects are an extension of developers, publishers, and console manufacturers to draw in casual gamers and ‘idiot gamers’. so we should brace ourselves because it will get increasingly worse as long as social media continues to exists.

      • KurisuMakise

        I don’t think generalizing a desire for social aspects to casual and ‘idiot gamers’ is a very fair or nice thing to say admittedly. In a world where everyone’s increasingly connected, it’s only natural that various entertainment industries would explore those thing but exploring them need not be a bad thing. In fact, by exploring them, there’s a possibility that we’ll get more SP games and meaningful ones at that, rather than ones with “tacked on multiplayer” as many tend to whine about.

        Also, something Zakou mentioned previously about story continuing in DLC, I don’t see that as a bad thing, if the pricing model and message is conveyed appropriately. People tend to want more, am I wrong? If used in the right contexts, that can be quite satisfying. Let’s use one of my favourite series as an example; Ace Attorney. If there was a way for Capcom to make a new Ace Attorney and then build on that particular timeline with additional full cases, I’d be paying for it, without a shadow of a doubt. Cause then, I’d be able to see more stories with the characters introduced in that particular game and I wouldn’t need a new sequel so soon. That’s the possibility in regards to that point and of course, being able to price it cheaper at base too.

        For my social elements in SP or “Mingle Player” as Cliffy coined it, I believe that there’s room for many new experiences to be had with that. Let’s take an adventure game in the vain of Zelda as an example. Now imagine if that world could just continue to be expanded over time, with new stories and changes to the environment. All calculated with online elements and through a server. Expand it further with the world acknowledging your bravery or tyrany and other players being affected in their game without nigh a silly “Like” comment or whatever else you attest social stuff to.

        Possibilities are abound, all I ask if for everyone to keep an open mind. There will be screw-ups since this is all new but there will be those whom hit the spot in a way we haven’t experienced before too.

        • DrForbidden

          “I don’t think generalizing a desire for social aspects to casual and ‘idiot gamers’ is a very fair or nice thing to say admittedly. In a world where everyone’s increasingly connected, it’s only natural that various entertainment industries would explore those thing but exploring them need not be a bad thing.”

          That is true, but what I’ve seen so far is largely developers tacking on social media aspects to sell the games to social media users. Hence my comment about casual and ‘idiot’ gamers. While it is certainly possible that social media integration takes on a more original and worthy aspect, I don’t think I’ve seen any utilisation of SM as anything other than icing to sell the cake, with the exception of perhaps Demon Souls and Dark Souls. While I concur that there may be exciting possibilities in future, I’ve only seen half-baked elements at present. Hopefully Kojima can revolutionise the SM elements in games.

          “Now imagine if that world could just continue to be expanded over time, with new stories and changes to the environment. All calculated with online elements and through a server. Expand it further with the world acknowledging your bravery or tyrany and other players being affected in their game without nigh a silly “Like” comment or whatever else you attest social stuff to.”

          This already exists. It’s the business model of PC MMORPGs. There’s nothing new here, I’m afraid. I’m not saying they are bad, but MMORPGs are not my cup of tea. I prefer games with a definite beginning and ending.

          As for the DLC parts, I didn’t bring that up. I don’t mind DLC that isn’t nickel-and-diming, like launch DLC and locked on-disc content. What I don’t understand is why you associate SM elements with better single-player experiences. I don’t see the connection, I admit.

          • Kurisu Makise

            I would say I just see SM elements as a way to extend single player experiences to summarize neatly. As for the expansion, I don’t think it need apply only to MMOs. If done in other genre’s it could be “new”, while still providing you with a definitive beginning and definitive end. Depends on if you want to treat it as extending your experience before you arrive at the end or Post-game expansion/sidequest. Let’s take a Kojima spin at it for example:

            You’re exploring Ground Zero and the world is built around a set battlefield. Now let’s say you and other players are going around this battlefield, building up your base and finding hidden elements. Even while you’re doing your own missions, another player might be able to leave something useful for you, call you on codec requesting your assistance in a battle or you might be able to (not in real time) do something which counters another player. After you complete that objective, it changes the playing field for them and you’re either non-the-wiser (Watch Dogs style) or you may have known but didn’t need to be on at the same time (I believe the word is asynchronous). Then if you factor this being Kojima, that other player might not even be playing on the same platform. They might just be checking in on their tablet or PS Vita or cell phone even. So it allows that type of experience but with MMO-esque persistence.

            • DrForbidden

              That’s… actually pretty freaking badass, from your description. I’ve never thought of it that way, from all the crap I’ve seen so far. Hopefully Kojima will be the one to trailblaze.

  • Simmsville

    Whenever devs talk about social integration, it makes me feel dirty and that I need to take a bath.

    • MrRobbyM

      In facebook branded soap?

    • Dc1

      Then you should never complain that there’s nothing new under the sun.

      Demons Souls introduced and brand new type of ‘Social Integration’ that I love.
      Simply put, it’s an option. Let’s see what developers breath from it.

      I’m not a heavy online gamer.. but I love in game social integration like what was presented in Demons/Dark Souls

  • shogunknight

    The problem we are facing here, when something new is brought to the table, people dont want/like it and when the same item is put on the table, we want something new. I dont mind games having new features, they should just know that theres always a place to go back to if it doesnt end well for their new tech

  • Zohar127

    OK imagine the Psycho Mantis fight on PS4 and how it could send you text messages, make your phone vibrate, give you creepy subliminal messages through your tablet, phone or vita, and make you fight Psycho Mantis by doing something weird on your peripheral device. That’s what I’m imagining here, not spamming facebook or twitter with stupid stuff.

    How about having codec conversations on your peripheral device while you can continue to play? Sounds cool to me.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That would actually be awesome. Sending your codec conversations to your phone would also likely mean making codec calls through some app, which would be cool even when you’re not playing.

    • DrForbidden

      Hmm. Sexting messages from Rose when playing as Raiden?

      I can get behind that…

  • It’s going to suck playing MGS:GZ knowing how much more awesome it could look and play on PS4. I *really* hope he surprises some people and makes it a cross generation title.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, he’s said before that moving it to next gen is possible and KojiPro’s been hiring staff to work on next gen consoles and PC since last year, so I think we may get that.

  • Budgiecat

    How about:

    1)Better A.I.
    2)no more invisible walls
    3)better frame rate/no screen tearing
    4)no more greedy use of DRM/Day One DLC/On Disc DLC/Pay for endings

    • DrForbidden

      While 1, 3, and 4 are valid points, invisible walls will likely never disapear from games completely. They can be minimised by good level design, but it is next to impossible to completely remove them since the gameworld is generated by code.

  • Ace


    • Ritsujun

      metaru gia

  • Well, Kojima has talked about this before. I’ll remain positive and believe that Kojima would find a cool way to integrate social aspects into his games. Translation – He would find a way to make it cool.

  • IGN also posted (http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/02/27/hideo-kojima-more-metal-gear-spin-offs-a-definite-possibility ) another interview with Kojima earlier. I felt like it was interesting, which is why I’m going to post it here.

    When asked about the possibility of more Metal Gear series spin-offs :

    “Initially we thought this spin-off with Metal Gear Rising was kind of an exception; it was a new thing for us – but that said, it went remarkably well, and working with Platinum Games we were able to achieve a sort of synergy where the final product was greater than the sum of its parts.”

    When asked if he was open to the idea of entrusting the Metal Gear franchise to a Western developer :

    “You know honestly it’s not a matter of choosing a developer in Japan or in the West. It’s not even an East versus West kind of thing. It’s just finding somebody who can really understand the world and setting of Metal Gear …You need to choose somebody who would understand the subtle nuances of the cultural aspects of the franchise. If we could find somebody who could understand that, who could handle it well, then that’s definitely a possibility.”

    When asked about allowing other studios to work on the Core Metal Gear games :

    “Numbered titles in the series will always be created by myself or at least created at Kojima Productions.”

  • All I see is complaining that the new consoles won’t have good games or are all focused on social aspects etc when none of that is the case. These devs are only trying to give us a different experience which is What everyone always asks for. No one is forcing you to buy the next Gen consoles it’s all up to you. I see so many gamers complaining when they feel like they’re not getting their way like their opinion matters more than the people who are making the games

    • DrForbidden

      A different experience? Sure, I get that. However, Kojima showing up on your doorstep and blowing you away with a shotgun after you purchase the game is also ‘a different experience’. Different experiences can be good or bad, and the complainers are viewing what is on offer as being bad and/or unnecessary.

      And finally, get off your high horse before your arse gets blisters. Most of the ‘complainers’ are expressing their opinions and dislike of the features in rather polite fashion. Nobody has claimed that their opinion is more important than the developers; they’re just opposing opinions and dissatisfied comments. Your attempt to silent dissent on behalf of the United Yesmen Association is intriguing, but still fails.

  • PrinceHeir

    keep doing what you doing Hideo Kojima!!!

  • GaySkull

    PS4 Lead the Way!